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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-63576-058-3Washington PostObama's Legacy
  ''978-1-63576-106-1Chelle BlissAcquisition: Takeover Duet, Book 1
  ''978-1-63576-120-7Associated Press · Relman MorinDwight D. Eisenhower: An Associated Press Biography
  ''978-1-63576-133-7Ella FrankTrust (The Temptation Series)
2018978-1-63576-134-4Ella FrankExquisite (The Exquisite Series)
  ''978-1-63576-135-1   ''Entice (The Exquisite Series)
2018978-1-63576-136-8Ella FrankEdible (The Exquisite Series)
2017978-1-63576-140-5   ''Finley (Sunset Cove)
  ''978-1-63576-142-9   ''Veiled Innocence
  ''978-1-63576-159-7David A. Fahrenthold · Washington PostUncovering Trump: The Truth Behind Donald Trump's Charitable Giving
2018978-1-63576-172-6Mike MacDonald · Jilly GagnonChoose Your Own Misery: Dating
  ''978-1-63576-176-4Derek LidowBuilding on Bedrock: What Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and Other Great Self-Made Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us About Building Valuable Companies
2017978-1-63576-211-2Ella FrankTease (The Temptation Series)
  ''978-1-63576-214-3Chelle BlissWorship Me: Men of Inked Book 7 (Men of Inked Series)
2020978-1-63576-369-0Meysa MalekiThe Conflict Resolution Grail: Awareness, Compassion and a Negotiator's Toolbox
2018978-1-63576-375-1Libby GillThe Hope-Driven Leader: Harness the Power of Positivity at Work
2018978-1-63576-399-7Natalie NeelanRebel at Work: How to Innovate and Drive Results When You Aren't the Boss
  ''978-1-63576-402-4Charles A. CastoStation Blackout: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Recovery
  ''978-1-63576-446-8David Pietrusza1960: LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon_The Epic Campaign That Forged Three Presidencies
  ''978-1-63576-448-2David Pietrusza1948: Harry Truman's Improbable Victory and the Year That Transformed America
  ''978-1-63576-468-0Gary GrossmanExecutive Actions (The Executive Series)
2018978-1-63576-474-1Marcia DaszkoPivot, Disrupt, Transform: How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive
  ''978-1-63576-514-4Martyn R. LewisHow Customers Buy...& Why They Don't: Mapping and Managing the Buying Journey DNA
  ''978-1-63576-515-1Jodi Ellen MalpasHis True Queen (Smoke & Mirrors Duology)
2019978-1-63576-573-1Bruce Cleveland · Wildcat Venture PartnersTraversing the Traction Gap
  ''978-1-63576-578-6Rahaf HarfoushHustle and Float: Reclaim Your Creativity and Thrive in a World Obsessed with Work
2020978-1-63576-581-6David Dean Barrett140 Days to Hiroshima: Inside the Final War Room Clashes and the Countdown to Armageddon
2019978-1-63576-584-7James KingThe Ultimate History of the '80s Teen Movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High ~ Sixteen Candles ~ Revenge of the Nerds ~ The Karate Kid ~ The Breakfast ... Poets Society ~ and Everything in Between
  ''978-1-63576-624-0Bruce Cleveland · Wildcat Venture PartnersTraversing the Traction Gap
2020978-1-63576-637-0Dylan Taylor-LehmanSealand: The True Story of a Make-Believe Nation and Its Eccentric Royal Family
2020978-1-63576-649-3Jon WiederhornRaising Hell: Backstage Tales from the Lives of Metal Legends
  ''978-1-63576-650-9James LongoHitler and the Habsburgs: The Führer's Vendetta Against the Austrian Royals
  ''978-1-63576-659-2Bill RipkenState of Play: The Old School Guide to New School Baseball
2019978-1-63576-661-5Tobin SmithFoxocracy: Inside the Network's Playbook of Tribal Warfare
  ''978-1-63576-668-4Mark Robert Waldman · Chris ManningNeuroWisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success
2020978-1-63576-677-6Sujeet Indap · Max FrumesPalace Coup: The Billionaire Brawl over the Bankrupt Caesars Gaming Empire
2019978-1-63576-678-3Jim QuinnDon't Be Afraid to Win: How Free Agency Changed the Business of Pro Sports
2020978-1-63576-694-3Melody Thomas ScottAlways Young and Restless: My Life On and Off America's #1 Daytime Drama
  ''978-1-63576-699-8William SitwellThe Restaurant: A 2,000-Year History of Dining Out
2020978-1-63576-701-8Tanya AckerMake Your Case: Civil Court and Other Legal Strategies Straight from My Seat on the Hot Bench
  ''978-1-63576-705-6Michael Bisping · Anthony EvansQuitters Never Win: My Life in UFC _ The American Edition
  ''978-1-63576-712-4Joe TheismannHow to be a Champion Every Day: Timeless Keys to Success
  ''978-1-63576-717-9Susan Tate AnkenyThe Girl and the Bombardier: A True Story of Resistance and Rescue in Nazi-Occupied France
  ''978-1-63576-719-3Jonathan W. Jordan · Emily Anne JordanThe War Queens: Extraordinary Women who Ruled the Battlefield
2020978-1-63576-720-9Marc SchausOur Livable World: How Scientists Today Are Creating the Clean Earth of Tomorrow
  ''978-1-63576-902-9Helio Fred GarciaWords on Fire: The Power of Incendiary Language to Provoke Violence and Restoring Respect in Public Rhetoric