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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-61218-588-0Philip RobinsonUSS Alcatraz (Locust Trilogy)
  ''978-1-61218-589-7Barbara LongleyFar from Perfect (Perfect, Indiana)
  ''978-1-61218-590-3Caroline M. SmithThe Cat Behind the Hat
  ''978-1-61218-591-0Bob McCabe · Jody Revenson · Moira SquierHarry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey (Collector's Edition)
  ''978-1-61218-592-7Carolyn McCrayHavoc (The Betrayed)
2012978-1-61218-593-4Delle JacobsFaerie
2018978-1-61218-594-1Nick SpaldingChecking Out
2012978-1-61218-595-8Nancy NaigleSweet Tea and Secrets (An Adams Grove Novel)
  ''978-1-61218-596-5Kim LawCaught on Camera (The Davenports)
  ''978-1-61218-597-2Jim FusilliRoad to Nowhere (The Samaritan)
  ''978-1-61218-598-9Beth OrsoffVlad All Over
2013978-1-61218-599-6Oliver PötzschThe Beggar King (UK Edition) (A Hangman's Daughter Tale)
2012978-1-61218-600-9Tracy BroganCrazy Little Thing (A Bell Harbor Novel)
  ''978-1-61218-601-6Diana MillerDangerous Affairs
2012978-1-61218-602-3Tyler DiltsThe Pain Scale (Long Beach Homicide)
  ''978-1-61218-603-0Nancy HerknessTake Me Home (A Whisper Horse Novel)
  ''978-1-61218-604-7Jamie MicheleAn Affair of Vengeance
  ''978-1-61218-605-4Lloyd Devereux RichardsStone Maidens
  ''978-1-61218-606-1David L. RobbinsThe Devil's Waters (A USAF Pararescue Thriller)
2012978-1-61218-607-8Toni AndersonDangerous Waters (Barkley Sound)
2013978-1-61218-608-5Orest StelmachThe Boy from Reactor 4 (Nadia Tesla)
2012978-1-61218-609-2Alan RussellBurning Man (A Gideon and Sirius Novel)
  ''978-1-61218-610-8Alan RussellShame
  ''978-1-61218-611-5   ''Multiple Wounds
  ''978-1-61218-612-2Barbra AnninoOpal Fire (A Stacy Justice Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-613-9Barbra AnninoBloodstone (A Stacy Justice Mystery)
2012978-1-61218-614-6Barbra AnninoTiger's Eye (A Stacy Justice Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-615-3Brett BlumenthalA Whole New You: Six Steps to Ignite Change for Your Best Life
2013978-1-61218-616-0L.J. SellersThe Sex Club (A Detective Jackson Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-617-7L.J. SellersSecrets to Die For (A Detective Jackson Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-618-4   ''Thrilled to Death (A Detective Jackson Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-619-1   ''Passions of the Dead (A Detective Jackson Mystery)
2013978-1-61218-620-7L.J. SellersDying for Justice (A Detective Jackson Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-621-4   ''Liars, Cheaters, & Thieves (A Detective Jackson Mystery)
2013978-1-61218-622-1L.J. SellersThe Lethal Effect
  ''978-1-61218-623-8   ''The Baby Thief
  ''978-1-61218-624-5   ''The Gauntlet Assassin
2012978-1-61218-625-2Shirley MarksAn Agreeable Arrangement
  ''978-1-61218-626-9Nancy J. ParraThe Lovin' Kind (Morgan Brothers)
  ''978-1-61218-627-6Heidi AshworthMiss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind
2012978-1-61218-628-3Shirley Raye RedmondRosemary's Glove
  ''978-1-61218-629-0Heidi AshworthMiss Delacourt Has Her Day
  ''978-1-61218-630-6Sandra Carey CodyPut Out the Light (Jenny Connors Mysteries)
  ''978-1-61218-631-3Dorothy P. O'NeillFinal Note
  ''978-1-61218-633-7Patrick BalesterIn the Dismal Swamp
2012978-1-61218-634-4Barbara WarrenMurder at the Painted Lady
  ''978-1-61218-635-1Elisabeth RoseStuck
  ''978-1-61218-636-8Carolyn HugheyCupid's Web
  ''978-1-61218-637-5Holly JacobsEverything But A Bride
  ''978-1-61218-638-2Carolyn BrownTo Trust (A Broken Roads Romance)
2012978-1-61218-639-9Elisabeth RoseThe Right Chord
  ''978-1-61218-640-5Loretta HillKiss and Tell
  ''978-1-61218-641-2Carolyn HugheyShut Up and Kiss Me
  ''978-1-61218-642-9Carolyn BrownThe Ladies' Room
  ''978-1-61218-643-6Beate BoekerA Little Bit of Passion
2012978-1-61218-644-3Nicola MerrellsCountry Charmed
  ''978-1-61218-646-7V.S. MeszarosDead Man's Money
  ''978-1-61218-647-4Jerry S. DrakeSierra Skullduggery
  ''978-1-61218-648-1Phil DunlapAmbush Creek
  ''978-1-61218-649-8Stone WallaceMontana Dawn
2012978-1-61218-650-4Denny AndrewsLuke Dawson: Wells Fargo Agent
  ''978-1-61218-651-1Phil DunlapBlood on the Rimrock
2013978-1-61218-653-5Aric DavisRough Men
2012978-1-61218-654-2Anita ClenneyGuardians of Stone (The Relic Seekers)
  ''978-1-61218-655-9Jenny JacobsSecond Acts
  ''978-1-61218-656-6Rosemarie NaramoreDeputy Down
  ''978-1-61218-657-3Ilsa MayrThe Music Murders
2012978-1-61218-658-0Helen Walsh FolsomFianna
  ''978-1-61218-659-7Alice WalshAnalyzing Sylvia Plath (An Academic Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-660-3Tracy EwensCatalina Kiss
  ''978-1-61218-661-0Carolyn BrownHidden Secrets
  ''978-1-61218-662-7Kent ConwellMurder in a Casbah of Cats
2012978-1-61218-663-4Katrina ThomasPatient Hearts
  ''978-1-61218-664-1Jeff R. SpalsburyThe Hunted Return
  ''978-1-61218-665-8Phil DunlapApache Lawman (U.S. Marshal Piedmont Kelly)
  ''978-1-61218-666-5Mack CurleeDead Man's Horse
  ''978-1-61218-667-2Marilyn ShankDaddy with a Deadline
2012978-1-61218-668-9Loretta Jackson · Vickie BrittonStealer of Horses (High Country Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-669-6Jim SatterfieldThe River's Song
  ''978-1-61218-670-2Sarah RichmondA Most Ineligible Suitor (Most Eligible Bachelor)
  ''978-1-61218-671-9Richard BabcockAre You Happy Now?
  ''978-1-61218-672-6Sandra LeesmithCurrent of Love
2012978-1-61218-673-3Elisabeth RoseLove on the North Shore Line
  ''978-1-61218-674-0Holly JacobsEverything but a Dog
  ''978-1-61218-675-7Jane McBride ChoateFor Pete's Sake
  ''978-1-61218-676-4Fran McNabbWindswept
  ''978-1-61218-677-1Georgie LeeStudio Relations
2012978-1-61218-678-8Michael SenutaThe Jerrigo Way
  ''978-1-61218-679-5Karl LassiterChina Jack
  ''978-1-61218-680-1Susan RalphA Sprig of Lavender
  ''978-1-61218-681-8Loretta Jackson · Vickie BrittonDeath Comes in Pairs
  ''978-1-61218-682-5Loretta C. RogersCowgirl Courage
2013978-1-61218-683-2Hazel StathamFor Love of Sarah
2013978-1-61218-684-9Carolyn BrownLife After Wife (A Three Magic Words Romance)
2012978-1-61218-685-6Carolyn HugheyOne Menu at a Time
2013978-1-61218-686-3Kathryn QuickIneligible Bachelor
  ''978-1-61218-687-0Sheryl LeonardThe Real McCoy
  ''978-1-61218-688-7Gerry O'HaraSilver Serenade
  ''978-1-61218-689-4Kathryn RobertsHot Quit
  ''978-1-61218-690-0Katrina ThomasCoastal Summons
2013978-1-61218-691-7Sandra WilkinsGwen's Honor (Heartland Romance)
  ''978-1-61218-692-4Jane GrossmanDying to Live in Palm Beach
  ''978-1-61218-693-1Marilyn ShankBride by Mistake
  ''978-1-61218-694-8Tilly BagshaweFlawless
  ''978-1-61218-695-5Tilly BagshaweDo Not Disturb
2012978-1-61218-696-2Tracy BroganHighland Surrender
2012978-1-61218-697-9Kim LawSugar Springs (A Sugar Springs Novel)
2013978-1-61218-698-6Nancy NaiglePecan Pie and Deadly Lies (An Adams Grove Novel)
2017978-1-61218-699-3Christina McKennaThe Spinster Wife
2013978-1-61218-700-6Jeff WheelerThe Wretched of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood)
  ''978-1-61218-701-3Jeff WheelerThe Blight of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood)
  ''978-1-61218-702-0   ''The Scourge of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood)
  ''978-1-61218-703-7Christopher HerzHollywood Forever
  ''978-1-61218-706-8Andrew PetersonOption to Kill (Nathan McBride)
2012978-1-61218-707-5Carolyn McCray · Ben Hopkin9th Circle (Darc Murder Mysteries)
2012978-1-61218-708-2Andrew PetersonFirst to Kill (Nathan McBride)
  ''978-1-61218-709-9   ''Forced to Kill (Nathan McBride)
2014978-1-61218-710-5Coreene CallahanKnight Avenged (Circle of Seven)
2012978-1-61218-711-2Lori BrightonTo Seduce an Earl (Seduction)
  ''978-1-61218-712-9Caroline FyffeWhere the Wind Blows (A Prairie Hearts Novel)
2013978-1-61218-713-6Caroline FyffeBefore the Larkspur Blooms (A Prairie Hearts Novel)
2012978-1-61218-714-3Catherine BybeeNot Quite Dating
  ''978-1-61218-715-0C.J. ArcherTo Tempt the Devil (A Novel of Lord Hawkesbury's Players)
  ''978-1-61218-716-7J.A. KonrathMr. K: Thriller (Ein Jack-Daniels-Thriller) (German Edition)
2013978-1-61218-717-4Bergsveinn BirgissonReply to a Letter from Helga
2013978-1-61218-720-4Jeff WheelerFireblood (Whispers from Mirrowen)
  ''978-1-61218-721-1Bobby ColeMoon Underfoot (A Jake Crosby Thriller)
2018978-1-61218-722-8Rebekah CraneThe Upside of Falling Down
2012978-1-61218-723-5Neal PollackJewball
2013978-1-61218-724-2Neal Stephenson · Erik Bear · Greg Bear · Joseph Brassey · Nicole Galland · Cooper Moo · Mark TeppoThe Mongoliad: Collector's Edition [includes the SideQuest Seer] (The Mongoliad Cycle)
2011978-1-61218-753-2Samantha DunnFailing Paris
  ''978-1-61218-754-9Thomas ZigalThe White League
  ''978-1-61218-755-6Thomas ZigalPariah (A Kurt Muller Mystery)
2011978-1-61218-756-3Thomas ZigalInto Thin Air (A Kurt Muller Mystery)
  ''978-1-61218-757-0   ''Hardrock Stiff (A Kurt Muller Mystery)
2020978-1-61218-919-2Rysa WalkerNow, Then, and Everywhen (Chronos Origins)
978-1-61218-929-1Linda LaffertyThe Bloodletter's Daughter (Novels of Old Bohemia)
2019978-1-61218-934-5Ray KingfisherBeyond the Shadow of Night