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2018978-1-64293-007-8Jamie GlazovJihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us
  ''978-1-64293-013-9John Bernard RuaneThe Real News!: The Never-Before-Told Stories of Donald Trump & Fake News!
2019978-1-64293-017-7David L. BahnsenCrisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame and How You Can Cure It
  ''978-1-64293-018-4Jeffrey LordSwamp Wars: Donald Trump and the New American Populism vs. The Old Order
  ''978-1-64293-039-9Christopher McKittrickCan't Give It Away on Seventh Avenue: The Rolling Stones and New York City
  ''978-1-64293-047-4Thomas PecoraGuardian: Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA's War on Terror
2018978-1-64293-058-0Mark ShawDenial of Justice: Dorothy Kilgallen, Abuse of Power, and the Most Compelling JFK Assassination Investigation in History
2019978-1-64293-060-3Matt MargolisThe Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama
2019978-1-64293-082-5Larry SchweikartReagan: The American President
2018978-1-64293-094-8Charlie KirkCampus Battlefield: How Conservatives Can WIN the Battle on Campus and Why It Matters
  ''978-1-64293-098-6Dan Bongino · D.C. McAllisterSpygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump
2019978-1-64293-100-6Matthew DanielsHuman Liberty 2.0: Advancing Universal Rights in the Digital Age
  ''978-1-64293-102-0Damon WestThe Change Agent: How a Former College QB Sentenced to Life in Prison Transformed His World
  ''978-1-64293-110-5KJ FallonZen and the Rescue Dog: Journeying with Your Dog on the Path to Enlightenment
  ''978-1-64293-120-4Jozanne MarieBeautiful: Unashamed and Unafraid
2019978-1-64293-122-8Harold Lewis · Tina LewisA Journey by Faith: No Risk, No Reward
  ''978-1-64293-128-0Anthony Youn · Alan EisenstockPlaying God: The Evolution of a Modern Surgeon
  ''978-1-64293-130-3Cristina Smith · Rick Smith · Lauren McCallAnimal Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain
  ''978-1-64293-137-2Matt MargolisTrumping Obama: How President Trump Saved Us From Barack Obama's Legacy
  ''978-1-64293-147-1Anne R. PierceA Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry
2019978-1-64293-148-8Russ Taff · Tori TaffI Still Believe: A Memoir of Wreckage, Recovery, and Relentless Love
  ''978-1-64293-152-5Mark HymanWashington Babylon: From George Washington to Donald Trump, Scandals that Rocked the Nation
  ''978-1-64293-159-4Tricia BarkerAngels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation
  ''978-1-64293-165-5Mark ShawDenial of Justice: Dorothy Kilgallen, Abuse of Power, and the Most Compelling JFK Assassination Investigation in History - Large Print Edition
  ''978-1-64293-166-2Todd StarnesCulture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation
2019978-1-64293-168-6George TroyThe Five Laws of Retail: How the Most Successful Businesses Have Mastered Them and How You Should Too
  ''978-1-64293-170-9Michael HagelohLive from Cupertino: How Apple Used Words, Music, and Performance to Build the World's Best Sales Machine
2020978-1-64293-174-7Marques OgdenThe Success Cycle: 3 Keys for Achieving Your Goals in Business and Life
  ''978-1-64293-180-8Sherry A. RossShe-ology, The She-quel: Let's Continue the Conversation (2)
  ''978-1-64293-187-7Annika Hernroth-rothsteinExile: Portraits of the Jewish Diaspora
2019978-1-64293-201-0Mark W SmithFirst They Came for the Gun Owners: The Campaign to Disarm You and Take Your Freedoms
  ''978-1-64293-209-6Dean KarrelMastering the Basics: Simple Lessons for Achieving Success in Business
2019978-1-64293-211-9Kris MohandieEvil Thoughts: Wicked Deeds
  ''978-1-64293-217-1Jerome R. Corsi Ph.DSilent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller's "Witch Hunt"
  ''978-1-64293-219-5Andrew Pollack · Max EdenWhy Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created The Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students
  ''978-1-64293-223-2Jim DeMint · Rachel BovardConservative: Knowing What to Keep
2020978-1-64293-225-6Lou Koller · Pete Koller · Howie AbramsThe Blood and the Sweat: The Story of Sick of It All's Koller Brothers
2019978-1-64293-231-7Governor George PatakiBeyond the Great Divide: How A Nation Became A Neighborhood
2020978-1-64293-243-0Mark ShawDenial of Justice: Dorothy Kilgallen, Abuse of Power, and the Most Compelling JFK Assassination Investigation in History
2019978-1-64293-247-8John La ForgiaBrand Aid: The Revolutionary Transformation of the Mayo Clinic Brand
  ''978-1-64293-266-9Ivan SeidenbergVerizon Untethered: An Insider's Story of Innovation and Disruption
2019978-1-64293-269-0Jackson D. TilleyBillion Dollar Dimebag: An Insider's Account of America's Legalish Cannabis Industry
  ''978-1-64293-278-2Ralph ReedThe Confirmation: A Novel
  ''978-1-64293-290-4Floyd Brown · Todd CefarattiBig Tech Tyrants: How Silicon Valley's Stealth Practices Addict Teens, Silence Speech, and Steal Your Privacy
2020978-1-64293-292-8Jesse KirshbaumBeats, Bytes, & Brands: Lessons Every Brand Can Learn from Musicians in the Digital Age
2019978-1-64293-296-6John LigatoThe Comey Gang: An Insider's Look at an FBI in Crisis
  ''978-1-64293-304-8Matt PalumboDebunk This!: Shattering Liberal Lies
  ''978-1-64293-306-2Debra Englander · Kristin Erickson143 Reasons Mister Rogers Still Matters: Heartwarming Personal Stories from the People Who Knew Him, Learned from Him, and Loved Him
2019978-1-64293-310-9David MametThe Diary of a Porn Star by Priscilla Wriston-Ranger: As Told to David Mamet with an Afterword by Mr. Mamet
2020978-1-64293-312-3Denise McAllisterWhat Men Want to Say to Women (But Can't)
  ''978-1-64293-322-2Alan GoldsherDigging Dave Brubeck and Time Out!
  ''978-1-64293-329-1Sheldon RothPsychologically Sound: The Mind of Donald J. Trump
  ''978-1-64293-339-0Frank J. ConnorThe Progressive Reports: A Manual for the Destruction of American Values and Christian Morality
2019978-1-64293-341-3Dan BonginoExonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp
  ''978-1-64293-348-2M. G. AnthonyThe SOCIALISTS: Do As We Say, Not As We Do
2020978-1-64293-356-7David L. BahnsenThe Case for Dividend Growth: Investing in a Post-Crisis World
2020978-1-64293-364-2Tom BarrEnablon and Me: When the Sustainable Software Company Met an Unsustainable Old Man
  ''978-1-64293-370-3Jerry BowyerThe Maker Versus the Takers: What Jesus Really Said About Social Justice and Economics
  ''978-1-64293-376-5Bill BoggsThe Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog: As told to Bill Boggs
  ''978-1-64293-387-1Larry SchweikartReagan: The American President
  ''978-1-64293-388-8Reggie Williams · Jarrett BellResilient by Nature: Reflections from a Life of Winning On and Off the Football Field
2020978-1-64293-400-7David HorowitzRadical Son: A Generational Odyssey
  ''978-1-64293-404-5KT McFarlandRevolution: Trump, Washington and "We the People"
  ''978-1-64293-406-9Kevin HancockThe Seventh Power: One CEO's Journey Into the Business of Shared Leadership
  ''978-1-64293-418-2Brian P. WalshBeyond the Mask: How My Tragedy Sparked an Incredible Life: Lessons I Might Never Have Learned
  ''978-1-64293-424-3Jack BuckbyMonster of Their Own Making: How the Far Left, the Media, and Politicians are Creating Far-Right Extremists
2020978-1-64293-426-7Benjamin WeingartenAmerican Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party
  ''978-1-64293-433-5Daniel LacalleFreedom or Equality: The Key to Prosperity Through Social Capitalism
  ''978-1-64293-437-3Jerome R. Corsi Ph.DCoup d'État: Exposing Deep State Treason and the Plan to Re-Elect President Trump
  ''978-1-64293-453-3Jeffrey D. McCausland · Tom VosslerBattle Tested!: Gettysburg Leadership Lessons for 21st Century Leaders
  ''978-1-64293-469-4Nick AdamsTrump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization
2020978-1-64293-471-7Sarah M. CarlsonIn the Dark of War: A CIA Officer's Inside Account of the U.S. Evacuation from Libya
  ''978-1-64293-477-9Ella PattersonKeeping the Home Fires Burning: A Woman's Guide to Giving and Receiving Pleasure
2019978-1-64293-482-3Bill Hart · Bill BlankschaenWhite Collar Warrior: Lessons for Sales Professionals from America's Military Elite
2020978-1-64293-495-3Mark Victor Hansen · Crystal Dwyer HansenAsk!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny
  ''978-1-64293-503-5David EubankDo This for Love: Free Burma Rangers in the Battle of Mosul
  ''978-1-64293-505-9Merrick Rosenberg · Richard EllisPersonality Wins: Who Will Take the White House and How We Know
  ''978-1-64293-515-8Cody LowrySchmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School
2020978-1-64293-531-8Conchita SarnoffTrafficKing: The Jeffrey Epstein Case
  ''978-1-64293-535-6Robert SpencerRating America's Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster
  ''978-1-64293-539-4T. J. HamptonMeet Pete!: The Pete Buttigieg Coloring Book
  ''978-1-64293-577-6Jonathan T. GilliamThe Adventures of Team Little Bigs: A Parent's Book for Children
  ''978-1-64293-598-1Svetlana LokhovaThe Spider: Stefan A. Halper and the Dark Web of a Coup