Permuted Press

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-61868-004-4Iain McKinnonRemains of the Dead
2012978-1-61868-008-2Jim LaVignePlaguesville, USA
  ''978-1-61868-026-6David Houchins · Scot ThomasZombie Apocalypse Preparation: How to Survive in an Undead World and Have Fun Doing It!
  ''978-1-61868-052-5Peter Clines14
  ''978-1-61868-075-4Craig DiLouieThe Killing Floor (a novel of The Infection)
2015978-1-61868-555-1Brian P. EastonThe Lineage (Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter Book 3)
2016978-1-61868-633-6Peter Clines · H. P. Lovecraft · Daniel DefoeThe Eerie Adventures of the Lycanthrope Robinson Crusoe
  ''978-1-61868-639-8Patrick DuffyMan from Atlantis
2016978-1-61868-640-4Thommy HutsonNever Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy: The Making of Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street
  ''978-1-61868-644-2Paul Mannering · Bill BallApocalypse Recon: Outbreak (1)
2015978-1-61868-655-8Jacqueline DrugaAwakening the Mare (Fall of Man Book 1) (The Fall of Man)
  ''978-1-61868-681-7Sean Michael Welch1897: Aliens! Vampires! Zombies!
2017978-1-61868-698-5Thomas A. WatsonBlue Plague: The Fall (Blue Plague Book 1) (1)
  ''978-1-61868-725-8   ''Blue Plague: Survival (Blue Plague Book 2) (2)
  ''978-1-61868-727-2   ''Blue Plague: Sacrifice (Blue Plague Book 3) (3)
2018978-1-61868-729-6   ''Blue Plague: Rage (Blue Plague Book 4) (4)
2017978-1-61868-737-1   ''Dark Titan Journey: Wilderness Travel (2)
2016978-1-61868-793-7Joseph V. GulfoThe Care Quotient: Transforming Business Through People
2017978-1-61868-809-5Thomas J WolfendenCoconut Republic
2016978-1-61868-823-1Steve DeaceA Nefarious Plot
2015978-1-61868-864-4Maci BookoutBulletproof
2015978-1-61868-876-7Ramona SingerLife on the Ramona Coaster
2016978-1-61868-886-6Tom AbrahamsHidden Allegiance: A Jackson Quick Adventure (3)
2015978-1-61868-923-8Catelynn Lowell · Tyler BaltierraConquering Chaos
2014978-1-61868-959-7Amber PortwoodNever Too Late
  ''978-1-61868-963-4Joseph AnthonyAn Ordinary Man: Quincy
  ''978-1-61868-975-7Wendy K. WilliamsonTwo Bipolar Chicks Guide To Survival: Tips for Living with Bipolar Disorder
  ''978-1-61868-979-5Kailyn LowryPride Over Pity