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2017978-1-63550-001-1Raymond H., Ph.d. HullCommunication Disorders in Aging
  ''978-1-63550-003-5Prathibha Karanth · Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin · Priya JamesPractical Strategies for Toddlers
  ''978-1-63550-004-2Prathibha Karanth · Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin · Priya JamesComprehensive Intervention for Children With Developmental Delays and Disorders: Practical Strategies for Preschoolers: Preschooler Intervention Manual 6 Books
2018978-1-63550-005-9Mary Lou Marsoun Cancio · Sadanand SinghFunctional Phonetics
  ''978-1-63550-006-6Julie Barkmeier-kraemer · Rebecca LeonardDysphagia Assessment and Treatment Planning: A Team Approach
2019978-1-63550-007-3Robert McKinneyHere's How to Do Accent Modification: A Manual for Speech-language Pathologists
2017978-1-63550-009-7Rebecca Leonard · Katherine KendallDysphagia Assessment and Treatment Planning: A Team Approach, Fourth Edition
  ''978-1-63550-011-0Samantha Anne · Judith E. C. Lieu · Margaret A. KennaPediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Clinical Diagnosis and Management
2018978-1-63550-013-4Robert, Ph.D. Goldfarb · Yula C., Ph.D. SerpanosProfessional Writing in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
2018978-1-63550-014-1Robert G., Ph.D. Glaser · Robert M. TrayonStrategic Practice Management: Business Considerations for Audiologists and Other Healthcare Professionals
2017978-1-63550-016-5Robert T SataloffLaryngeal Electromyography
  ''978-1-63550-019-6Nancy E., Ph.D. HallClinical Observation in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  ''978-1-63550-021-9Wayne A., Ph.D. FosterThe Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in Rtl: Implementing Multiple Tiers of Student Support
2018978-1-63550-023-3Linda D., Ph.D. Vallino · Dennis M., Ph.D. Ruscello · David J., Ph.D. ZajacCleft Palate Speech and Resonance: An Audio and Video Resource
  ''978-1-63550-025-7Pragmatic Language Theories
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2019978-1-63550-035-6Joseph C., Ph.D. Stemple · Edie R., Ph.D. HapnerVoice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies
2018978-1-63550-037-0Norman Spivey · Mary Saunders-BartonCross-Training in the Voice Studio: A Balancing Act
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2019978-1-63550-041-7Roberta, Ph.D. Depompei · Jean BlosserPediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Proactive Intervention
2018978-1-63550-043-1Karen BrunssenThe Evolving Singing Voice: Changes Across the Lifespan
  ''978-1-63550-045-5Audrey L., Ph.D. Holland · Ryan L., Ph.D. NelsonCounseling in Communication Disorders: A Wellness Perspective
2017978-1-63550-050-9Evelyn R KleinExpanding Receptive and Expressive Skills Through Stories (Express): Language Formulation in Children with Selective Mutism and Other Communication Ne
  ''978-1-63550-054-7Jean AbitbolThe Power of the Voice
2018978-1-63550-057-8Rebecca Leonard · Katherine KendallDysphagia Assessment and Treatment Planning + workbook: A Team Approach
  ''978-1-63550-060-8Kathryn a BaylesCognitive-Communication Disorders of MCI and Dementia: Definition, Assessment, and Clinical Management
  ''978-1-63550-061-5Thomas J. Hixon · Gary Weismer · Jeannette D. HoitPreclinical Speech Science: Anatomy, Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception
2018978-1-63550-063-9Jeannette D. Hoit · Gary WeismerPreclinical Speech Science
  ''978-1-63550-065-3Abbie, Ph.D. Olszewski · Selah Sullivan · Adriano CabralHere's How to Teach Voice and Communication Skills to Transgender Women
2019978-1-63550-067-7Robert, Ph.D. GoldfarbConsuming and Producing Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Developing Power of Professor
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2019978-1-63550-070-7Thomas L. CarrollChronic Cough
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  ''978-1-63550-080-6Bre Lynn, Ph.D. MyersVestibular Lab Manual
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2018978-1-63550-091-2Yvette Mccoy · Tiffani WallaceThe Adult Dysphagia: Neuroanatomy to Clinical Practice
  ''978-1-63550-093-6Liz Jackson Hearns · Brian KremerThe Singing Teacher's Guide to Transgender Voices
  ''978-1-63550-095-0Donald B., Ph.D. FreedMotor Speech Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
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2019978-1-63550-112-4Linda L. Daniel · Sneha V. BharadwajVideo-based Aural Rehabilitation Guide: Enhancing Listening and Spoken Language in Children and Adults
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  ''978-1-63550-156-8Michael L. KimbarowCognitive Communication Disorders
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  ''978-1-63550-163-6Wendy D. LeBorgne · Marci Daniels RosenbergThe Vocal Athlete, Second Edition
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2020978-1-63550-167-4Donna Cutler-LandsmanEducating Children with Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, and DiGeorge Syndrome, Third Edition
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