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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-62734-005-2A. Roberta CarlinPuzzle Pieces of the Past: Spanish Abbreviations 1500-1700
2015978-1-62734-054-0Bahman SolatiPersian Words of Wisdom: Sayings and Proverbs by Masters of Persian Poetry
2016978-1-62734-058-8Joji ParambathIndustrial Hydraulic Systems: Theory and Practice
2019978-1-62734-091-5Derek WebberNo Bucks, No Buck Rogers: Creating the Business of Commercial Space
2018978-1-62734-255-1Solomon OsagieIntegrating Financial Services Regulation: Exploring Some of the Challenges Posed by the EU Data Protection Regime
2019978-1-62734-257-5Michelle J MarksEnrichment Is Not a Packet!: Out of the Box Strategies to Enrich Your High Level Students in a Truly Differentiated Classroom
  ''978-1-62734-284-1Grigory FidelmanManagement of Systems: How to Follow the Path of Deming and Toyota
2015978-1-62734-565-1Richard MikulaThe Foundations of Real Analysis: A Fundamental Course with 347 Exercises and Detailed Solutions
2016978-1-62734-585-9Friday OkonofuaAfrican Journal of Reproductive Health: Vol.19, No.4 December 2015
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2017978-1-62734-682-5Laura WestraOn Hunger: Science, Ethics and Law
2018978-1-62734-693-1Colin C. LawA Practical Guide to Airline Customer Service: From Airline Operations to Passenger Services
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2019978-1-62734-724-2W. T. AngA Brief Course in Linear Algebra: Matrices and Matrix Equations for Undergraduate Students in Applied Mathematics, Science and Engineering
  ''978-1-62734-738-9Aleksa Srdanov · Aleksandra JankovicHow to Solve Large Linear Systems: Using a Stable Cybernetic Approach for Non-Cumulative Computation, Avoiding Underflow and Overflow, with Unconditional and Uniform Convergence
  ''978-1-62734-740-2Wilson Ozuem · Elena Patten · Yllka AzemiHarnessing Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands