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2009978-1-61503-000-2ASM InternationalMaterials and Coatings for Medical Devices: Cardiovascular
  ''978-1-61503-001-9ASM InternationalASM Handbook, Volume 22A: Fundamentals of Modeling for Metals Processing
  ''978-1-61503-002-6Editors Stan A. David · Tarasankar DebRoy · John N. Dupont · Toshihko Koseki · and Herschel B. SmarttTrends in Welding Research
  ''978-1-61503-003-3Brian Somerday · Petros Sofronis · Russell JonesEffects of Hydrogen on Materials: Proceedings of the 2008 International Hydrogen Conference, September 7-10, 2008, Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA
  ''978-1-61503-004-0Editor(s): B.R. Marple · M.M. Hyland · Y.-C. Lau · C.-J. Li · R.S. Lima · G. MontavonThermal Spray 2009: Expanding Thermal Spray Performance to New Markets and Applications
2010978-1-61503-005-7ASM InternationalASM Handbook, Volume 22B: Metals Process Simulation
2009978-1-61503-006-4Metals & Materials Society (TMS) The MineralsMaterials Science and Technology 2009 Conference Proceedings
2009978-1-61503-008-8ASM InternationalISTFA 2009: Conference Proceedings from the 35th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, November 14-19, 2009 San Jose McEnery Convention Center
  ''978-1-61503-009-5Federico Angel Rodriguez-GonzalezBiomaterials in Orthopaedic Surgery
2010978-1-61503-010-1Harold M. CobbThe History of Stainless Steel
  ''978-1-61503-011-8   ''The History of Stainless Steel (Asm Handbook)
2009978-1-61503-012-5Joseph BerkSystems Failure Analysis
978-1-61503-032-3Mechanical testing of metals. 9 lessons
2010978-1-61503-037-8F. C. CampbellStructural Composite Materials
  ''978-1-61503-039-2Complied by ASM InternationalMedical Devices V: Proceedings of the Materials & Processes for Medical Devices Conference August 10-12, 2009, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  ''978-1-61503-040-8Blaine Geddes · Hugo Leon · and Xiao HuangSuperalloys: Alloying and Performance
2010978-1-61503-041-5ASM InternationalIstfa 2010: Proceedings of the 36th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis
  ''978-1-61503-043-9   ''ASM Handbook: Complete Set DVD 2010 Edition
  ''978-1-61503-044-6Brian S. Hayes and Luther M. GammonOptical Microscopy of Fiber Reinforced Composites
  ''978-1-61503-046-0Hiroaki OkamotoDesk Edition: Phase Diagram for Binary Alloys, Second Edition
2005978-1-61503-063-7Joseph R. DavisAlloying: Understanding the Basics
2011978-1-61503-133-7ASM InternationalASM Handbook, Volume 6A: Welding Fundamentals and Processes
2010978-1-61503-721-6Titanium Reference Library DVD: 2010 Edition
2011978-1-61503-722-3Stan PetersComposite Filament Winding
  ''978-1-61503-723-0Aluminium Reference Library DVD: 2011 Edition
2011978-1-61503-724-7D. Gandy · J. Shingledecker · R. ViswanathanAdvances in Materials Technology for Fossil Power Plants: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference, 2010
  ''978-1-61503-725-4EDFAS Desk Reference CommitteeMicroelectronics Failure Analysis Desk Reference (Book + CD set)
  ''978-1-61503-726-1Steven N. Arnold · Terry T. WongModels, Databases, and Simulation Tools Needed for the Realization of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering: Proceedings of the Symposium ... October 18-20, 2010, Houston, Texas, USA
  ''978-1-61503-821-3ASM InternationalMetallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist, Second Edition(05306G)
  ''978-1-61503-824-4J. Gilbert KaufmanRelational Analysis: Guidelines for Estimating High and Low Temperature Properties of Metals
2011978-1-61503-825-1F. C. CampbellJoining: Understanding the Basics
  ''978-1-61503-826-8ASM InternationalISTFA 2011: Proceedings from the 37th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis
2012978-1-61503-827-5   ''ASM Handbook, Volume 23: Materials for Medical Devices
2011978-1-61503-828-2   ''Comprehensive Index to ASM Handbooks, Third Edition
2011978-1-61503-829-9ASM InternationalThe Stainless Steels Reference Library DVD
  ''978-1-61503-830-5Superalloys Reference Library DVD
  ''978-1-61503-831-2ASM InternationalModels, Databases, and Simulation Tools Needed for the Realization of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
  ''978-1-61503-832-9Konrad HerrmannHardness Testing: Principles and Applications
2012978-1-61503-835-0F. C. CampbellPhase Diagrams: Understanding the Basics
2011978-1-61503-838-1Edited by B.L. Ferguson · R. Jones · S. Mackenzie · and D. WeiresHeat Treating 2011: Proceedings of the 26th Conference
  ''978-1-61503-840-4ASM InternationalHeat Treating Reference Library DVD 2012 Edition
2012978-1-61503-841-1   ''ASM Handbook: Complete Set DVD, 2012 Edition
2012978-1-61503-842-8Edited by Taylan Altan and Erman TekkayaSheet Metal Forming: Fundamentals
  ''978-1-61503-844-2   ''Sheet Metal Forming: Processes and Applications
  ''978-1-61503-849-7Flake CampbellLightweight Materials: Understanding the Basics
  ''978-1-61503-975-3American Welding SocietyBrazing and Soldering: Proceedings of the 5th International Brazing and Soldering Conference: April 22-25, 2012, Red Rock Casino Resort Spa,
  ''978-1-61503-976-0F. C. CampbellFatigue and Fracture: Understanding the Basics
2012978-1-61503-977-7R. Gourley and C. WalkerBrazing and Soldering 2012: Proceedings from the Fifth International Brazing and Soldering Conference (April 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
  ''978-1-61503-978-4Harold M. CobbDictionary of Metals
  ''978-1-61503-979-1ASM InternationalISTFA 2012: Proceedings from the 38th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis
  ''978-1-61503-980-7D.S. MacKenzie · B. Liscic · T. Lubben · and H.W ZochQuenching and Control of Distortion 2012: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Quenching and Control of Distortion and the 4th ... (September 2012, Chicago, Illinois)
  ''978-1-61503-981-4ASM InternationalFatigue and Fracture Reference Library DVD 2012 Edition
2013978-1-61503-996-8   ''ASM Handbook, Volume 5A: Thermal Spray Technology