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2008978-1-74059-731-9Marcia Monje De Castro · Lonely Planet PhrasebooksBrazilian Portuguese: Lonely Planet Phrasebook
2009978-1-74059-732-6Lonely PlanetLonely Planet Fast Talk Italian
  ''978-1-74059-733-3Lonely PlanetLonely Planet Fast Talk French
2008978-1-74059-734-0Bruce EvansThai (Lonely Planet Phrasebooks)
  ''978-1-74059-735-7Lonely PlanetLonely Planet Nepali Phrasebook
2006978-1-74059-736-4Abigail HoleLonely Planet Best of Rome
  ''978-1-74059-737-1Jeff Campbell · Glenda BendureLonely Planet USA
  ''978-1-74059-739-5Terry Carter · Lara DunstonLonely Planet Best of Brussels Bruges Antwerp and Ghent
2005978-1-74059-740-1Paul SmitzLonely Planet Australia
2006978-1-74059-741-8Virginia MaxwellLonely Planet Egypt (Country Guide)
2006978-1-74059-743-2Tom ParkinsonLonely Planet Kenya (Country Guide)
  ''978-1-74059-744-9John Noble · Andrew Dean Nystrom · Ben GreensfelderLonely Planet Mexico, 10th Edition
2007978-1-74059-745-6Alan Murphy · Kate Armstrong · Matthew Firestone · Mary Fitzpatrick · Michael Grosberg · Nana Luckham · Andy ReboldSouthern Africa (Lonely Planet)
2006978-1-74059-746-3Brendan SainsburyLonely Planet Cuba (Country Guide)
2007978-1-74059-747-0Sarah JohnstoneLonely Planet London Encounter (Best Of)
  ''978-1-74059-748-7Catherine Le NevezLonely Planet Paris Encounter (Best Of)
  ''978-1-74059-749-4Sara Benson · Paul Hellander · Rafael WlodarskiLonely Planet Peru (Country Guide)
2006978-1-74059-750-0Paul Hellander · Kate ArmstrongLonely Planet Greece
2005978-1-74059-753-1Beth GreenfieldLonely Planet Miami & the Keys
  ''978-1-74059-754-8Susie AshworthLonely Planet Victoria (Regional Guide)
2005978-1-74059-757-9Andrew BenderLonely Planet Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard (Lonely Planet Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-74059-758-6Lonely Planet Publications · Neil WilsonPrague (Lonely Planet Prague)
2007978-1-74059-759-3Alison BingLonely Planet Best of Milan
2004978-1-74059-760-9Steve FallonLonely Planet Paris
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2006978-1-74059-762-3Damien SimonisLonely Planet Switzerland (Country Guide)
2005978-1-74059-763-0Steve Kokker · Becca Blond · Lisa Dunford · Mark Elliott · Michael Grosberg · Sarah Johnstone · Tom Parkinson · Matt WarrenLonely Planet Central Europe
  ''978-1-74059-765-4China WilliamsLonely Planet Best Of Bangkok (Best of Series)
2004978-1-74059-766-1Paul Smitz · Martin Robinson · Nina Rousseau · Richard Watkins · James Belich · Julie Biuso · Russell Brown · Vaughan YarwoodLonely Planet New Zealand (Travel Guides)
2009978-1-74059-768-5Lonely Planet · Garry WeareLonely Planet Trekking in the Indian Himalaya (Travel Guide)
2008978-1-74059-770-8Serafin Coronel-MolinaQuechua (Lonely Planet Phrasebooks)
2006978-1-74059-771-5Anthony HamLonely Planet West Africa (Multi Country Guide)
2005978-1-74059-772-2Abigail HoleLonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra (Regional Guide)
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2005978-1-74059-774-6Carolyn Bain · Gina TsarouhasLonely Planet Tasmania (Regional Guide)
2004978-1-74059-775-3Carolina A. Miranda · Paige PenlandLonely Planet Costa Rica
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2005978-1-74059-778-4Lonely Planet PublicationsMediterranean Europe (Lonely Planet Mediterranean Europe)
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2004978-1-74059-780-7Damien Simonis · Sarah AndrewsMadrid (Lonely Planet Madrid)
2005978-1-74059-781-4Ginger OtisPuerto Rico (Lonely Planet)
  ''978-1-74059-782-1Damian HarperLonely Planet: Beijing City Guide
  ''978-1-74059-783-8Lindsay Brown · Ryan Ver BerkmoesLonely Planet East Coast Australia (Regional Guide)
2006978-1-74059-784-5Sara BensonLonely Planet Best of Los Angeles: The Ultimate Pocket Guide & Map
2004978-1-74059-785-2China WilliamsLonely Planet Best Of San Francisco (Lonely Planet Pocket Guide San Francisco)
2004978-1-74059-786-9Rachael AntonyLonely Planet Best Of Singapore (Lonely Planet Pocket Guide Singapore)
2006978-1-74059-788-3Jim DuFresneTramping in New Zealand (Walking)
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2005978-1-74059-797-5Ryan Ver BerkmoesLonely Planet Best Of New Orleans (Best of Series)
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2007978-1-74059-799-9Aaron Anderson · Becca BlondLonely Planet Washington, DC
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2006978-1-74059-815-6Mara VorheesMoscow (Lonely Planet City Guides)
2009978-1-74059-824-8Mara VorheesLonely Planet Moscow (City Travel Guide)
2008978-1-74059-827-9   ''Lonely Planet St Petersburg (City Guide)
2006978-1-74059-828-6Fionn DavenportLonely Planet Dublin (City Guide)
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2006978-1-74059-830-9Neil WilsonLonely Planet Edinburgh (City Guide)
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2006978-1-74059-843-9Steve FallonLonely Planet Hong Kong & Macau
2005978-1-74059-844-6   ''Lonely Planet Best Of Hong Kong (Lonely Planet Best of Series)
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2006978-1-74059-846-0Martin RobinsonLonely Planet Seoul (City Guide)
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2006978-1-74059-856-9Tom DownsLonely Planet San Francisco (Lonely Planet Travel Guides)
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2005978-1-74059-865-1Joe Bindloss · Charlotte Hindle · Andrew Dean NystromLonely Planet The Gap Year Book (General Reference)
2004978-1-74059-866-8Joe Bindloss · Andrew Dean NystromLonely Planet The Career Break Book (General Reference)
2005978-1-74059-870-5Nicola Williams · Fran ParnellLonely Planet Provence & The Cote d'Azur
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2006978-1-74059-872-9Paula HardyLonely Planet Sardinia (Regional Guide)
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2003978-1-74059-874-3Lonely PlanetLonely Planet One Planet (General Pictorial)
2006978-1-74059-875-0Sara BensonLonely Planet Las Vegas (City Guide)
2006978-1-74059-876-7Andrew BenderLonely Planet Tokyo (City Guide)
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  ''978-1-74059-890-3Lonely PlanetLonely Planet Travel Journal
2007978-1-74059-897-2Tim RockLonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Cayman Islands
2006978-1-74059-900-9Richard I'Anson · Andy RouseLonely Planet Wildlife Photography (How to)
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2007978-1-74059-918-4Regis St LouisLonely Planet Portugal (Country Guide)
2006978-1-74059-919-1Alex Leviton · Miles RoddisLonely Planet Tuscany & Umbria
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2005978-1-74059-921-4David Else · Oliver Berry · George DunfordLonely Planet Great Britain
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  ''978-1-74059-923-8Lonely Planet PublicationsFrance (Lonely Planet France)
2005978-1-74059-924-5Chris Rowthorn · Ray Bartlett · Justin EllisLonely Planet Japan
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2006978-1-74059-928-3Anthony HamLonely Planet Middle East (Multi Country Guide)
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2004978-1-74059-931-3The 2005 Lonely Planet Calendar 2005
2008978-1-74059-934-4Chiu-yee Cheung · Tao Li · Lonely Planet PhrasebooksLonely Planet Cantonese Phrasebook
2005978-1-74059-936-8Jeff Campbell · David Lukas · John A VlahidesZion & Bryce Canyon National Parks (Lonely Planet)
2005978-1-74059-937-5Michael Read · Loretta Chilcoat · David LukasLonely Planet Great Smoky Mountains & Shenandoah National Parks
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  ''978-1-74059-939-9Loretta ChilcoatLonely Planet Road Trip: Blue Ridge Parkway
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2007978-1-74059-965-8Kim GrantLonely Planet Santa Fe, Taos & Albuquerque
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2008978-1-74059-969-6Vesna MaricLonely Planet Sicily (Regional Guide)
2006978-1-74059-970-2Mary FitzpatrickLonely Planet South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland
2007978-1-74059-971-9Terry Carter · Lara DunstonLonely Planet Best of Amsterdam
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2006978-1-74059-975-7Joe CummingsLonely Planet Sri Lanka (Country Guide)
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2007978-1-74059-978-8Damien SimonisLonely Planet Best of Venice
2008978-1-74059-979-5Michael Janes · Lonely Planet PhrasebooksFrench: Lonely Planet Phrasebook
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2004978-1-74059-993-1Lonely Planet PhrasebooksFast Talk French (Lonely Planet)
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  ''978-1-74059-995-5   ''Fast Talk Italian - Essential Language for Short Trips (Lonely Planet)
2005978-1-74059-996-2Gordana Ivetac · Ivan Ivetac · Lonely Planet PhrasebooksCroatian: Lonely Planet Phrasebook
2006978-1-74059-997-9Charlotte Beech · Jolyon Attwooll · Thomas KohnstammLonely Planet Chile & Easter Island
2006978-1-74059-998-6Becca BlondLonely Planet Tahiti & French Polynesia (Country Guide)