Reader's Digest/Taste of Home

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-61765-016-1Taste Of HomeTaste of Home New Church Supper Cookbook: 346 Crowd-Pleasing Favorites! Plus Last Minute Recipes for Any Size Gathering!
2013978-1-61765-087-1Editors at Taste Of HomeTaste of Home Christmas: 465 Recipes For a Merry Holiday
  ''978-1-61765-100-7Taste Of HomeTaste of Home Mom's Best Made Easy: 387 Classic Dishes for Today's Cook
2012978-1-61765-101-4   ''Taste of Home Winning Recipes, All-New Edition: Real family recipes you'll want to share! New 417 National Contest Winners
2013978-1-61765-152-6   ''Taste of Home Recipes Across America: 735 of the Best Recipes from Across the Nation
  ''978-1-61765-217-2   ''Taste of Home Slow Cooker: 431 Hot & Hearty Classics
2014978-1-61765-266-0Editors of Taste of HomeTaste of Home Diabetes Family Friendly Cookbook: Eat What You Love and Feel Great! (Taste of Home Books)
2015978-1-61765-408-4Taste of Home Taste of HomeTaste of Home 5-Ingredient Cookbook: 400+ Recipes Big on Flavor, Short on Groceries!
2016978-1-61765-531-9Editors at Taste of HomeTaste of Home Cookies, Cakes & Pies: 368 All-New Recipes
2019978-1-61765-835-8Taste of HomeTaste of Home 5 Ingredient Cookbook 2E: Incredible Meals Made Quick & Easy
  ''978-1-61765-859-4   ''The Taste of Home Cookbook, 5th Edition: Cook. Share. Celebrate.
2020978-1-61765-895-2Editor's at Taste of HomeTaste of Home Handmade Outdoor Crafts