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2018978-1-64242-001-2Jesse Choper · Richard Fallon Jr · Yale Kamisar · Steven Shiffrin · Michael Dorf · Frederick SchauerLeading Cases in Constitutional Law, A Compact Casebook for a Short Course, 2018 - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-005-0Lloyd WeinrebWeinreb's Leading Constitutional Cases on Criminal Justice, 2018 - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-009-8Douglas MollCorporations and Other Business Associations, Statutes, Rules, and Forms, 2018 Edition (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-015-9David Hudson · Stephen Lind · Kevin YamamotoBlack Letter Outline on Federal Income Taxation (Black Letter Outlines)
  ''978-1-64242-017-3Kevin Yamamoto · Samuel DonaldsonBlack Letter Outline on Federal Wealth Transfer Taxes (Black Letter Outlines)
2018978-1-64242-018-0Steven Jeffrey Goode · Olin Guy Wellborn IIICourtroom Evidence Handbook, 2018-2019 Student Edition (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-020-3Jack Weinstein · Norman Abrams · Scott Brewer · Daniel MedwedEvidence, 2018 Rules and Statute Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-022-7Joshua Dressler · George Thomas · Daniel MedwedCriminal Procedure: Principles, Policies and Perspectives, 2018 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-024-1Yale Kamisar · Wayne LaFave · Jerold Israel · Nancy King · Orin Kerr · Eve PrimusModern, Basic, and Advanced Criminal Procedure, 2018 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-026-5Steven Burton · Melvin EisenbergContract Law, Selected Source Materials Annotated, 2018 Edition (Selected Statutes)
2018978-1-64242-028-9Melvin Eisenberg · james Cox2018 Supplement to Business Organizations, Cases and Materials, Unabridged and Concise, 11th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-030-2Thomas HazenSecurities Regulation, Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms, 2019 Edition
  ''978-1-64242-032-6Thomas Morgan · Ronald Rotunda · John DzienkowskiProfessional Responsibility, Problems and Materials, Unabridged (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-039-5Thomas Morgan · Ronald Rotunda · John DzienkowskiProfessional Responsibility, Problems and Materials, Abridged - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-043-2John Calamari · Joseph Perillo · Helen Bender · Caroline BrownCases and Problems on Contracts - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-047-0Lawrence Cunningham · Miriam CherryContracts: A Real World Casebook - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-051-7Daniel Bussel · David Skeel JrBankruptcy, 2018 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-055-5Ralph Brown · Robert DenicolaCopyright, Unfair Comp, and Protection of Works of Authorship: 2018 Stat and Case Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-058-6Stephanie McMahonPrinciples of Tax Policy (Concise Hornbook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-059-3Charles TabbBankruptcy Code, Rules, and Official Forms, 2018 Law School Edition (Selected Statutes)
2018978-1-64242-061-6Wayne LaFave · Jerold Israel · Nancy King · Orin KerrCriminal Procedure, Hornbook Series, Student Edition, 2018 Pocket Part
  ''978-1-64242-066-1Deborah Cupples · Margaret Temple-SmithGrammar, Punctuation, and Style: A Quick Guide for Lawyers and Other Writers - With Quizzing (Coursebook)
  ''978-1-64242-082-1Joshua DresslerSum and Substance Audio on Criminal Procedure
  ''978-1-64242-083-8   ''Sum and Substance Audio on Criminal Law
  ''978-1-64242-085-2William FunkIntroduction to American Constitutional Law, Structure and Rights, 2018 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-087-6Thomas E. Carbonneau · Henry Allen BlairArbitration Law and Practice (American Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-089-0Thomas Morgan · Ronald D. RotundaModel Rules on Professional Conduct and Other Selected Standards, 2019 Edition (Selected Statutes)
2018978-1-64242-090-6John C. Coffee Jr · Hillary A. Sale2018 Addendum to Coffee, Sale, and Henderson's Federal Securities Laws: Selected Statutes, Rules
  ''978-1-64242-091-3Sheldon Kurtz · Thomas Gallanis · Herbert HovenkampThe Law of Property: An Introductory Survey (Hornbooks)
  ''978-1-64242-094-4Dave Owen · Mary DavisProducts Liability and Safety, Cases and Materials, 7th, 2018-2019 Case and Statute Supplement (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-095-1David Epstein · Steve Nickles · Edwin SmithUniform Commercial Code Article 9: Secured Transactions (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-096-8David G. Epstein · Steve H. Nickles · Edwin E. SmithSelling and Financing Sales of Goods Under UCC Articles 2 and 9 (American Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-097-5Martin J. Adelman · Randall R. Rader · John R. ThomasCases and Materials on Patent Law (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-098-2Julie R. O'SullivanFederal White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-100-2Bryan GarnerThe Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style (Coursebook)
  ''978-1-64242-101-9John Cross · Leslie Abramson · Ellen DeasonCivil Procedure: Cases, Problems and Exercises, 2018 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-105-7M. Ellen Murphy · Steve NicklesThe Unauthorized Practice of Law for Nonlawyers, An Interactive Video Course (Coursebook)
2018978-1-64242-106-4Patrick ConnorsNew York Practice, Student Edition (Hornbooks)
2019978-1-64242-110-1Lynn D. Wardle · Mark P. Strasser · Lynne Marie Kohm · Tanya M. WashingtonFamily Law From Multiple Perspectives: Cases and Commentary (American Casebook Series)
2020978-1-64242-111-8Danaya C WrightThe Law of Succession: Wills, Trusts, and Estates (University Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-244-3Ann Southworth · Catherine L. FiskThe Legal Profession: Ethics in Contemporary Practice (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-245-0Howard Bromberg · Mark K. Osbeck · Michael VitielloCases and Materials on Marijuana Law (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-247-4Mark C. AlexanderA Short & Happy Guide to Constitutional Law (Short & Happy Guides)
  ''978-1-64242-250-4Jesse H. Choper · Michael C. Dorf · Richard H. Fallon Jr. · Frederick SchauerConstitutional Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-251-1George W. Kuney · Brian K. KrummEntrepreneurial Law (Coursebook)
2018978-1-64242-252-8Kern Alexander · M. David AlexanderAmerican Public School Law (Higher Education Coursebook)
2019978-1-64242-268-9Bryan A. GarnerThe Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style - with Quizzing (Coursebook)
2018978-1-64242-278-8Hal Scott · Anna GelpernInternational Finance, Transactions, Policy, and Regulation (University Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-279-5Douglas A. Kahn · Jeffrey H. KahnFederal Income Tax: A Guide to the Internal Revenue Code (University Treatise Series)
2018978-1-64242-286-3Charles GibbonsA Student's Guide to Trial Objections (Career Guides)
  ''978-1-64242-292-4Ralph FolsomInternational Trade Law Including Trump and Trade in a Nutshell (Nutshells)
2019978-1-64242-295-5Henry Allen BlairShort and Happy Guide to Arbitration (Short & Happy Guides)
2018978-1-64242-301-3Roger Fairfax JrAdjudicatory Criminal Procedure, Cases, Statutes, and Materials, 2018 Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-389-1William N Eskridge · James Brudney · Josh ChafetzLegislation and Regulation, Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy, 5th, 2018 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-395-2Sanmuel Estreicher · Michael Harper · Elizabeth TippettStatutory Supplement to Employment Discrimination and Employment Law (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-396-9Paul Weiler · Gary Myers · William Berry IIIEntertainment, Media, and the Law, Text, Cases, and Problems, 5th, 2018 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-397-6Robert Gorman · Jane Carol Ginsburg · R Anthony ReeseCopyright Cases and Materials, 9th, 2018 Case Supplement and Statutory Appendix (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-420-1Steven F Baicker-McKee · William M JanssenMastering Multiple Choice for Federal Civil Procedure MBE Bar Prep and 1L Exam Prep (Career Guides)
2019978-1-64242-421-8Ric Simmons · Renee McDonald HutchinsLearning Criminal Procedure (Learning Series)
2019978-1-64242-422-5Ric Simmons · Renee McDonald HutchinsLearning Criminal Procedure: Investigations (Learning Series)
  ''978-1-64242-423-2   ''Learning Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Learning Series)
2018978-1-64242-482-9Barton Thompson Jr · Paul GoldsteinProperty Law: Ownership, Use, and Conservation,- CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-486-7Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt · Martin H. Malin · Roberto L. Corrada · Christopher D. Cameron · Catherine L. FiskLabor Law in the Contemporary Workplace (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-491-1Stewart E Sterk · Melanie B. LeslieEstates and Trusts, Cases and Materials (University Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-496-6Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt · Martin H. Malin · Roberto L. Corrada · Christopher David Ruiz Cameron · Catherine L. FiskStatutory Supplement to Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-503-1Martin J. McMahon Jr. · Daniel L. Simmons · Charlene Luke · Bret WellsFederal Income Taxation of Corporations (University Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-509-3M. Ellen Murphy · Steve NicklesThe Unauthorized Practice of Law for Nonlawyers, Concise Video Edition (Career Guides)
2019978-1-64242-530-7Ann Laquer EstinDomestic Relationships: A Contemporary Approach (Interactive Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-537-6Colin Jones · Frank RavitchThe Japanese Legal System (Hornbooks)
  ''978-1-64242-539-0John Coffee Jr · Hillary Sale · Charles WhiteheadSecurities Regulation, 13th, 2018 Case Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-560-4Richard Briffault · Nestor M. Davidson · Laurie ReynoldsThe New Preemption Reader: Legislation, Cases, and Commentary on State and Local Government Law (Selected Statutes)
2018978-1-64242-567-3Karen C BurkeFederal Income Taxation of Corporations and Stockholders in a Nutshell (Nutshells)
  ''978-1-64242-576-5Larry D. Soderquist · Theresa A GabaldonSecurities Law (Concepts and Insights)
2019978-1-64242-580-2Claire A. Hill · Brian JM Quinn · Steven Davidoff SolomonMergers and Acquisitions: Law, Theory, and Practice (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-584-0Graham C. Lilly · Daniel J. Capra · Stephen A. SaltzburgPrinciples of Evidence (Concise Hornbook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-589-5Peter J. Henning · Leonid Feller · Karen McDonald HenningCriminal Pretrial Advocacy (Coursebook)
  ''978-1-64242-598-7Robert J. Lynn · Grayson M.P. McCouchIntroduction to Estate Planning in a Nutshell (Nutshells)
  ''978-1-64242-604-5Laurie L. Malman · Linda F. Sugin · Clinton G. WallaceThe Individual Tax Base, Cases, Problems, and Policies in Federal Taxation (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-607-6Charles H. Rose IIIExperiencing Criminal Procedure: Investigations (Experiencing Law Series)
2018978-1-64242-608-3John Francis Hilson · Stephen L SepinuckTransactional Skills: How to Structure and Document a Deal (Coursebook)
2018978-1-64242-609-0Mark Rothstein · Lance Liebman · Kimberly Yuracko · Paul M Secunda · Charlotte Garden2018 Supplement to Employment Law, Cases and Materials, Unabridged and Concise 8th (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-640-3Frank J DotiSum and Substance Audio on Federal Income Tax, 7th
2019978-1-64242-669-4Bryan A. GarnerGuidelines for Drafting and Editing Contracts (Other)
2018978-1-64242-671-7Caleb NelsonStatutory Interpretation (University Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-672-4Peter Jan Honigsberg · Edith M HoGilbert Law Summary on Legal Research, Writing & Analysis (Gilbert Law Summaries)
2018978-1-64242-673-1John C. Coffee Jr. · Hillary A. Sale · Charles K. WhiteheadFederal Securities Laws: Selected Statutes, Rules, and Forms, 2018-2019 Edition
2019978-1-64242-685-4Jesse H. Choper · Frederick SchauerThe First Amendment, Cases―Comments―Questions (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-690-8Joel S. NewmanNewman's A Short & Happy Guide to Federal Income Taxation, 2d (Short & Happy Guides)
  ''978-1-64242-701-1A. Benjamin SpencerAcing Civil Procedure (Acing Series)
  ''978-1-64242-702-8William A. Fletcher · James E. PfanderGilbert Law Summaries on Federal Courts
2015978-1-64242-727-1Michael H GrahamEvidence: Problem, Lecture, and Discussion Approach, 4th (American Casebook Series)
2011978-1-64242-729-5Olin Guy Wellborn IIICases and Materials on the Rules of Evidence, 6th (American Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-765-3Ann Southworth · Catherine L. FiskSouthworth's and Fisk's The Legal Profession: Ethics in Contemporary Practice, 2d - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-772-1David Owen · Mary J. DavisProducts Liability and Safety, Cases and Materials, 7th, 2019-2020 Case and Statute Supplement (University Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-773-8Steven J Goode · Olin Guy Wellborn IIICourtroom Evidence Handbook, 2019-2020 Student Edition (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-774-5David G Epstein · Ricahrd D Freer · Michael J Roberts · George B ShepherdBusiness Structures, 5th - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-780-6John P. Dawson · William Burnett WHarvey · Stanley D. Henderson · Douglas G. BairdContracts, Cases and Comments, 11th - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-782-0Joshua Dressler · Stephen P. GarveyDressler and Garvey's Cases and Materials on Criminal Law, 8th - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-786-8Daniel A. Farber · William N. Eskridge Jr. · Philip P. Frickey · Jane SchacterCases and Materials on Constitutional Law: Themes for the Constitution's Third Century, 6th - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-803-2James S. Rogers · Katharine G. YoungRogers and Young's The Law of Contracts: Cases and Materials - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-808-7William F. Funk · Sidney A. Shapiro · Russell L. WeaverAdministrative Procedure and Practice: A Contemporary Approach, Revised (Interactive Casebook Series)
1993978-1-64242-853-7Ronald J Gilson · Bernard S. Black(Some of) The Essentials of Finance and Investment (Coursebook)
2018978-1-64242-861-2Gary S LawsonLawson's Federal Administrative Law, 8th - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-865-0Holly D. Doremus · Albert C. Lin · Ronald H. RosenbergDoremus, Lin and Rosenberg's Environmental Policy Law, 6th - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-869-8Richard ReveszEnvironmental Law and Policy - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-873-5J. B. Ruhl · John Copeland Nagle · James E. Salzman · Alexandra KlassRuhl, Nagle, Salzman, and Klass' The Practice and Policy of Environmental Law, 4th - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-877-3Stephen Schwarz · Daniel J. Lathrope · Brant J. HellwigFundamentals of Partnership Taxation (University Casebook Series)
2018978-1-64242-880-3Kristin E. Hickman · Richard J. Pierce Jr.Hickman and Pierce's Federal Administrative Law, Cases and Materials, 2nd Edition - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-884-1Peter L. Strauss · Todd D. Rakoff · Gillian E. Metzger · David J. Barron · Anne Joseph O'ConnellGellhorn and Byse's Administrative Law, Cases and Comments, 12th by Strauss, Rakoff, Metzger, Barron, and O'Connell - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-892-6Stephen Schwarz · Daniel J. Lathrope · Brant J. HellwigBlack Letter Outline on Partnership Taxation (Black Letter Outlines)
2018978-1-64242-901-5Robin Kundis CraigCraig's Environmental Law in Context, Cases and Materials, 4th - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-905-3Daniel A. Farber · Ann E. Carlson · William B BoydCases and Materials on Environmental Law - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series)
2019978-1-64242-911-4Ruth ColkerFederal Disability Law in a Nutshell (Nutshells)
  ''978-1-64242-913-8Douglas G. Baird · Thomas H. Jackson · Theodore EisenbergCommercial and Debtor-Creditor Law Selected Statutes, 2019 Edition
  ''978-1-64242-914-5Steven A. Bank · Kirk J. StarkSelected Sections Corporate and Partnership Income Tax Code and Regulations, 2019-2020 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-915-2Steven A. Bank · Kirk J. StarkSelected Sections Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations, 2019-2020 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-917-6Thomas P. GallanisUniform Trust and Estate Statutes, 2019-2020 Edition (Selected Statutes)
2019978-1-64242-919-0William A. Klein · J. Mark Ramseyer · Stephen M. BainbridgeBusiness Associations: Agency, Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations, 2019 Statutes and Rules (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-921-3Jens C. DammannIntroduction to European Union Law: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-923-7William D. Warren · Steven D WaltCommercial Law, Selected Statutes, 2019-2020
  ''978-1-64242-927-5Mark L Ascher · Grayson M.P. McCouchSelected Statutes on Trusts and Estates, 2019
  ''978-1-64242-928-2Charles Jordan TabbBankruptcy Code, Rules, and Official Forms, 2019 Law School Edition (Selected Statutes)
2019978-1-64242-930-5Steven J Burton · Melvin A EisenbergContract Law, Selected Source Materials Annotated, 2019 Edition (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-931-2Melvin A Eisenberg · James D CoxCorporations and Other Business Organizations, Statutes, Rules, Materials and Forms, 2019 (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-932-9David I LevineCivil Procedure in California: State and Federal, 2019 Edition (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-934-3Kevin M. ClermontFederal Rules of Civil Procedure and Selected Other Procedural Provisions (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-935-0Kevin M. ClermontThe Judicial Code and Rules of Procedure in the Federal Courts (Selected Statutes)
2019978-1-64242-946-6Kevin M YamamotoSelected Income Tax Provisions, Federal Transfer Taxes, Code and Regulations (Selected Statutes)
  ''978-1-64242-948-0Thomas Lee Hazen · Jerry W MarkhamCorporations, Other Limited Liability Entities, Statutory and Documentary Supplement, 2019-2020 (Selected Statutes)
2018978-1-64242-950-3Robert L. Glicksman · Richard E. LevyGlicksman and Levy's Administrative Law: Agency Action in Legal Context, 2d - CasebookPlus (University Casebook Series)
  ''978-1-64242-956-5Craig N. Johnston · William F. Funk · Victor B. FlattLegal Protection of the Environment - CasebookPlus (American Casebook Series (Multimedia))
  ''978-1-64242-963-3Carol L. Chomsky · Christina L. Kunz · Jennifer S. Martin · Elizabeth R. SchiltzChomsky, Kunz, Martin, and Schiltz's Learning Sales Law - CasebookPlus (Learning Series)
2019978-1-64242-993-0Denise Kindschi GosselinCrime and Mental Disorders: The Criminal Justice Response, 2d (Higher Education Coursebook)