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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-61581-009-3V.B. KildaireThe Desire for Dearborne
  ''978-1-61581-011-6Anne BrookeThe Bones of Summer
  ''978-1-61581-015-4JL MerrowSindustry
  ''978-1-61581-019-2Andrew GreyBottled Up (Bottled Up Stories)
  ''978-1-61581-023-9Mickie B. AshlingImpacted!
2009978-1-61581-025-3M. Jules AedinWindows in Time
  ''978-1-61581-027-7Felicitas IveyDreamlands
  ''978-1-61581-029-1Madeleine Urban · Abigail RouxWarrior's Cross
  ''978-1-61581-031-4John SimpsonTalons of the Condor (2) (Condor One Series)
  ''978-1-61581-057-4Andrew GreyLove Means... No Shame (1) (Love Means... Series)
2009978-1-61581-059-8Andrew GreyLove Means... Courage (2) (Love Means... Series)
  ''978-1-61581-066-6Sean Kennedy · Catt FordDash and Dingo
  ''978-1-61581-070-3Jan IrvingThe Hired Man
  ''978-1-61581-075-8Zahra OwensFacade
  ''978-1-61581-077-2D.W. MarchwellGood to Know (1)
2009978-1-61581-079-6Brooke McKinleyShades of Gray
2010978-1-61581-081-9Mary CalmesTiming
2009978-1-61581-083-3Steve SampsonBeautiful Viking
  ''978-1-61581-085-7Rhianne Aile · Madeleine UrbanThe One That Got Away
  ''978-1-61581-091-8Mickie B. AshlingCutting Cords (Cutting Cords Series)
  ''978-1-61581-093-2Nicki Bennett · Ariel TachnaCheckmate (All for Love)
  ''978-1-61581-095-6Bethany Brown · Ashlyn KaneWild Angels (Lost Boys and Love Letters Series)
2009978-1-61581-097-0Jenna Hilary SinclairAdmit One
  ''978-1-61581-211-0L.A. WittRules of Engagement (1)
  ''978-1-61581-215-8Andrew GreyChild of Joy
2010978-1-61581-217-2Marguerite Labbe · Fae SutherlandBee Among the Clover
  ''978-1-61581-223-3Fae Sutherland · Marguerite LabbeLotus in the Wild
  ''978-1-61581-226-4Madeleine Urban · Abigail RouxFish & Chips (Cut & Run)
2009978-1-61581-233-2Mary CalmesChange of Heart
2009978-1-61581-235-6Tessa CárdenasThe Strongest Shape
  ''978-1-61581-237-0Lisa Marie DavisLove Conquers All
2010978-1-61581-245-5John SimpsonCondor and Falcon (Condor One Series)
  ''978-1-61581-280-6Rayne AusterGatekeeper
  ''978-1-61581-282-0Ariel TachnaSeducing C.C.
2009978-1-61581-286-8Heidi CullinanHero
  ''978-1-61581-297-4Andrew GreyUncorked (Bottled Up Stories)
2010978-1-61581-346-9Amy LaneKeeping Promise Rock (1) (Keeping Promise Rock Series)
2010978-1-61581-349-0D.W. MarchwellSins of the Father
  ''978-1-61581-358-2Heidi CullinanSpecial Delivery
  ''978-1-61581-364-3Jan IrvingMastering Toby (Mastering Toby and Sahara Blue)
  ''978-1-61581-366-7Mickie B. AshlingBonds of Love (Bay Area Professionals)
  ''978-1-61581-372-8Anne ReganMyths and Magic: Legends of Love
2010978-1-61581-378-0Marie SextonPromises (Coda Books, #1)
  ''978-1-61581-380-3Mary CalmesThe Guardian
  ''978-1-61581-382-7Madeleine Urban · Abigail RouxSticks & Stones (Cut & Run)
  ''978-1-61581-389-6Andrew GreyLove Means... No Boundaries (3) (Love Means... Series)
  ''978-1-61581-392-6Rhianne AileBetrayed (Cursed and Betrayed)
2010978-1-61581-403-9Andrew GreyAn Unexpected Vintage (Bottled Up Stories)
  ''978-1-61581-405-3Heidi CullinanDouble Blind
  ''978-1-61581-412-1Ariel TachnaHer Two Dads
  ''978-1-61581-414-5Marie SextonA to Z (Coda Books, #2)
  ''978-1-61581-419-0John SimpsonJack and Dave
2010978-1-61581-424-4L.A. GilbertWitness
  ''978-1-61581-427-5Eric ArvinSimple Men
  ''978-1-61581-429-9Libby DrewState of Mind
  ''978-1-61581-435-0Heidi CullinanMiles and the Magic Flute
  ''978-1-61581-438-1V. B. KildaireHidden Treasure
2010978-1-61581-446-6Rowan SpeedwellFinding Zach
  ''978-1-61581-448-0Roland GraemeTwo Marked Men
  ''978-1-61581-461-9Amy LaneMaking Promises (2) (Keeping Promise Rock Series)
  ''978-1-61581-465-7Kate SherwoodDark Horse (Dark Horse Series)
  ''978-1-61581-517-3Andrew GreyLove Means... Freedom (4) (Love Means... Series)
2010978-1-61581-520-3Sullivan WheelerBillionaire's Row
  ''978-1-61581-524-1Mary CalmesA Matter of Time: Vol. 1 (A Matter of Time Series)
  ''978-1-61581-526-5Connie BaileySomething for Nothing
  ''978-1-61581-531-9Jeff PearceDragon Streets
  ''978-1-61581-533-3Ruth SimsCounterpoint: Dylan's Story
2010978-1-61581-550-0Marie SextonStrawberries for Dessert (Coda Books, #4)
  ''978-1-61581-554-8Kate SherwoodOut of the Darkness (2) (Dark Horse Series)
  ''978-1-61581-556-2Lyn GalaGathering Storm
  ''978-1-61581-570-8Sean KennedyWings of Equity
  ''978-1-61581-574-6J.R. LovelessTouch Me Gently
2010978-1-61581-580-7Jeff ErnoTrust Me
  ''978-1-61581-592-0Clare London72 Hours
  ''978-1-61581-594-4Andrew GreyA Shared Range (1) (Stories from the Range)
  ''978-1-61581-596-8Rowan McAllisterA Promise of Tomorrow
  ''978-1-61581-600-2Mary CalmesA Matter of Time: Vol. 2 (A Matter of Time Series)
2010978-1-61581-602-6Margaret Mills · Tedy WardWell Traveled
  ''978-1-61581-608-8Ian MuiseLast Snow of Winter
  ''978-1-61581-620-0Felicitas IveyBack to the Dream
  ''978-1-61581-631-6Andrew GreyA Taste of Love (Taste of Love Stories)
  ''978-1-61581-639-2D.W. MarchwellAn Earlier Heaven (2) (Good to Know)
2010978-1-61581-654-5Jan IrvingSahara Blue (Mastering Toby and Sahara Blue)
  ''978-1-61581-656-9Scotty CadeFinal Encore
  ''978-1-61581-667-5Mary CalmesTrusted Bond (2) (Change of Heart)
  ''978-1-61581-671-2Kate SherwoodLost Treasure
2011978-1-61581-677-4Sue BrownMorning Report (Morning Report Series)
2010978-1-61581-695-8Ashlyn KaneAmerican Love Songs
  ''978-1-61581-707-8John SimpsonOut of the Gilded Cage (Condor One Series)
2010978-1-61581-709-2Andrew GreyLove Means... No Fear (5) (Love Means... Series)
2011978-1-61581-715-3Madeleine Urban · Abigail RouxDivide & Conquer (Cut & Run)
  ''978-1-61581-717-7Mickie B. AshlingTono (Basque Trilogy)
  ''978-1-61581-721-4Rick R. ReedDignity Takes a Holiday
  ''978-1-61581-731-3Scotty CadeWings of Love (Love Series)
  ''978-1-61581-739-9TinneanBless Us With Content
2011978-1-61581-791-7Abigail RouxAccording to Hoyle
  ''978-1-61581-793-1Felicia WatsonWhere the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela
  ''978-1-61581-797-9Andrew GreyAccompanied by a Waltz
  ''978-1-61581-810-5EtienneBodies of Work
  ''978-1-61581-814-3Ashlyn Kane · Morgan JamesReturn to Sender
2011978-1-61581-816-7J.P. BarnabyLittle Boy Lost: Enlightened (Little Boy Lost Series)
  ''978-1-61581-829-7Andrew GreyA Troubled Range (2) (Stories from the Range)
  ''978-1-61581-832-7Zahra OwensClouds and Rain (The Wranglers, #1)
  ''978-1-61581-834-1   ''Earth and Sky (The Wranglers, #2)
  ''978-1-61581-836-5Stephen OsbornePale as a Ghost (Duncan Andrews Thrillers)
2011978-1-61581-838-9Tamara AllenThe Only Gold
  ''978-1-61581-850-1Jan SuzukawaKaminishi
  ''978-1-61581-852-5Cardeno CHe Completes Me
  ''978-1-61581-854-9Hayley B. JamesUndercover Sins (1) (Secret Sin)
  ''978-1-61581-856-3Sue BrownNothing Ever Happens
2011978-1-61581-861-7Mickie B. AshlingTaste (2) (Horizons Series)
  ''978-1-61581-869-3J.P. BarnabyLittle Boy Lost: Abandoned
  ''978-1-61581-871-6   ''Little Boy Lost: Vanished
  ''978-1-61581-873-0J. P. BarnabyLittle Boy Lost: Discovered
  ''978-1-61581-879-2Andrew GreySeven Days (Seven Days Series)
2011978-1-61581-896-9Tamara AllenDowntime
  ''978-1-61581-898-3Rowan SpeedwellKindred Hearts
  ''978-1-61581-902-7Ariel TachnaOverdrive
  ''978-1-61581-907-2Anne ReganRiding Double
  ''978-1-61581-909-6Andrew GreyA Serving of Love (Taste of Love Stories)
2011978-1-61581-911-9Cardeno CWhere He Ends and I Begin (Home)
  ''978-1-61581-915-7Victor J. BanisA Deadly Kind of Love
  ''978-1-61581-928-7Andrew GreyWork Me Out (Work Out Series)
  ''978-1-61581-931-7B.A. StretkeSigned and Sealed
  ''978-1-61581-938-6Kate SherwoodShying Away (Shying Away and New Tricks)
2011978-1-61581-945-4Scotty CadeTreasure of Love (Love Series)
  ''978-1-61581-948-5Damon SuedeHot Head
  ''978-1-61581-956-0Johnny DiazTake the Lead
  ''978-1-61581-958-4Rhys FordDirty Kiss (1) (Cole McGinnis Mysteries)
  ''978-1-61581-970-6Bethany Brown · Ashlyn KaneBroken Wings (Lost Boys and Love Letters Series)