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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-61247-419-9William ShakespeareAs You Like It Audio
2010978-1-61247-420-5William ShakespeareHamlet Audio
2006978-1-61247-421-2   ''Julius Caesar Audio
  ''978-1-61247-422-9   ''King Lear Audio
  ''978-1-61247-423-6   ''Macbeth Audio
  ''978-1-61247-424-3   ''The Merchant of Venice Audio
2010978-1-61247-425-0William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night's Dream Audio
2006978-1-61247-426-7   ''Othello Audio
2010978-1-61247-427-4   ''Romeo and Juliet Audio
2006978-1-61247-428-1   ''The Taming of the Shrew Audio
  ''978-1-61247-429-8   ''The Tempest Audio
2006978-1-61247-430-4William ShakespeareTwelfth Night Audio
2010978-1-61247-431-1Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Audio
  ''978-1-61247-432-8Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer Audio
  ''978-1-61247-433-5   ''Around the World in Eighty Days Audio
  ''978-1-61247-434-2   ''The Best of Poe Audio
  ''978-1-61247-435-9   ''Black Beauty Audio
2010978-1-61247-436-6Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Call of the Wild Audio
  ''978-1-61247-437-3   ''A Christmas Carol Audio
2010978-1-61247-438-0Saddleback Educational PublishingA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Audio
  ''978-1-61247-439-7   ''Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Audio
  ''978-1-61247-440-3   ''Dracula Audio
  ''978-1-61247-441-0   ''Frankenstein Audio
  ''978-1-61247-442-7   ''The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Audio
2010978-1-61247-443-4Saddleback Educational PublishingGulliver's Travels Audio
2010978-1-61247-444-1Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Hunchback of Notre Dame Audio
  ''978-1-61247-445-8   ''The Invisible Man Audio
  ''978-1-61247-446-5   ''Jane Eyre Audio
  ''978-1-61247-447-2   ''Journey to the Center of the Earth Audio
  ''978-1-61247-448-9   ''Kidnapped Audio
2010978-1-61247-449-6Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Last of the Mohicans Audio
2010978-1-61247-450-2Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Man in the Iron Mask Audio
  ''978-1-61247-451-9   ''Moby Dick Audio
  ''978-1-61247-452-6   ''The Mutiny on Board H.M.S. Bounty Audio
  ''978-1-61247-453-3   ''The Mysterious Island Audio
  ''978-1-61247-454-0   ''The Prince and the Pauper Audio
2010978-1-61247-455-7Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Red Badge of Courage Audio
2010978-1-61247-456-4Saddleback Educational PublishingThe Scarlet Letter Audio
  ''978-1-61247-457-1   ''The Swiss Family Robinson Audio
  ''978-1-61247-458-8   ''A Tale of Two Cities Audio
  ''978-1-61247-459-5   ''The Three Musketeers Audio
  ''978-1-61247-460-1   ''The Time Machine Audio
2010978-1-61247-461-8Saddleback Educational PublishingTreasure Island Audio
2010978-1-61247-462-5Saddleback Educational Publishing20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Audio
  ''978-1-61247-463-2   ''The War of the Worlds Audio
2009978-1-61247-464-9Anne E. SchraffHunter, the (Mystery) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-465-6Anne E. SchraffOnce Upon a Crime (Mystery) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-466-3   ''Whatever Happened to Megan Marie? (Mystery) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-467-0   ''When Sleeping Dogs Awaken (Mystery) Audio
2009978-1-61247-468-7Anne E. SchraffWhere's Dudley? (Mystery) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-469-4   ''Horse Called Courage, a (Adventure) Audio
2009978-1-61247-470-0Anne E. SchraffPlanet Doom (Adventure) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-471-7   ''Terrible Orchid Sky, the (Adventure) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-472-4   ''Up Rattler Mountain (Adventure) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-473-1   ''Who Has Seen the Beast? (Adventure) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-474-8Janet LorimerBugged (Science Fiction) Audio
2009978-1-61247-475-5Janice GreeneEscape from Earth (Science Fiction) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-476-2Janet LorimerFlashback (Science Fiction) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-477-9   ''Murray's Nightmare (Science Fiction) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-478-6Janice GreeneUnder Siege (Science Fiction) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-479-3Janet LorimerAn Eye for an Eye (Spy) Audio
2009978-1-61247-480-9Janet LorimerDeadly Game, a (Spy) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-481-6Janice GreeneI Spy E-Spy (Spy) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-482-3Janet LorimerScavenger Hunt (Spy) Audio
2009978-1-61247-483-0Janet LorimerTuesday Raven (Spy) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-484-7Anne E. SchraffCase of the Bad Seed, the (Detective) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-485-4   ''Case of the Cursed Chalet, the (Detective) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-486-1   ''Case of the Dead Duck, the (Detective) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-487-8   ''Case of the Wanted Man, the (Detective) Audio
2009978-1-61247-488-5Anne E. SchraffCase of the Watery Grave, the (Detective) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-489-2Janet LorimerBoneyard (Suspense) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-490-8Anne E. SchraffCold, Cold Shoulder, the (Suspense) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-491-5Janice GreeneGirl Who Had Everything, the (Suspense) Audio
  ''978-1-61247-492-2   ''Hamlet's Trap (Suspense) Audio
2009978-1-61247-493-9Anne E. SchraffRoses Red as Blood (Suspense) Audio
2011978-1-61247-494-6Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Audio
  ''978-1-61247-495-3Mark TwainThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer Audio
  ''978-1-61247-496-0Jules VerneAround the World in 80 Days Audio
  ''978-1-61247-497-7Jack LondonThe Call of the Wild Audio
  ''978-1-61247-498-4Rudyard KiplingCaptains Courageous Audio
2011978-1-61247-499-1Charles DickensA Christmas Carol Audio
  ''978-1-61247-500-4Alexandre DumasThe Count of Monte Cristo Audio
  ''978-1-61247-501-1Robert Louis StevensonDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Audio
  ''978-1-61247-502-8Bram StokerDracula Audio
  ''978-1-61247-503-5Mary ShelleyFrankenstein Audio
2011978-1-61247-504-2Charles DickensGreat Expectations Audio
  ''978-1-61247-505-9Jonathan SwiftGulliver's Travels Audio
  ''978-1-61247-506-6Arthur Conan, Sir DoyleHound of the Baskervilles Audio
  ''978-1-61247-507-3Victor Marie HugoThe Hunchback of Notre Dame Audio
  ''978-1-61247-508-0Charlotte BronteJane Eyre Audio
2011978-1-61247-509-7Rudyard KiplingThe Jungle Book Audio
  ''978-1-61247-510-3Robert Louis StevensonKidnapped Audio
  ''978-1-61247-511-0James Feinmore CooperThe Last of the Mohicans Audio
  ''978-1-61247-512-7Alexandre DumasThe Man in the Iron Mask Audio
  ''978-1-61247-513-4Herman MelvilleMoby Dick Audio
2011978-1-61247-514-1Charles DickensOliver Twist Audio
  ''978-1-61247-515-8Jane AustenPride and Prejudice Audio
  ''978-1-61247-516-5Mark TwainThe Prince and the Pauper Audio
  ''978-1-61247-517-2Stephen CraneThe Red Badge of Courage Audio
  ''978-1-61247-518-9Daniel DefoeRobinson Crusoe Audio
2011978-1-61247-519-6Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter Audio
  ''978-1-61247-520-2Johann WyssThe Swiss Family Robinson Audio
  ''978-1-61247-521-9Charles DickensA Tale of Two Cities Audio
  ''978-1-61247-522-6Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers Audio
  ''978-1-61247-523-3H. G. WellsThe Time Machine Audio
2011978-1-61247-524-0Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island Audio
  ''978-1-61247-525-7Jules Verne20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Audio
  ''978-1-61247-526-4H. G. WellsWar of the Worlds Audio
  ''978-1-61247-527-1Jack LondonWhite Fang Audio
  ''978-1-61247-528-8William ShakespeareHamlet Audiobook
2011978-1-61247-529-5William ShakespeareJulius Caesar Audiobook
2011978-1-61247-530-1William ShakespeareKing Lear Audiobook
  ''978-1-61247-531-8   ''Macbeth Audiobook
  ''978-1-61247-532-5   ''The Merchant of Venice Audiobook
  ''978-1-61247-533-2   ''A Midsummer Night's Dream Audiobook
  ''978-1-61247-534-9   ''Othello Audiobook
2011978-1-61247-535-6William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet Audiobook
2011978-1-61247-536-3William ShakespeareThe Tempest Audiobook
  ''978-1-61247-537-0   ''Twelfth Night Audiobook
  ''978-1-61247-538-7Anne SchraffOutrunning the Darkness Audio
  ''978-1-61247-539-4Anne SchraffShadows of Guilt Audio
  ''978-1-61247-540-0   ''A Boy Called Twister Audio
2011978-1-61247-541-7Anne SchraffIf You Really Loved Me Audio
  ''978-1-61247-542-4   ''One of Us Audio
  ''978-1-61247-543-1   ''Like a Broken Doll Audio
2011978-1-61247-544-8Anne SchraffThe Quality of Mercy Audio
  ''978-1-61247-545-5   ''The Fairest Audio
  ''978-1-61247-546-2   ''To Be a Man Audio
  ''978-1-61247-547-9   ''Wildflower Audio
  ''978-1-61247-548-6   ''The Stranger Audio
2011978-1-61247-549-3Anne SchraffDark Secrets Audio
2011978-1-61247-550-9Anne SchraffNo Fear Audio
  ''978-1-61247-551-6   ''To Catch a Dream Audio
  ''978-1-61247-552-3   ''Time of Courage Audio
  ''978-1-61247-553-0   ''The Lost Audio
  ''978-1-61247-554-7   ''The Unforgiven Audio
2011978-1-61247-555-4Anne SchraffDeliverance Audio
2011978-1-61247-556-1Anne SchraffLeap of Faith Audio
  ''978-1-61247-557-8   ''Waters Edge Audio
2012978-1-61247-608-7   ''Outcasts Audio
  ''978-1-61247-609-4   ''See No Evil Audio
  ''978-1-61247-610-0   ''Don't Think about Tomorrow Audio
2012978-1-61247-611-7Anne SchraffOut of Love for You Audio
  ''978-1-61247-612-4   ''Rescuers Audio