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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-61533-003-4Sara AntillRed Panda (Unusual Animals)
  ''978-1-61533-007-2Sara AntillOkapi (Unusual Animals)
  ''978-1-61533-017-1Greg RozaDrawing Godzilla (Drawing Movie Monsters Step-by-step)
  ''978-1-61533-049-2Kat MillerI Love the Jonas Brothers (Fan Club (Paper))
  ''978-1-61533-137-6Willow ClarkGila Monster!
2010978-1-61533-302-8Steve ParkerDinosaurs
  ''978-1-61533-303-5Steve ParkerSharks
2014978-1-61533-502-2Colin CrumFerrari vs. Lamborghini (Ultimate Car Battles)
2013978-1-61533-628-9Alix WoodClaude Monet
  ''978-1-61533-632-6Alix WoodVincent Van Gogh
  ''978-1-61533-636-4   ''Francisco Goya
  ''978-1-61533-670-8Jay HawkinsBright Ideas: The Science of Light
2013978-1-61533-671-5Jay HawkinsMaterial World: The Science of Matter
2014978-1-61533-758-3Ruth OwenThe Sun
  ''978-1-61533-760-6Ruth OwenThe Moon
  ''978-1-61533-762-0   ''Mercury
  ''978-1-61533-764-4   ''Venus
  ''978-1-61533-768-2   ''Mars
2014978-1-61533-770-5Ruth OwenJupiter
2014978-1-61533-772-9Ruth OwenSaturn
  ''978-1-61533-774-3   ''Uranus
  ''978-1-61533-776-7   ''Neptune
  ''978-1-61533-778-1   ''Pluto and Other Dwarf Planets
  ''978-1-61533-780-4Alix WoodYucky Animals in the Yard
2014978-1-61533-782-8Alix WoodBody Bugs
  ''978-1-61533-784-2   ''Ugly Creatures Under Water
2013978-1-61533-786-6Alix WoodGruesome Animals in the Ground
2014978-1-61533-788-0   ''Weird Animals in the Wild
2010978-1-61533-790-3   ''Freaky Flying Animals
2014978-1-61533-792-7Angela RoystonShark: Killer King of the Ocean
  ''978-1-61533-794-1Angela RoystonWolf: Killer King of the Forest
  ''978-1-61533-796-5Louise SpilsburyPolar Bear: Killer King of the Arctic
  ''978-1-61533-798-9Louise SpilsburyLion: Killer King of the Plains
  ''978-1-61533-800-9   ''Boa Constrictor: Killer King of the Jungle
2014978-1-61533-802-3Angela RoystonAlligator: Killer King of the Swamp
2011978-1-61533-804-7Jay HawkinsReally Horrible Body Facts
2014978-1-61533-806-1   ''Really Horrible Animal Facts
2014978-1-61533-808-5Jay HawkinsReally Horrible Science Facts
  ''978-1-61533-810-8   ''Really Horrible History Facts
  ''978-1-61533-812-2Robyn HardymanCamping
  ''978-1-61533-814-6Robyn HardymanHunting
  ''978-1-61533-816-0   ''Fishing
2014978-1-61533-818-4Robyn HardymanKayaking and Canoeing
  ''978-1-61533-820-7Chris OxladeSimple Experiments with Pulleys
  ''978-1-61533-822-1Chris OxladeSimple Experiments with Inclined Planes
  ''978-1-61533-824-5   ''Simple Experiments with Screws
  ''978-1-61533-826-9   ''Simple Experiments with Wheels and Axles
2014978-1-61533-828-3Chris OxladeSimple Experiments with Wedges
  ''978-1-61533-896-2Dory ZaneHow to Track a Lion
2014978-1-61533-897-9Dory ZaneHow to Track a Leopard
  ''978-1-61533-898-6   ''How to Track a Rhinoceros
  ''978-1-61533-899-3Henry OwensHow to Track an Elephant
  ''978-1-61533-900-6   ''How to Track a Hippo
  ''978-1-61533-901-3   ''How to Track a Hyena