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2018978-1-68108-006-2Simone PeschilloNeuroEndovascular Challenges: Frontiers in Neurosurgery Volume 1
  ''978-1-68108-033-8Pedro Romero -ArocaEchography in Ocular Pathology
  ''978-1-68108-037-6Judith Wylie- RosettObesity and Disease in an Interconnected World: A Systems Approach to Turn Huge Challenges into Amazing Opportunities
  ''978-1-68108-049-9Jianxun SongCancer Immunotherapy: Mechanisms of Cancer Immunity, Engineering Immune-Based Therapies and Developing Clinical Trials (Frontiers in Cancer Immunology)
  ''978-1-68108-057-4Gene D. MorseAdvances in HIV Treatment: HIV Enzyme Inhibitors and Antiretroviral Therapy (Frontiers in HIV Research)
2018978-1-68108-061-1Vasilios E. PapaioannouSeptic Cardiomyopathy: from Bench to Bedside (Frontiers in Myocardia Volume)
  ''978-1-68108-067-3Rafael Laniado LaborinDrug Resistant Tuberculosis: Practical guide for clinical management
  ''978-1-68108-085-7Keizo WatanabeLaminar Drag Reduction
  ''978-1-68108-089-5Ying-Fu ChenRecent Advances in Acute Type a Aortic Dissection
2017978-1-68108-109-0Esperanza J Carcache de Blanco · Jay MirtalloNutrition: An Approach to Good Health and Disease Management
2018978-1-68108-115-1Jordi BotetGood Quality Practice (GQP) in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: A Handbook
2017978-1-68108-119-9Hans Gregersen · James ChristensenClinical Mechanics in the Gut: An Introduction
2018978-1-68108-121-2Shuming Chen · Jianning Yu · Yibin Jiang · Rongsheng Chen · T. K. HoActive-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Display Technologies (Frontiers in Electrical Engineering)
  ''978-1-68108-133-5Liljana StevcevaVaccines for Latent Viral Infections
2018978-1-68108-141-0Manuela OliveiraChallenges of Antibiotic Resistance in the Development of New Therapeutics (Frontiers in Antimicrobial Agents)
  ''978-1-68108-192-2André P. BoezaartAnatomical Foundations of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine
2017978-1-68108-194-6Tommaso Claudio MineoMalignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Present Status and Future Directions
2016978-1-68108-196-0Viness PillayUnfolding the Biopolymer Landscape, Volume 2 (Frontiers in Biomaterials)
  ''978-1-68108-204-2Seymour ElkThe Logical Extension of Arithmetic: Calculus
  ''978-1-68108-206-6Yukihiro ShimizuComprehensive Practical Hepatology
2017978-1-68108-268-4Manuela OliveiraPractical Notions on Fish Health and Production
2016978-1-68108-286-8Silvio BalzamPrinciples of Hepatic Surgery
2017978-1-68108-304-9Cheng Yung Ming · Henry Wong · Leo Chin · C. K. LauStability of Geotechnical Structures: Theoretical and Numerical Analysis (Frontiers in Civil Engineering)
2018978-1-68108-310-0Simone PeschilloBrain Ischemic Stroke: Brain Ischemic Stroke - From Diagnosis to Treatment (Frontiers in Neurosurgery)
2017978-1-68108-316-2Jing WangMesenchymal Stem Cells and Craniofacial Regeneration
2018978-1-68108-320-9Bruce WienkeBiophysics and Diving Decompression Phenomenology
2017978-1-68108-358-2Mitzy E. Torres SorianoCurrent and Future Developments - Diagnostic Atlas of Retinal Diseases (Ophthalmology: Current and Future Developments - Volume 1)
  ''978-1-68108-410-7Michael BelevichClassical Fluid Mechanics
2018978-1-68108-416-9Mitzy E. Torres Soriano · Gerardo García Aguirre · Maximiliano Gordon · Veronica Kon GraversenDiagnostic Atlas of Retinal Diseases: Ophthalmology: Current and Future Developments - Volume 3
2017978-1-68108-418-3Giorgio A. PresicceThe Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis): Production and Research
2017978-1-68108-420-6Eliade StefanescuOpen Quantum Physics and Environmental Heat Conversion into Usable Energy: Volume 2
  ''978-1-68108-430-5M. Victorina AguilarFrontiers in Bioactive Compounds: At the Crossroads between Nutrition and Pharmacology
  ''978-1-68108-432-9Moisés R. CesárioFunctional Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Processing, Microstructure and Performance (Frontiers in Ceramic Science)
  ''978-1-68108-466-4Tatjana ÁbelNonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
  ''978-1-68108-499-2Mihail Lucian PascuLaser Optofluidics in Fighting Multiple Drug Resistance
2017978-1-68108-513-5Elliot BenjaminNumberama: Recreational Number Theory in the School System
  ''978-1-68108-517-3Gisele da Silva DalbenCraniofacial disorders - orofacial features and peculiarities in dental treatment
  ''978-1-68108-521-0Seckin UlualpSynopsis of General Pediatric Practice (Recent Advances in Pediatric Medicine)
  ''978-1-68108-533-3Songtao QiCraniopharyngiomas - Classification and Surgical Treatment (Frontiers in Neurosurgery)
  ''978-1-68108-539-5Renáta Bartková · Beloslav Riecan · Anna TirpákováProbability Theory for Fuzzy Quantum Spaces with Statistical Applications
2017978-1-68108-543-2Ahmed Abu-SiadaApplication of Flexible AC Transmission System Devices in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  ''978-1-68108-549-4Hemant KhannaMolecular Bases of Neurodegenerative Disorders of the Retina
2018978-1-68108-561-6Atta -ur- RahmanFrontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Alzheimer Disorders Volume 7
2017978-1-68108-567-8Melissa BarnettOphthalmology: Current and Future Developments (Volume 4): Contemporary Scleral Lenses: Theory and Applications
2018978-1-68108-571-5Jan GlowniaMetallurgy and Technology of Steel Castings
2017978-1-68108-592-0Ali I. Musani · Hervé DutauAdvances in Interventional Pulmonology (Frontiers in Respiratory Medicine)
  ''978-1-68108-598-2Chaoqun Liu · Qin Li · Yonghua Yan · Yong Yang · Guang Yang · Xiangrui DongHigh Order Large Eddy Simulation for Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction Control by a Micro-ramp Vortex Generator (Frontiers in Aerospace Science)
2018978-1-68108-610-1George LitsasPediatric Orthodontics: Theory and Practice (Recent Advances in Dentistry)
  ''978-1-68108-618-7Azam BolhassaniHPV Infections: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment
  ''978-1-68108-634-7Esam OmarLocal Anesthesia and Extractions for Dental Students: Simple Notes and Guidelines
2018978-1-68108-636-1Rinat M. NugayevEinstein's Revolution: A Study Of Theory Unification
2019978-1-68108-638-5Atta -ur- RahmanFrontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti Infectives: Volume 5
2018978-1-68108-644-6Katia Denise Saraiva BrescianiCongenital Toxoplasmosis in Humans and Domestic Animals
  ''978-1-68108-658-3Sami M. ShimiOesophago-gastric Surgery (Current and Future Developments in Surgery)
  ''978-1-68108-660-6Sami M ShimiCurrent and Future Developments in Surgery Volume 2: Oesophago-gastric Surgery
  ''978-1-68108-700-9Eduardo RojasTowards A Unified Soil Mechanics Theory: The Use of Effective Stresses in Unsaturated Soils, Revised Edition
  ''978-1-68108-722-1Amballur D. JohnAnesthesia: Essential Clinical Updates for Practitioners - Regional, Ultrasound, Coagulation, Obstetrics and Pediatrics (Recent Advances in Anesthesiology)
2018978-1-68108-724-5Amballur D. JohnAnesthesia: A Topical Update - Thoracic, Cardiac, Neuro, ICU, and Interesting Cases (Recent Advances in Anesthesiology)
  ''978-1-68108-757-3Robert S.D. Higgins · Juan A. SanchezThe Multi-Organ Donor: A Guide to Selection, Preservation and Procurement (Current and Future Developments in Surgery)