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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-62700-043-7Rebecca Ann CombsKumihimo Basics and Beyond: 24 Braided and Beaded Jewelry Projects on the Kumihimo Disk
2014978-1-62700-045-1Karen Rakoski · Barbara DeYoungChain Mail & Wire Reimagined
  ''978-1-62700-046-8Raquel CruzMicro Macramé Basics & Beyond: Knotted Jewelry with Beads
2013978-1-62700-050-5Kieu Pham GrayHot and Cold Jewelry Connections: How to Make Jewelry With and Without a Torch
2014978-1-62700-052-9Anna Elizabeth DraegerCreative Designs Using Shaped Beads
  ''978-1-62700-054-3Carolyn CaveBeautiful Designs with SuperDuos and Twin Beads
  ''978-1-62700-065-9Melissa CableBeautiful Leather Jewelry: Timeless Techniques for Today's Trends
  ''978-1-62700-076-5Lisa BarthTimeless Wire Weaving: The Complete Course
2015978-1-62700-081-9Beth StoneBead Play Every Day: 20+ Projects with Peyote, Herringbone, and More
2014978-1-62700-083-3Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 9: The Best Projects from a Year of Bead&Button Magazine
2014978-1-62700-089-5Karin Van VoorheesLinked: Innovative Chain Mail Jewelry Designs
  ''978-1-62700-103-8Don FiehmannThe DCC Guide, Second Edition (Model Railroader Books: Wiring & Electronics)
  ''978-1-62700-125-0Kalmbach BooksAmerican Flyer Pocket Price Guide 1946-2015 (Greenberg's Guides)
  ''978-1-62700-126-7Kalmbach BooksLionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2015 (Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains) (Greenberg's Guides)
2015978-1-62700-140-3Marilyn GardinerModern Chain Mail Jewelry: Chic Projects to Complete Your Look
  ''978-1-62700-144-1Jeff WilsonFreight Cars of the '40s and '50s (Model Railroader Books)
2014978-1-62700-150-2Tony KoesterGuide to Narrow Gauge Modeling (Layout Design and Planning)
2015978-1-62700-152-6Virginia JensenStitching with Two-Hole Shaped Beads
2015978-1-62700-175-5Larry PuckettWiring Your Model Railroad (Essentials)
2014978-1-62700-182-3magazine Editors of TrainsGreat American Railroad Stories: 75 Years of Trains magazine
2015978-1-62700-195-3Randy RehbergLionel Pocket Price Guide 1901-2016 (Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains)
  ''978-1-62700-197-7Editors of Model Railroader MagazineScenic Layouts 2016
  ''978-1-62700-198-4magazine Editors of TrainsTrains Magazine 2016
  ''978-1-62700-201-1Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 10: The Best Projects From a Year of Bead&Button Magazine
  ''978-1-62700-215-8Bernard Kempinski45 Original Track Plans (Model Railroader)
2016978-1-62700-223-3Jeff WilsonModeling Structures
2016978-1-62700-227-1Rebecca Ann CombsKumihimo Jewelry Simplified: Learn to Braid with a Kumihimo Disk
2015978-1-62700-229-5Tony KoesterPlanning Your Model Railroad
2017978-1-62700-265-3Bernard KempinskiWaterfront Terminals and Operations (Modeling & Painting)
2016978-1-62700-267-7Jeff WilsonGetting Started Model Railroading (Essentials)
  ''978-1-62700-278-3Number of Authors25 Freight Car Projects (Modeling & Painting)
  ''978-1-62700-280-6Jeff WilsonEasy Model Railroad Scenery Projects (Model Railroad Scenery Series)
  ''978-1-62700-282-0Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 11: The best projects from a year of Bead&Button magazine
  ''978-1-62700-286-8Kalmbach BooksAmerican Flyer Trains Pocket Price Guide 1946-2017
2016978-1-62700-287-5Kalmbach BooksLionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2017 (Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains)
  ''978-1-62700-312-4Eve LederCasual Bead Elegance, Stitch by Stitch
  ''978-1-62700-320-9Kelsy EasonMicro-Macrame Jewelry: Stylish Designs for Everyday Wear
  ''978-1-62700-355-1Editors of Model Railroader MagazineScenic Layouts 2017
  ''978-1-62700-375-9Teresa MorseLearn to Use Two-Hole Beads with 25 Fabulous Projects: A Beginner's Guide to Designing With Twin Beads, SuperDuos, and More
2016978-1-62700-378-0Jeff WilsonExpress, Mail & Merchandise Service
2017978-1-62700-380-3Pelle SøeborgBuilding a Sectional Layout (Model Railroad Books)
  ''978-1-62700-383-4Jeff WilsonPiggyback & Container Traffic (Modern Railroader Books)
2016978-1-62700-395-7Tony KoesterSpace-Saving Industries for Your Layout (Model Railroader Books Layout Design and Planning)
2017978-1-62700-398-8Aaron SkinnerOut of This World Modeling
  ''978-1-62700-415-2Roger CarpCollectible Lionel Classics
  ''978-1-62700-437-4Kellie JaegerLooking at the Universe: A Premium Coloring Book Collection
  ''978-1-62700-440-4Adam TurnerNational Treasures: A Premium Dot-to-Dot Collection
2017978-1-62700-441-1Lisa LarsenBeautiful Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies: A Premium Coloring Book Collection
  ''978-1-62700-442-8Lauren SmithLife at the Cabin: A Premium Coloring Book Collection
  ''978-1-62700-451-0Trains MagazineTrains Across America 2018 Calendar
  ''978-1-62700-452-7Editors of Model Railroader MagazineModel Railroader 2018 Calendar
  ''978-1-62700-455-8Jeff WilsonGuide to North American Diesel Locomotives
2018978-1-62700-463-3   ''Building Vehicles for Model Railroads (Modeling & Painting)
2017978-1-62700-476-3Roger CarpLionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2018 (Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains)
2017978-1-62700-493-0Tony KoesterModeling the Transition Era (Layout Design and Planning)
2018978-1-62700-502-9Larry PuckettWiring Projects for your Model Railroad (Modern Railroad Books Wiring & Electronics)
  ''978-1-62700-504-3Jeff WilsonProduce Traffic & Trains (Model Railroaders Guide to Industries)
  ''978-1-62700-515-9Model Railroader magazineModel Railroader 2019 Calendar
  ''978-1-62700-526-5Tony KoesterSteam & Diesel Locomotive Servicing Terminals (Kalmbach Publishing)
2019978-1-62700-528-9Jeff WilsonRailroading & The Automobile Industry (Guide to Industries)
2018978-1-62700-530-2Kalmbach BooksLionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2019 (Greenberg's Guides)
  ''978-1-62700-531-9   ''American Flyer Trains Pocket Price Guide 1946-2019 (Greenberg's Guides)
2018978-1-62700-583-8Model Railroader magazineDetailing and Upgrading Steam Locomotives (Modeling & Painting)
2019978-1-62700-585-2Jeff WilsonModern Freight Cars Rolling Stock from the 60's Through Today
  ''978-1-62700-591-3FineScale Modeler MagazineModeling World War II in Europe
  ''978-1-62700-621-7Astronomy Astronomy magazineDeep Space Mysteries 2020
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2020978-1-62700-696-5Jeff WilsonMilk Trains and Traffic (Guide to Industries)
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2020978-1-62700-735-1Walter SimpsonTurbine Power
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  ''978-1-62700-792-4Trains Magazine · Jim WrinnUnion Pacific's Big Boys: The Complete Story from History to Restoration