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2013978-1-61853-005-9Huefner, Largay HamlenAdvanced Accounting
  ''978-1-61853-008-0Peter D. Easton · Robert F. Halsey · Mary Lea McAnally · Al Hartgraves · Wayne J. MorseFinancial and Managerial Accounting for MBA's
  ''978-1-61853-009-7McAnally, Sommers, Zhang EastonFinancial Statements Analysis and Valution
2010978-1-61853-019-6Student Solution Manual for Financial Accounting for MBAs, 5th Edition
2013978-1-61853-021-9Easton · Halsey · McAnally · Hartgraves · MorseFinancial & Managerial Accounting for MBAs [Instructor's Copy]
2012978-1-61853-033-2Financial Accounting for MBAs, 5th Edition And Student Solutions Manual
  ''978-1-61853-035-6Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation, Third Edition(CUSTOM)
2014978-1-61853-036-3HOLTHAUSENCorporate Valuation Theory, Evidence and Practice
  ''978-1-61853-040-0FERRISFinancial Accounting for Undergraduates
2013978-1-61853-042-4Robert F. HalseyAdvanced Accounting
2014978-1-61853-044-8Magee, and Pfeiffer DyckmanFinancial Accounting
2014978-1-61853-045-5Thomas R. Dyckman · Robert P. Magee · Glenn M. PfeifferFinancial Accounting 4th Ed Instructor's Copy
2013978-1-61853-046-2Paul J. SimkoFinancial Accounting for Executives and MBAs by Paul J. Simko (2013-05-04)
2017978-1-61853-049-3Jay Prag · Jim WallaceFINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR EXECUTIVES
2013978-1-61853-050-9The University of Texas ACC 326
2011978-1-61853-057-8Thomas R. Dyckman · Robert P. Magee · Glenn M. PfeifferFinancial Accounting 3rd Edition
2012978-1-61853-061-5FINANCIAL STMT ANAL & VALUATION 3E - BYU ED
2010978-1-61853-063-9Thomas R. · Magee, Robert P. · Pfeiffer, Glenn M. DyckmanFinanancial Accounting Third edition
2013978-1-61853-066-0Peter D. Easton · Mary Lea McAnally · Gregory A. Sommers · Xiao-Jun ZhangFinancial Statement Analysis and Valuation: Special Custom Edition
2012978-1-61853-070-7Corporate Valuation: Theory, Evidence, and Practice
2017978-1-61853-073-8Durtschi, Mindak DeeAlpine Cupcakes Audit Case
2014978-1-61853-074-5Shelby CollinsSkills F/Accounting+Auditing R
978-1-61853-079-0Financial and Managerial Accounting for MBAs (Custom Text for Wharton University of Pennsylvania)
2013978-1-61853-086-8Thomas R. DyckmanFinancial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Makers
2014978-1-61853-087-5Magee, Pfeiffer DyckmanFinancial Accounting: Student Solutions Manual
2013978-1-61853-088-2Shelby CollinsSkills for Accounting and Auditing Research: FASB Codification and eIFRS, Preliminary Edition
2015978-1-61853-096-7Al L., Morse, Wayne J. HartgravesManagerial Accounting
2014978-1-61853-097-4Ronald J. Huefner, James A. Largay III Susan S. HamlenADVANCED ACCOUNTING-W/ACCESS
2013978-1-61853-098-1Peter D. Easton · Mary Lea McAnally · Gregory A. Sommers · Xiao-Jun ZhangFinancial Statement Analysis & Valuation (Special Custom Edition)
2015978-1-61853-100-1Peter D. Easton · John J. Wild · Robert F. Halsey · Mary Lea McAnallyFinancial Accounting for MBAs, 6th Edition
  ''978-1-61853-102-5M. Coleman EastonFinancial and Managerial Accounting for MBAs
2014978-1-61853-104-9Xiao-Jun Zhang Peter D. Easton Mary Lea McAnally Gregory A. SommersFinancial Statement Analysis and Valuation
2015978-1-61853-105-6Mary Lea McAnally, Greg Sommers, Xiao-Jun Zhang Peter D. EastonFinancial Statement Analysis & Evaluation Fourth Edition Instructor's Edition
2017978-1-61853-112-4Hobson and Wallace ChristensenMANAGERIAL Accounting F/UNDERGRADUATES
2013978-1-61853-117-9Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation (Third Edition)
978-1-61853-122-3Cases in Financial Reporting
2014978-1-61853-134-6Michael Fetters · Robert Halsey · Virginia SoybelFinancial Statements: Construction, Analysis, and Forecasts
2012978-1-61853-144-5Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
2015978-1-61853-151-3Susan S. HamlenAdvanced Accounting 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-61853-155-1Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation (Custom Edition)
2017978-1-61853-161-2and Ferris Wallace Nelson ChristensenFinancial Accounting for Undergraduates
  ''978-1-61853-163-6Guide to Intermediate Accounting ResearchGuide to Intermediate Accounting Research
  ''978-1-61853-165-0Thomas DyckmanFinancial Accounting
2015978-1-61853-174-2Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation, Fourth Edition, Special Custom Edition
2015978-1-61853-176-6Peter D. EastonFinancial Statement Analysis & Valuation 4th Edition, by Canterbury Custom Edition
2016978-1-61853-177-3Shelby CollinsSKILLS F/ACCOUNTING+AUDITING RESEARCH [Paperback] Shelby Collins
2015978-1-61853-179-7Financial Statements: Construction, Analysis & Forecasts, 2nd Edition
2014978-1-61853-181-0Kenneth R. Ferris, James S. Wallace Paul J. SimkoFinancial Accounting for Executives & MBAs Custom Edition for University of Maryland EMBA 610 or Online EMBA 610
2017978-1-61853-190-2Halsey & HopkinsADVANCED ACCOUNTING
  ''978-1-61853-196-4WongFinancial Accounting using IFRS
  ''978-1-61853-198-8Wallace Simko FerrisFINANCIAL ACCTG.F/EXECS.+MBA'S-W/ACCESS
  ''978-1-61853-199-5Paul Simko · Kenneth Ferris · James WallaceFinancial Accounting for Executives and MBAs: Text and Cases (4th Edition)
2015978-1-61853-200-8Computerized Accounting Using QuickBooks 2015
2017978-1-61853-205-3Financial and Managerial Accounting for MBAs, Custom Text for: Wharton University of Pennsylvania
2017978-1-61853-231-2Easton · Wild · Halsey · McAnallyFINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FOR MBAS-W/ACCESS
  ''978-1-61853-232-9Peter D. EastonFinancial and Managerial Accounting for MBAs 5th Edition
  ''978-1-61853-233-6Zhang Easton McAnally SommersFINANCIAL STATEMENT ANAL+VAL.-W/ACCESS
  ''978-1-61853-234-3Magee, Pfeiffer, Hartgraves, Morse Dyckman HanlonFINANCIAL+MGRL.ACCT.F/DECISION MAKERS
  ''978-1-61853-235-0Morse HartgravesManagerial Accounting
2017978-1-61853-250-3Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing, 2017-2018 Update
  ''978-1-61853-258-9Robert F Halsey · Patrick E HopkinsAdvanced Accounting - Third Edition CSU Chico ACCT 425
2018978-1-61853-261-9by Susan S. HamlenAdvanced Accounting
  ''978-1-61853-264-0Suesan Patton, Martin Ives Terry PattonAccounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Organizations
2015978-1-61853-269-5Corporate Valuation Custom Va Tech
2018978-1-61853-273-2Governmental And Not-For-Profit Accounting and Auditing: An Active-Learning Workbook
  ''978-1-61853-274-9Computerized Accounting with Quickbooks 2018
  ''978-1-61853-276-3James S. WallaceFinancial and Managerial Accounting for Undergraduates
2018978-1-61853-290-9Peter D. Easton Gregory A. SommersValuation Using Financial Statements, 1e
  ''978-1-61853-293-0Gayle Williams · Jennifer JohnsonComputerized Accounting with QuickBooks Online