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2011978-1-61713-004-5Dave HunterTone Manual: Discovering Your Ultimate Electric Guitar Sound
  ''978-1-61713-007-6Kent CrowleySurf Beat: Rock 'n' Roll's Forgotten Revolution (Guitar Reference)
  ''978-1-61713-008-3Tony BaconFlying V, Explorer, Firebird: An Odd-Shaped History of Gibson's Weird Electric Guitars (Guitar Reference)
2012978-1-61713-009-0Robert RodriguezRevolver: How the Beatles Re-Imagined Rock 'n' Roll
2001978-1-61713-011-3Adam St. JamesThe Blues Guitar Handbook: A Complete Course in Techniques and Styles
2011978-1-61713-012-0Robert SheltonNo Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan
2012978-1-61713-013-7QueenQueen: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics
2011978-1-61713-017-5Rich WeidmanThe Doors FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Kings of Acid Rock
  ''978-1-61713-019-9Ernie RideoutKeyboard Presents the Evolution of Electronic Dance Music
  ''978-1-61713-021-2Michael MolendaGuitar Player Presents 50 Unsung Heroes of the Guitar
2011978-1-61713-022-9Tony BaconSquier Electrics: 30 Years of Fender's Budget Guitar Brand
2013978-1-61713-023-6Scott Yanow author of The Jazz Singer and BebopThe Great Jazz Guitarists: The Ultimate Guide
2011978-1-61713-025-0George CaseLed Zeppelin FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Greatest Hard Rock Band of All Time
  ''978-1-61713-027-4Pat Martino · Bill MilkowskiHere and Now!: The Autobiography of Pat Martino
2012978-1-61713-028-1Michelle MercerWill You Take Me as I Am: Joni Mitchell's Blue Period
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  ''978-1-61713-032-8Jerry ScheffWay Down: Playing Bass with Elvis, Dylan, The Doors and More: The Autobiography of Jerry Scheff
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2012978-1-61713-037-3Glen BoydNeil Young FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Iconic and Mercurial Rocker
  ''978-1-61713-047-2Mac RandallExit Music: The Radiohead Story
2019978-1-61713-054-0Marc RobertyEric Clapton: A Life in Music
2011978-1-61713-071-7George CaseLed Zeppelin FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Greatest Hard Rock Band of All Time
2012978-1-61713-091-5Dale ShermanKISS FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Hottest Band in the Land
2014978-1-61713-092-2Andy BabiukRolling Stones Gear: All the Stones' Instruments from Stage to Studio
2012978-1-61713-097-7Walter CarterThe Epiphone Guitar Book: A Complete History of Epiphone Guitars
2013978-1-61713-101-1Dave HunterGuitar Effects Pedals: The Practical Handbook
2014978-1-61713-102-8Gary EwerBeating Songwriter's Block: Jump-Start Your Words and Music
  ''978-1-61713-103-5Rikky RooksbySongs and Solos: Creating the Right Solo for Every Song
2012978-1-61713-105-9Tony BaconThe Telecaster Guitar Book: A Complete History of Fender Telecaster Guitars
2013978-1-61713-119-6Dale ShermanArmageddon Films FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Zombies, Contagions, Alients and the End of the World as We Know It!
  ''978-1-61713-453-1Tony BaconThe Ibanez Electric Guitar Book: A Complete History of Ibanez Electric Guitars
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2014978-1-61713-466-1Tony BaconSunburst: How the Gibson Les Paul Standard Became a Legendary Guitar
2013978-1-61713-565-1Martin Popoff2 Minutes to Midnight: An Iron Maiden Day-by-Day
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2016978-1-61713-584-2Marc RobertyLed Zeppelin - Day by Day
2014978-1-61713-593-4Nicholas NigroThe Spirituality of Oprah Winfrey
2019978-1-61713-594-1Nicholas NigroThe Spirituality of Steve Jobs
2014978-1-61713-595-8   ''The Spirituality of John Lennon
2014978-1-61713-596-5Sue RichmondExcess All Areas: A Lighthearted Look at the Demands and Idiosyncrasies of Rock Icons on Tour
2015978-1-61713-600-9Bruce ScivallyDracula FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Count from Transylvania
2014978-1-61713-602-3Natasha ScharfThe Art of Gothic: Music + Fashion + Alt Culture
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