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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-68048-032-0Russell TrentonThe Russian Revolution: The Fall of the Tsars and the Rise of Communism (Age of Revolution)
  ''978-1-68048-076-4Nicholas CroceThe History of Film (The Britannica Guide to the Visual and Performing Arts)
2016978-1-68048-259-1Laura LoriaSolving Real-World Problems With Electrical Engineering (Let's Find Out!)
  ''978-1-68048-442-7Judy Monroe PetersonAll About Planes (Let's Find Out!)
  ''978-1-68048-450-2Judy Monroe PetersonAll About Planes (Let's Find Out!)
2017978-1-68048-549-3Richard BarringtonThe Magna Carta (The Words That Inspired the Founding Fathers)
  ''978-1-68048-629-2Kenneth ZahenskyGeorge W. Bush (Pivotal Presidents: Profiles in Leadership)
2017978-1-68048-631-5Randy ShattuckTheodore Roosevelt (Pivotal Presidents: Profiles in Leadership)
  ''978-1-68048-633-9Kevin GellerHarry S. Truman (Pivotal Presidents: Profiles in Leadership)
  ''978-1-68048-635-3Lorena HuddleWoodrow Wilson (Pivotal Presidents: Profiles in Leadership)
2018978-1-68048-774-9Nicholas Faulkner · William L. HoschAlgebra and Trigonometry (Foundations of Math)
  ''978-1-68048-775-6Nicholas Faulkner · Erik GregersenAnalysis and Calculus (The Foundations of Math)
  ''978-1-68048-777-0Nicholas Faulkner · Erik GregersenThe History of Mathematics (The Foundations of Math)
2018978-1-68048-779-4Nicholas Faulkner · Erik GregersenStatistics and Probability (Foundations of Math)
  ''978-1-68048-835-7Laura LoriaVolcanic Processes (Let's Find Out!)
  ''978-1-68048-836-4   ''Volcanic Processes (Let's Find Out!)