Mission Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-61843-000-7James Stuart Bell Jr. · James DyetA Guide to the Bible (eChristian Guides)
2012978-1-61843-005-2James Stuart Bell Jr. · Stan CampbellA Guide to What Christians Believe (eChristian Guides)
2011978-1-61843-010-6Mitsuo FuchidaFrom Pearl Harbor to Calvary
2012978-1-61843-015-1Eric LiddellThe Disciplines of the Christian Life
2017978-1-61843-020-5M. L. TyndallThe Redemption (The Legacy of the Kings' Pirates)
  ''978-1-61843-025-0M. L. TyndallThe Reliance (The Legacy of the Kings' Pirates)
  ''978-1-61843-030-4   ''The Restitution (The Legacy of the Kings' Pirates)
  ''978-1-61843-035-9Henryk SienkiewiczQuo Vadis
2012978-1-61843-040-3Lew WallaceBen Hur (Christian Epics)
2011978-1-61843-045-8Fyodor DostoevskyThe Idiot
  ''978-1-61843-050-2Fyodor DostoevskyThe Brothers Karamazov
2012978-1-61843-055-7Frank SlaughterRoad to Bithynia
2017978-1-61843-060-1Frank G. SlaughterThe Galileans: A Novel of Mary Magdalene
2017978-1-61843-065-6Frank G. SlaughterThe Crown and the Cross: Life of Christ
2012978-1-61843-070-0Frank SlaughterDavid: Warrior and King
  ''978-1-61843-113-4Roger ReslerCompelling Interest: The Real Story behind Roe v. Wade
  ''978-1-61843-118-9Wayne E. NanceThe 3-Minute Difference: ALTER Your Health, Money, and Relationships Without Changing Who You Are
2017978-1-61843-123-3DiAnn MillsLightning and Lace (TEXAS LEGACY)
2012978-1-61843-132-5DiAnn MillsLeather and Lace
2017978-1-61843-133-2   ''Leather and Lace (TEXAS LEGACY)
  ''978-1-61843-138-7   ''A Texas Legacy Christmas
  ''978-1-61843-143-1Lori CopelandRoses Will Bloom Again
2017978-1-61843-149-3Lori CopelandChild of Grace: I Knew You Before You Were Born
  ''978-1-61843-153-0Lauraine SnellingHawaiian Sunrise
  ''978-1-61843-158-5Lauraine SnellingRace for the Roses
  ''978-1-61843-163-9   ''A Hand to Hold: Helping Someone Through Grief
2017978-1-61843-173-8Lauraine SnellingSong of Laughter
  ''978-1-61843-178-3   ''Dakota Dawn
  ''978-1-61843-183-7   ''Dakota Dream (Dakota Series)
  ''978-1-61843-193-6Heather RigglemanMama Needs A Time-Out: Daily Getaways for the Mom's Soul
  ''978-1-61843-198-1Lauraine SnellingDakota Dusk
2017978-1-61843-203-2Lauraine SnellingDakota December and Dakota Destiny
2013978-1-61843-205-6Megan DiMariaOut of Her Hands: A Linda Revere Novel
978-1-61843-208-7Lauraine SnellingDakota Destiny (Dakota Plains #4)
2012978-1-61843-213-1Joe WheelerShowdown: And Other Sports Stories for Boys
  ''978-1-61843-218-6Joe WheelerA Bluegrass Girl: And Other Horse Stories for Girls
  ''978-1-61843-223-0Karolyn GrimesCelebrating It's A Wonderful Life: How the Movie's Message of Hope Lives On
2017978-1-61843-234-6Nancy MoserTime Lottery
2012978-1-61843-237-7Nancy MoserSecond Time Around (Time Lottery)
  ''978-1-61843-255-1Robin Jones GunnGod's Mountains, Meadows and More
  ''978-1-61843-259-9Ken GireFinding God in the Hunger Games
2017978-1-61843-264-3Sandra P. AldrichBless Your Socks Off: Unleashing the Power of Encouragement
2016978-1-61843-267-4Stephanie Grace WhitsonValley of the Shadow (Dakota Moon)
2016978-1-61843-270-4Stephanie Grace WhitsonHeart of the Sandhills (Dakota Moon)
  ''978-1-61843-273-5   ''Edge of the Wilderness (Dakota Moon)
2017978-1-61843-276-6Kay Marshall StromJohn Newton: The Angry Sailor
2016978-1-61843-279-7Cindy Martinusen ColomaWinter Passing
2017978-1-61843-282-7Sandra P. AldrichHoney, Hang In There
  ''978-1-61843-285-8   ''Men Read Newspapers, Not Minds: And other things I wish I’d known when I first married
2012978-1-61843-288-9Nancy MoserHow Do I Love Thee?: A Novel of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Poetic Romance
2012978-1-61843-291-9Nancy MoserJust Jane: A Novel of Jane Austen's Life
  ''978-1-61843-294-0   ''Washington's Lady: A Novel of Martha Washington and the Birth of a Nation
2017978-1-61843-302-2Sandra P. Aldrich · Bobbie ValentineHeartPrints: Celebrating the Power of a Simple Touch
2012978-1-61843-305-3Greg AsimakoupoulosFinding God in It's A Wonderful Life
2013978-1-61843-310-7Mateen ElassThe Teachings of Jesus and Muhammad
  ''978-1-61843-315-2Robert Watson · Ben BrownLeadership Secrets of the Salvation Army
2014978-1-61843-338-1Joe WheelerOnly God Can Make A Dad
  ''978-1-61843-343-5   ''A Mother's Face is Her Child's First Heaven
2013978-1-61843-348-0Bruce H. MatsonThe Race Before Us: A Journey of Running and Faith
  ''978-1-61843-353-4Fyodor DostoevskyCrime and Punishment
2014978-1-61843-358-9Joe WheelerThe Talleyman Ghost and Other Mysteries for Girls
2014978-1-61843-363-3Joe WheelerThe Secret of the Creeping Desert and Other Mysteries for Boys