Bottom of the Hill Publishing

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-61203-002-9Charles F. HaanelMental Chemistry
  ''978-1-61203-003-6Edward M. BoundsPower Through Prayer
  ''978-1-61203-006-7Edward M. BoundsPurpose in Prayer
  ''978-1-61203-007-4   ''The Essentials of Prayer
  ''978-1-61203-008-1   ''The Necessity of Prayer
2010978-1-61203-010-4Edward M. BoundsThe Weapon of Prayer
  ''978-1-61203-011-1   ''The Possibilities of Prayer
2011978-1-61203-041-8Frederick DouglassMy Bondage and My Freedom
  ''978-1-61203-043-2Booker T. WashingtonMy Larger Education
  ''978-1-61203-051-7Charles FortLO!
  ''978-1-61203-074-6Frances Ridley HavergalKept for the Master's Use
2011978-1-61203-076-0Jesse TorreyAmerican Slave Trade
  ''978-1-61203-079-1Baron De JominiThe Art of War
  ''978-1-61203-081-4Arthur W. PinkThe Divine Covenants
  ''978-1-61203-090-6Arthur W. PinkGleanings from Paul
  ''978-1-61203-103-3Robert SheckleyThe Status Civilization
2011978-1-61203-105-7Theodore IV RooseveltThrough the Brazilian Wilderness
  ''978-1-61203-115-6Arthur W. PinkA Study of Dispensationalism
  ''978-1-61203-116-3   ''The Ten Commandments
2011978-1-61203-316-7Arthur W. PinkThe Life of Elijah
  ''978-1-61203-328-0   ''The Doctrine of Election
  ''978-1-61203-384-6Henry Thomas HamblinThe Power Of Thought
  ''978-1-61203-395-2Ralph Waldo TrineThe Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit
  ''978-1-61203-401-0Ralph Waldo TrineThe Man Who Knew
2012978-1-61203-539-0Hugh LoftingDoctor Dolittle's Circus
2012978-1-61203-618-2Thomas Jr. WatsonThe Ten Commandments
  ''978-1-61203-952-7Charles F. HaanelThe Amazing Secrets of the Yogi
  ''978-1-61203-962-6Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheBeyond Good and Evil
  ''978-1-61203-983-1Robert SheckleyA Collection of Robert Sheckley Science Fiction
  ''978-1-61203-990-9Kahlil GibranA Tear and a Smile