Sounds True

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2013978-1-62203-050-7Michael BeckwithLife Visioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential
  ''978-1-62203-053-8Sera BeakRed Hot and Holy: A Heretic's Love Story
  ''978-1-62203-061-3Karla McLarenThe Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life's Most Essential Skill
  ''978-1-62203-063-7Joseph GoldsteinMindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening
  ''978-1-62203-070-5Mirabai StarrSaint Teresa of Avila: Passionate Mystic (Contemplations & Living Wisdom)
2013978-1-62203-083-5Rick HansonSelf-Directed Brain Change: Rewire Your Neural Pathways for Happiness and Resilience
  ''978-1-62203-084-2Joseph GoldsteinMindfulness: Six Guided Practices for Awakening
2014978-1-62203-094-1AdyashantiResurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic
  ''978-1-62203-095-8Eliot CowanPlant Spirit Medicine: A Journey into the Healing Wisdom of Plants
  ''978-1-62203-096-5Jack KornfieldA Lamp in the Darkness: Illuminating the Path Through Difficult Times
  ''978-1-62203-120-7Jon Kabat-ZinnGuided Mindfulness Meditation Series 2
2014978-1-62203-124-5Pema ChödrönThe Truth of Our Existence: Four Teachings from the Buddha to Illuminate Your Life
  ''978-1-62203-197-9Claude PonceletThe Shaman Within: A Physicist's Guide to the Deeper Dimensions of Your Life, the Universe, and Everything
  ''978-1-62203-199-3Mario Martinez PsyDThe MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success
  ''978-1-62203-200-6Edward TickWarrior's Return: Restoring the Soul After War
2013978-1-62203-202-0Fred KofmanConscious Business: How to Build Value through Values
2015978-1-62203-207-5John J. PrendergastIn Touch: How to Tune In to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself
2014978-1-62203-227-3Julia ColwellThe Relationship Skills Workbook: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to a Thriving Relationship
2015978-1-62203-229-7Robert Augustus MastersTo Be a Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power
2014978-1-62203-244-0Danielle LaPorteThe Desire Map Daily: A Guide to Feeling Your Power Every Day
  ''978-1-62203-246-4Lauren WalkerEnergy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice
2014978-1-62203-251-8Danielle LaPorteThe Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul
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2015978-1-62203-350-8Loch KellyShift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness
2014978-1-62203-358-4Pema ChödrönWalking the Walk
  ''978-1-62203-380-5Ram Ram DassPolishing the Mirror: How to Live from Your Spiritual Heart
2015978-1-62203-428-4Sandra IngermanWalking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life
  ''978-1-62203-430-7Sera BeakRed Hot and Holy: A Heretic's Love Story
  ''978-1-62203-466-6Mariam GatesGood Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story
978-1-62203-486-4The Essential Snatam Kaur
2015978-1-62203-502-1Daniel AmenRelaxation, Focus, and Memory Training: A Guided Brain Health Program (Amen Clinics Audio Learning Series)
2016978-1-62203-530-4Matt KahnWhatever Arises, Love That: A Love Revolution That Begins with You
2015978-1-62203-531-1Pema ChödrönFail, Fail Again, Fail Better: Wise Advice for Leaning into the Unknown
2015978-1-62203-536-6Richard MilleriRest Meditation: Restorative Practices for Health, Resiliency, and Well-Being
  ''978-1-62203-591-5Seth GodinLeap First: Creating Work That Matters
2016978-1-62203-597-7Snatam KaurOriginal Light: The Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga
  ''978-1-62203-602-8Mariam GatesGood Morning Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story (Good Night Yoga)
  ''978-1-62203-604-2Linda HoweHealing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul's Perfection
  ''978-1-62203-605-9Joseph GoldsteinMindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening
2017978-1-62203-607-3Cyndi DaleThe Subtle Body Coloring Book: Learn Energetic Anatomy--from the Chakras to the Meridians and More
2016978-1-62203-608-0Michael CarrollMindful Leadership Training: The Art of Inspiring the Best in Others by Leading from the Inside Out
2016978-1-62203-651-6AdyashantiHealing the Core Wound of Unworthiness: The Gift of Redemptive Love
2018978-1-62203-656-1Mariana CaplanYoga & Psyche: Integrating the Paths of Yoga and Psychology for Healing, Transformation, and Joy
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2016978-1-62203-667-7Jon Kabat-ZinnMindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment and Your Life(Book & CD))
2017978-1-62203-724-7Emily BenningtonMiracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence
2016978-1-62203-727-8Eric KaufmannThe Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero's Journey Through Risk to Results
  ''978-1-62203-744-5Jacqueline FreemanSong of Increase: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World
2017978-1-62203-781-0Brené BrownRising Strong as a Spiritual Practice
2016978-1-62203-790-2Theresa ReedThe Tarot Coloring Book
2017978-1-62203-832-9David DeidaThe Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire (20th Anniversary Edition)
  ''978-1-62203-863-3Mel SchwartzThe Possibility Principle: How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Think, Live, and Love
2017978-1-62203-889-3Wendy StrgarSex That Works: An Intimate Guide to Awakening Your Erotic Life
2018978-1-62203-893-0Stan Tatkin PsyDWe Do: Saying Yes to a Relationship of Depth, True Connection, and Enduring Love
2017978-1-62203-907-4Megan DevineIt's OK That You're Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand
  ''978-1-62203-909-8Karen BrodyDaring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation
2018978-1-62203-913-5Sera BeakRedvelations: A Soul's Journey to Becoming Human
2019978-1-62203-917-3Seane CornRevolution of the Soul: Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action
2018978-1-62203-919-7Ekabhumi Charles EllikThe Bhakti Coloring Book: Deities, Mandalas, and the Art of Playful Meditation
2017978-1-62203-922-7Elena BrowerPractice You: A Journal
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2018978-1-62203-982-1Rolf GatesMeditations on the Mat: Practices for Living from the Heart