Radio Spirits

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-61709-000-4Original Radio BroadcastsYours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Old Time Radio)
  ''978-1-61709-001-1Original Radio BroadcastsLife of Riley: My Head Is Made Up (Old Time Radio)
  ''978-1-61709-002-8   ''The Lone Ranger: Iron Horse
  ''978-1-61709-004-2   ''Our Miss Brooks: Boynton Blues (Old Time Radio)
2012978-1-61709-005-9   ''Jack Benny: Drawing a Blanc (Classic Radio Comedy)
  ''978-1-61709-012-7   ''Molle Mustery Theatre: Nightmare (Old Time Radio)
2012978-1-61709-016-5Original Radio BroadcastsShadow: Crime Does Not Pay (Old Time Radio) (Classic Radio Suspense)
2012978-1-61709-017-2Original Radio BroadcastsFibber McGee & Molly: Wistful Vista (Old Time Radio) (Classic Radio Comedy)
  ''978-1-61709-022-6   ''Jack Benny: Oh Rochester (Old time radio)
  ''978-1-61709-023-3   ''Mystery Is Mutual (old time radio)
2013978-1-61709-049-3   ''Jack Benny: No Place Like Home (Old Time Radio)
  ''978-1-61709-053-0   ''Lights Out Everybody (old time radio)
2013978-1-61709-072-1Original Radio BroadcastsBroadway's My Beat: Great White Way (Old Time Radio)
2014978-1-61709-103-2   ''Jack Benny International (Old Time Radio)
  ''978-1-61709-109-4   ''Suspense Ties That Bind (Old Time Radio)
2016978-1-61709-361-6   ''The Shadow Hearts of Evil (Old Time Radio)
  ''978-1-61709-370-8   ''Escape Peril (Old Time Radio)
2017978-1-61709-478-1Original Radio BroadcastsInner Sanctum: Pattern For Fear (Old Time Radio)
2018978-1-61709-497-2   ''Adventures of Harry Nile
  ''978-1-61709-566-5   ''Molle Mystery Theatre (Old Time Radio)
2019978-1-61709-637-2   ''Suspense Black Curtain (Old Time Radio)
  ''978-1-61709-644-0   ''Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
2019978-1-61709-645-7Original Radio BroadcastsWhistler Death Watch (Old Time Radio)
  ''978-1-61709-649-5   ''Harry Nile Silent Witness and Other Mysteries
  ''978-1-61709-657-0   ''Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Ripper Inheritance