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2011978-1-61163-000-8Anupam Chander · Madhavi Sunder · Angelia LoiFred Korematsu: All American Hero
2012978-1-61163-002-2Saliba SarsarDemocracy in Africa: Political Changes and Challenges
2011978-1-61163-004-6Modesto AmegagoAfrican Music and Dance Curriculum Model: Performing Arts in Education (Carolina Academic Press African World Series)
2014978-1-61163-005-3Brian E. DalrympleThe Skin of Murder Victims: Fingerprints and Other Evidence
2011978-1-61163-006-0David Lishilinimle ImbuaIntercourse and Crosscurrents in the Atlantic World: Calabar-british Experience, 17th-20th Centuries (Cap African World Series)
2012978-1-61163-010-7Margaret Z. Johns · Rex R. PerschbacherThe United States Legal System: An Introduction
2013978-1-61163-011-4'Lai OlurodePerspectives on Feminism from Africa (African Studies) (Carolina Academic Press African World)
2012978-1-61163-012-1Austen L. Parrish · Dennis T. YokoyamaEffective Lawyering: A Checklist Approach to Legal Writing and Oral Argument
2013978-1-61163-013-8Ellen S. Podgor · Peter J. Henning · Andrew Taslitz · Alfredo GarciaCriminal Law: Concepts and Practice, Third Edition (Carolina Academic Press: Law Advisory Broad)
2017978-1-61163-015-2Michael Bazyler · Robert M. JarvisLaw and the Holocaust: U.S. Cases and Materials
2012978-1-61163-017-6Jessica L. Clark · Kristen E. MurrayScholarly Writing: Ideas, Examples, and Execution, Second Edition
2011978-1-61163-023-7Wale AdebanwiAuthority Stealing: Anti-Corruption War and Democratic Politics in Post-Military Nigeria (African World)
  ''978-1-61163-025-1Florence NamulundahThe Bukusu of Kenya: Folktales, Culture and Social Identities (African Studies) (Carolina Academic Press African World)
2012978-1-61163-026-8Dee Wood HarperCrime and Criminal Justice in Disaster
2011978-1-61163-027-5George E. Higgins · Catherine D. MarcumDigital Piracy: An Integrated Theoretical Approach
2012978-1-61163-029-9Tanure OjaideContemporary African Literature: New Approaches (African World)
2011978-1-61163-030-5Paul M. SchoenhardVeterans Affairs Law (Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook)
2012978-1-61163-032-9Robert Ray BlackLocal Counsel: First Women at The Citadel, and Beyond
2013978-1-61163-033-6Peter A. Collins · David C. BrodyCrime and Justice in the City as Seen through The Wire
2008978-1-61163-034-3Laura L. CochraneWeaving Through Islam in Senegal (Carolina Academic Press Ritual Studies Mongraph)
2012978-1-61163-035-0Jeffrey O'Connell · Thomas E. O'connellFive 20th Century College Presidents: From Butler to Bok (Plus Summers)
2013978-1-61163-037-4Yomi OlaSatires of Power in Yoruba Visual Culture (Carolina Academic Press African World Series)
2011978-1-61163-038-1Michael P. ScharfHenry T. King: A Life Dedicated to International Justice
2013978-1-61163-039-8Risdon N. Slate · Jacqueline K. Buffington-Vollum · W. Wesley JohnsonThe Criminalization of Mental Illness: Crisis and Opportunity for the Justice System, Second Edition
2012978-1-61163-040-4William A. Hilyerd · Kurt X. Metzmeier · David J. EnsignKentucky Legal Research (Legal Research Series)
  ''978-1-61163-041-1Carl A.P. Ruck · Mark Alwin HoffmanThe Effluents of Deity: Alchemy and Psychoactive Sacraments in Medieval and Renaissance Art
2011978-1-61163-042-8Wanda M. Temm · Julie M. CheslikMissouri Legal Research (Carolina Academic Press Legal Research)
2012978-1-61163-043-5Duane Champagne · Carole GoldbergCaptured Justice: Native Nations and Public Law 280
  ''978-1-61163-045-9Wanda M. Temm · Julie M. CheslikMissouri Legal Research Workbook
2013978-1-61163-047-3Eugene A. Paoline III · William TerrillPolice Culture: Adapting to the Strains of the Job
2017978-1-61163-048-0Michael R. FowlerMastering Negotiation (Carolina Academic Press Mastering)
2011978-1-61163-049-7Pamela Lysaght · Cristina D. LockwoodMichigan Legal Research (Carolina Academic Press Legal Research Series)
2012978-1-61163-050-3Sarah E. RedfieldThe Education Pipeline to the Professions: Programs that Work to Increase Diversity
2011978-1-61163-052-7Ruggero J. AldisertA Judge's Advice
  ''978-1-61163-055-8Arnold RochvargPrinciples and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law
2012978-1-61163-056-5Paul Tiyambe ZelezaIn Search of African Diasporas: Testimonies and Encounters (African World Series)
2011978-1-61163-057-2Christy Thompson IbrahimAn Anthology of Disability Literature
2012978-1-61163-059-6Alex SchimelLaw School Exams: A Guide to Better Grades
2011978-1-61163-060-2Marian AndersIntroductory College Grammar and Writing: Practical Grammar for Developing Writers
2012978-1-61163-064-0Vincent Del CastilloThe Impact of Regulatory Law on American Criminal Justice: Are There Too Many Laws?
2011978-1-61163-065-7Thomas C. FischerLegal Gridlock: A Critique of the American Legal System
2016978-1-61163-067-1Gail Levin Richmond · Don CastlemanMastering Trusts and Estates (Carolina Academic Press Mastering Series)
2013978-1-61163-068-8Anthony S. Winer · Mary Ann E. Archer · Lyonette Louis-JacquesInternational Law Legal Research
2012978-1-61163-069-5Paul Benjamin LintonAbortion under State Constitutions: A State-by-State Analysis
2012978-1-61163-071-8Tom BarkerNorth American Criminal Gangs: Street, Prison, Outlaw Motorcycle and Drug Trafficking Organizations
2013978-1-61163-072-5Mary P. Brewster · Cassandra L. ReyesAnimal Cruelty: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding
2012978-1-61163-073-2Molly Bishop ShadelFinding Your Voice in Law School: Mastering Classroom Cold Calls, Job Interviews, and Other Verbal Challenges
2013978-1-61163-074-9Larry L. Teply · Ralph U. WhittenCivil Procedure, Fifth Edition
  ''978-1-61163-075-6Mark Winton · Barbara MaraWhen Teachers, Clergy, and Caretakers Sexually Abuse Children and Adolescents
  ''978-1-61163-076-3Jeff Bumgarner · Charles Crawford · Ronald BurnsFederal Law Enforcement: A Primer
2011978-1-61163-078-7Chad NoreuilThe Arizona Bar Exam: Pass It Now
  ''978-1-61163-079-4Daniel Hays Lowenstein · Richard L. Hasen · Daniel P. TokajiElection Law: Cases and Materials 2011 Supplement
2012978-1-61163-081-7Alan D. CohnDomestic Preparedness: Law, Policy, and National Security (Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook)
  ''978-1-61163-082-4Robert Hartmann McNamara · Keith BellDimensions of Crime as a Social Problem
2013978-1-61163-084-8John F. Cooper · Tishia A. Dunham · Carlos L. WoodyFlorida Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition
2012978-1-61163-085-5Ali A. Mazrui · Lindah L. MhandoJulius Nyerere, Africa's Titan on a Global Stage: Perspectives from Arusha to Obama (Carolina Academic Press African World)
2013978-1-61163-086-2L. Craig ParkerCrime and Justice in Japan and China: A Comparative View
2012978-1-61163-087-9John Ayotunde BewajiNarratives of Struggle: The Philosophy and Politics of Development (African World)
2012978-1-61163-088-6Jeffrey ShantzProtest and Punishment: The Repression of Resistance in the Era of Neoliberal Globalization
2011978-1-61163-089-3Peter NicolasStatutory Supplement to Evidence:: A Problem-Based Comparative Approach
2013978-1-61163-090-9Alexius AmtaikaLocal Government in South Africa Since 1994: Leadership, Democracy, Development and Service Delivery in a Post-Apartheid Era
2012978-1-61163-091-6Robert M. BohmThe Past as Prologue: The Supreme Court's Pre-Modern Death Penalty Jurisprudence and Its Influence on the Supreme Court's Modern Death Penalty Decisions
  ''978-1-61163-095-4Peter NicolasEvidence: A Problem-Based and Comparative Approach
  ''978-1-61163-096-1Philip E. Postlewaite · Stephanie Renee HofferInternational Taxation: Corporate and Individual
  ''978-1-61163-097-8Michael P. MalloyBanking and Financial Services Law: Cases, Materials, and Problems
2012978-1-61163-098-5Michael S. AriensAmerican Constitutional Law and History
2011978-1-61163-100-5David W. Robertson · Steven F. Friedell · Michael F. Sturley2011-2012 Supplement to Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States
  ''978-1-61163-101-2Michael P. MalloyBanking and Financial Services Law: Cases, Materials, and Problems
2011978-1-61163-102-9Walter P. SignorelliThe Constable Has Blundered: The Exclusionary Rule, Crime, and Corruption
2013978-1-61163-103-6Earl Smith · Angela J. HatteryInterracial Relationships in the 21st Century, Second Edition
2012978-1-61163-104-3John Beck · Wendy Jean Frandsen · Aaron RandallSouthern Culture: An Introduction
2013978-1-61163-105-0Thomas J. HoltCrime On-Line: Correlates, Causes, and Context: Second Edition
2012978-1-61163-107-4Herb AppenzellerRisk Management in Sport: Issues and Strategies, Third Edition
  ''978-1-61163-109-8J. Stanley McQuadeReading Medical Records
  ''978-1-61163-110-4Ruth Ann McKinneyReading Like a Lawyer: Time-Saving Strategies for Reading Law Like an Expert
2013978-1-61163-111-1Leonard Territo · James D. SewellStress Management in Law Enforcement, Third Edition
2011978-1-61163-112-8Phyllis ColemanFlorida Family Law: Text and Commentary, 2011 Statutes
  ''978-1-61163-113-5Arthur S. Leonard · Patricia A. CainSexuality Law Second Edition 2011 Supplement
2013978-1-61163-114-2Perry A. Castelli · Vivian L. CastelliSocial Foundations of American Education, Third Edition
  ''978-1-61163-115-9Cynthia FowlerIgnition Stories: Indigenous Fire Ecology in the Indo-Australian Monsoon Zone
2011978-1-61163-117-3TeplyCivil Procedure (Cases, Text, Notes and Problems)
2011978-1-61163-121-0Chad NoreuilThe Zen of Law School Success
2012978-1-61163-122-7Mary Garvey Algero · Spencer L. Simons · Suzanne E. Rowe · Scott Childs · Sarah E. RicksFederal Legal Research (Carolina Academic Press Legal Research)
  ''978-1-61163-123-4Ruggero J. AldisertOpinion Writing 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-61163-124-1Boris Kozolchyk · Francisco ReyesLatin American Company Law, Volume I: A Comparative and Economic Development Perspective
  ''978-1-61163-125-8Francisco ReyesLatin American Company Law, Volume II: A New Policy Agenda: Reshaping the Closely Held Landscape
2013978-1-61163-126-5Gerald F. PhillipsFair Deal for All Clients: How to Rekindle Pride in the Legal Profession
  ''978-1-61163-128-9Joe Franks · Herb AppenzellerUnintended Consequences: Lessons Learned: An Educational Journey
2012978-1-61163-129-6N. Oluwafemi MimikoGlobalization: The Politics of Global Economic Relations and International Business (Carolina Academic Press African World)
2013978-1-61163-132-6Sandi Towers-RomeroLaw and the Hospitality Industry
2012978-1-61163-135-7D. Larry Crumbley · Donald L. Ariail · Debra A. SalbadorThe Ultimate Rip-Off: A Taxing Tale
2013978-1-61163-136-4Judith V. Royster · Michael C. Blumm · Elizabeth Ann KronkNative American Natural Resources Law: Cases and Materials
2012978-1-61163-138-8Robert William Piatt · Jr.Catholic Legal Perspectives
2012978-1-61163-140-1Paul M. JanickeModern Patent Litigation: Cases, Comments, and Notes
2017978-1-61163-143-2Russell L. Weaver · Steven I. FriedlandRecent Developments in Administrative Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Recent Developments in Administrative Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (Global Papers)
2012978-1-61163-144-9Christine Gardiner · Stacy MallicoatCalifornia's Criminal Justice System (State-specific Criminal Justice)
  ''978-1-61163-145-6Rachel H. SmithThe Legal Writing Survival Guide
  ''978-1-61163-146-3International Senior Lawyers ProjectExporting the Matrix: The Campaign to Reform Media Laws Abroad
2015978-1-61163-148-7Laura Berend · Jean RamirezCalifornia Criminal Litigation in Action, Third Edition
  ''978-1-61163-150-0Joan M. Rocklin · Robert B. Rocklin · Christine Coughlin · Sandy PatrickAn Advocate Persuades
2012978-1-61163-151-7John W. HeadGlobal Business Law: Principles and Practice of International Commerce and Investment
2011978-1-61163-152-4Steven WaldmanThe Information Needs of Communities: The changing media landscape in a broadband age
2013978-1-61163-153-1Toyin Falola · Nana Akua AmponsahWomen, Gender, and Sexualities in Africa
  ''978-1-61163-154-8Joni LarsonIndividual Income Taxation: An Application Approach
2012978-1-61163-158-6Emmanuel M. Mbah · Steven J. SalmGlobalization and the African Experience (Carolina Academic Press African World)
2012978-1-61163-159-3Peter M. Shane · Jeffrey HunkerCybersecurity: Shared Risks, Shared Responsibilities
  ''978-1-61163-160-9Marybeth J. MacPheeVulnerability and the Art of Protection: Embodiment and Health Care in Moroccan Households (Ethnographic Studies in Medical Anthropology)
2013978-1-61163-162-3Alain A. Levasseur · Randall Trahan · Sandi VarnadoLouisiana Law of Obligations: A Methodological & Comparative Perspective: Cases, Texts and Materials
2014978-1-61163-164-7Frances P. ReddingtonMissouri's Criminal Justice System (State-specific Criminal Justice Series)
2013978-1-61163-165-4Vincent R. JohnsonStudies in American Tort Law
  ''978-1-61163-168-5Marian AndersThe Practical Grammar Handbook for College Writers
  ''978-1-61163-172-2Vincent R. JohnsonMastering Torts: A Student's Guide to the Law of Torts
  ''978-1-61163-174-6Thomas K. ClancyThe Fourth Amendment: Its History and Interpretation, Second Edition
2012978-1-61163-176-0Lisa MayhewChild Death Investigations: Interdisciplinary Techniques from Cradle to Court, Second Edition
2012978-1-61163-178-4Daniel Hays Lowenstein · Richard L. Hasen · Daniel P. TokajiElection Law: Cases And Materials
2013978-1-61163-179-1Kelly Cheeseman · Kelly Cheeseman DialThe Correctional Supervisor: Strategies for Success
2012978-1-61163-183-8Jason J. KilbornLouisiana Security Devices: A Precis
2013978-1-61163-184-5Laura P. Graham · Miriam E. FelsenburgThe Pre-Writing Handbook for Law Students: A Step-by-Step Guide
  ''978-1-61163-187-6Michele Caianiello · Michael Louis CorradoPreventing Danger: New Paradigms in Criminal Justice
2012978-1-61163-189-0M. C. MirowFlorida's First Constitution-The Constitution of Cádiz: Introduction, Translation, and Text
  ''978-1-61163-191-3Joseph KimbleWriting for Dollars, Writing to Please: The Case for Plain Language in Business, Government, and Law
  ''978-1-61163-192-0Daniel MurphyCorrections and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms
2013978-1-61163-193-7Ross Wolf · Charles Mesloh · Robert H. WoodConstitutional Limitations of Interviewing and Interrogations in American Policing
  ''978-1-61163-194-4Debora A. Person · Tawnya K. PlumbWyoming Legal Research
2012978-1-61163-195-1Spencer L. SimonsTexas Legal Research: Revised Printing (Carolina Academic Press Legal Research)
2013978-1-61163-196-8Adam M. GershowitzThe Wire: Crime, Law, and Policy
2013978-1-61163-197-5Richard H. NowkaMastering Secured Transactions (UCC Article 9), Second Edition (Carolina Aademic Press Mastering)
2015978-1-61163-201-9Kelly M. Feeley · James A. SheehanMastering Alternative Dispute Resolution (Carolina Academic Press Mastering)
2013978-1-61163-202-6Imre SzalaiOutsourcing Justice: The Rise of Modern Arbitration Laws in America
2012978-1-61163-203-3Michael R. DiamondCorporations: A Contemporary Approach
  ''978-1-61163-204-0Patty GerstenblithArt, Cultural Heritage, and the Law: Cases and Materials
  ''978-1-61163-205-7Linda J. BarrisUnderstanding and Mastering The Bluebook: Student Workbook
  ''978-1-61163-207-1Reginald S. Sheehan · Rebecca D. Gill · Kirk A. RandazzoJudicialization of Politics: The Interplay of Institutional Structure, Legal Doctrine, and Politics on the High Court of Australia
  ''978-1-61163-209-5Robert M. BohmCapital Punishment's Collateral Damage
2013978-1-61163-210-1John A. Miller · Jeffrey A. MaineThe Fundamentals of Federal Taxation: Problems and Materials, Third Edition
2012978-1-61163-212-5Randolph J. MayCommunications Law and Policy in the Digital Age: The Next Five Years
2012978-1-61163-213-2Larry L. Teply · Ralph U. Whitten · Denis F. McLaughlinCivil Procedure: Cases, Text, Notes, and Problems, Second Edition, 2012-13 Supplement
  ''978-1-61163-220-0Jon M. GaronEntertainment Law and Practice 2012 Supplement
2013978-1-61163-222-4Toyin FalolaEsu: Yoruba God, Power, and the Imaginative Frontiers
2014978-1-61163-224-8Ruta K. Stropus · Charlotte D. TaylorBridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success, Third Edition
2013978-1-61163-238-5Michael P. MalloyInternational Banking: Cases, Materials, and Problems: Third Edition
2012978-1-61163-240-8David W. Robertson · Steven F. Friedell · Michael F. SturleyAdmiralty and Maritime Law in the United States, Second Edition, 2012-2013 Supplement
2013978-1-61163-244-6Patrick McKinley Brennan · H. Jefferson Powell · Jack L. SammonsLegal Affinities: Explorations in the Legal Form of Thought
  ''978-1-61163-246-0Ronald K.L. CollinsNuanced Absolutism: Floyd Abrams and the First Amendment
  ''978-1-61163-250-7Tamara S. HerreraArizona Legal Research, Second Edition (Carolina Academic Press Legal Research)
2014978-1-61163-252-1Allison D. Redlich · James R. Acker · Robert J. Norris · Catherine L. BonventreExamining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward
2013978-1-61163-272-9Joni LarsonPartnership Taxation: An Application Approach, Second Edition
2014978-1-61163-276-7Henry S. NoyesThe Law of Direct Democracy
  ''978-1-61163-280-4Daniel M. Berman · Victoria J. HanemanMaking Tax Law
2013978-1-61163-286-6David Polizzi · Michael Braswell · Matthew DraperTransforming Corrections: Humanistic Approaches to Corrections and Offender Treatment, Second Edition
2013978-1-61163-293-4Juan Ramirez · Jose M. RodriguezFlorida Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials, Second Edition
2014978-1-61163-294-1Xing LijuanBehind the Multilateral Trading System: Legal Indigenization and the WTO in Comparative Perspective
2013978-1-61163-295-8John W. Head · Xing LijuanLegal Transparency in Dynastic China: The Legalist-Confucianist Debate and Good Governance in Chinese Tradition
2012978-1-61163-299-6Phyllis ColemanFlorida Family Law: Text and Commentary, 2012 Statutes
2013978-1-61163-301-6Peter B Kutner · Osborne M. Reynolds Jr.Advanced Torts: Cases and Materials, Fourth Edition
  ''978-1-61163-303-0Susan Rose-Ackerman · Paul D. CarringtonAnti-Corruption Policy: Can International Actors Play a Constructive Role?
  ''978-1-61163-304-7Sarah PowellBiglaw: How to Survive the First Two Years of Practice in a Mega-Firm, or, The Art of Doc Review
  ''978-1-61163-305-4James SmithCrisis Management for Law Enforcement
2012978-1-61163-311-5Brian BixJurisprudence: Theory and Context
2013978-1-61163-352-8Louis Fisher · Katy J. HarrigerAmerican Constitutional Law, Tenth Edition
  ''978-1-61163-353-5Louis Fisher · Katy J. HarrigerAmerican Constitutional Law, Volume One: Constitutional Structures: Separated Powers and Federalism, Tenth Edition
2013978-1-61163-354-2Louis Fisher · Katy J. HarrigerAmerican Constitutional Law, Volume Two: Constitutional Rights: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Tenth Edition
  ''978-1-61163-355-9Christopher LaMonica · J. Shola OmotolaHorror in Paradise: Frameworks for Understanding the Crises of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria (African World)
  ''978-1-61163-360-3Elizabeth WranghamGhana During the First World War: The Colonial Administration of Sir Hugh Clifford (African World)
  ''978-1-61163-361-0William P. KremlThe Bias of Temperament in American Politics
2012978-1-61163-362-7Robert J. D'AgostinoUniform Commercial Code - Article 9: Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions
2013978-1-61163-365-8Jordan J. Paust · M. Cherif Bassiouni · Michael P. Scharf · Leila Sadat · Jimmy Gurule · Bruce ZagarisInternational Criminal Law Documents Supplement: Fourth Edition
2015978-1-61163-367-2Tenielle Fordyce-Ruff · Kristina J. RunningIdaho Legal Research, Second Edition (Carolina Academic Press Legal Research)
2013978-1-61163-368-9Damon ScottWell-Structured Mathematical Logic
  ''978-1-61163-371-9Creola JohnsonIs a Law Degree Still Worth the Price?: It Depends on What the Law School Has to Offer You
2013978-1-61163-373-3Kevin M ClermontStandards of Decision in Law: Psychological and Logical Bases for the Standard of Proof, Here and Abroad
  ''978-1-61163-376-4Ashley Saunders LipsonCourtroom Use and Misuse of Mathematics, Physics and Finance: Cases, Lessons and Materials
  ''978-1-61163-378-8Michael C. Blumm · Mary Christina WoodThe Public Trust Doctrine in Environmental and Natural Resources Law (Carolina Academic Press: Law Advisory Board)
  ''978-1-61163-380-1Arthur J. RynearsonLegislative Drafting Step-by-Step
2014978-1-61163-385-6James R. Acker · Robert M. Bohm · Charles S. LanierAmerica's Experiment with Capital Punishment: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of the Ultimate Penal Sanction, Third Edition
2013978-1-61163-387-0Allen Lowery · Patricia LoweryStatistics for Criminal Justice Using Excel: An Introduction
  ''978-1-61163-394-8Olivia M. FarrarGlobal Legal Practice: Context and Practice Case Files. Kumar and Maccoul V. Napolitano, Secretary, Dept. of Homeland Security
2013978-1-61163-397-9Christine Coughlin · Joan Malmud Rocklin · Sandy PatrickA Lawyer Writes: A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis, Second Edition
  ''978-1-61163-402-0Alan CalnanThe Right to Civil Defense in Torts
  ''978-1-61163-406-8William D. PopkinThe Judicial Role: Statutory Interpretation and the Pragmatic Judicial Partner
  ''978-1-61163-407-5Clive P. Walker · Russell L. WeaverFree Speech in an Internet Era: Papers from the Free Speech Discussion Forum
  ''978-1-61163-408-2Joseph B. Stulberg · Lela P. LoveThe Middle Voice: Mediating Conflict Successfully, Second Edition
2013978-1-61163-409-9Warren E. Buffett · Lawrence A. CunninghamThe Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America
  ''978-1-61163-411-2Jay F. HooperBasic Pneumatics: An Introduction to Industrial Compressed Air Systems and Components, Revised Printing
  ''978-1-61163-412-9Robert Panzarella · Daniel VonaCriminal Justice Masterworks: A History of Ideas About Crime, Law, Police, and Corrections
  ''978-1-61163-413-6Marian AndersIntroductory College Grammar and Writing: Practical Grammar for Developing Writers, Second Edition
2019978-1-61163-416-7Michèle AlexandreThe New Frontiers of Civil Rights Litigation
2013978-1-61163-445-7Michael Louis CorradoPresumed Dangerous: Punishment, Responsibility, and Preventive Detention in American Jurisprudence
2015978-1-61163-450-1Joshua B. Hill · Nancy E. Marion · Kevin M. Cashen · R. James Orr III · Kendra J. KecOhio's Criminal Justice System (State-specific Criminal Justice)
2013978-1-61163-455-6G. Michael FennerThe Hearsay Rule, Third Edition
  ''978-1-61163-456-3Linda D. JellumMastering Statutory Interpretation, Second Edition (The Carolina Press Academic Mastering Series)
2013978-1-61163-457-0Wendi AdelsonThis Is Our Story
2014978-1-61163-460-0Mary P. Brewster · Harry R. DammerPennsylvania's Criminal Justice System (State-Specific Criminal Justice)
  ''978-1-61163-470-9Mike O'KaneA Web-Based Introduction to Programming: Essential Algorithms, Syntax, and Control Structures Using PHP, HTML, and MySQL, Third Edition
2015978-1-61163-471-6Kimberly A. DeTardo-Bora · Dhruba J. Bora · Samuel L. DameronWest Virginia's Criminal Justice System (State-specific Criminal Justice)
2014978-1-61163-488-4Edith R. Warkentine · Jerome A. GrossmanSecured Transactions: A Context and Practice Casebook
2015978-1-61163-502-7Louis H. Schiff · Robert M. JarvisBaseball and the Law: Cases and Materials
2013978-1-61163-508-9Phyllis ColemanFlorida Family Law: Text and Commentary, 2013 Statutes
2014978-1-61163-509-6Christine L. Gardiner · Pamela Fiber-OstrowCalifornia's Criminal Justice System, Second Edition (State-specific Criminal Justice)
2016978-1-61163-513-3Don Rabon · Tanya ChapmanPersuasive Interviewing
2015978-1-61163-514-0Maria Isabel Casablanca · Gloria Roa BodinImmigration Law for Paralegals, Fourth Edition
  ''978-1-61163-518-8Peyton Paxson · George H. WatsonWhy American Prisons Fail: How to Fix Them without Spending More Money (Maybe Less)
  ''978-1-61163-529-4Sandra Guerra ThompsonCops in Lab Coats: Curbing Wrongful Convictions through Independent Forensic Laboratories
2013978-1-61163-530-0Philip F. Postlewaite · Stephanie HofferInternational Taxation: Corporate and Individual, Eighth Edition
2015978-1-61163-547-8Tom BarkerNorth American Criminal Gangs: Mexico, United States, and Canada, Second Edition
2014978-1-61163-550-8Peter J. Henning · Andrew Taslitz · Margaret L. Paris · Cynthia E. Jones · Ellen S. PodgorMastering Criminal Procedure, Volume 1: The Investigative Stage, Second Edition
  ''978-1-61163-551-5Peter J. Henning · Andrew Taslitz · Margaret L. Paris · Cynthia E. Jones · Ellen S. PodgorMastering Criminal Procedure, Volume 2: The Adjudicatory Stage, Second Edition (Carolina Academic Press Mastering Series)
2015978-1-61163-554-6Michael Hunter Schwartz · Adrian WaltersContracts: A Context and Practice Casebook
2014978-1-61163-568-3Neal R. BevansNorth Carolina Real Estate Law, Third Edition
2016978-1-61163-569-0Roger I. AbramsThe Labor Arbitration Workshop
2018978-1-61163-570-6John Casey · Michael J. Jenkins · Harry R. DammerPolicing the World: The Practice of International and Transnational Policing
2014978-1-61163-572-0Peter NicolasEvidence: A Problem-Based and Comparative Approach, Third Edition, Revised Printing
2014978-1-61163-589-8Linda J. BarrisUnderstanding and Mastering The Bluebook Student Workbook 3
  ''978-1-61163-625-3Philip F. PostlewaiteInternational Taxation: Corporate and Individual, Ninth Edition
2015978-1-61163-630-7Myriam Nafte · Brian DalrympleCrime and Measurement: Methods in Forensic Investigation, Second Edition
2016978-1-61163-632-1Myriam NafteFlesh and Bone
2017978-1-61163-658-1Wes HenricksenMaking Law Review: A Guide to the Write-On Competition
2015978-1-61163-669-7Cliff Roberson · Robert WintersEvidence for Criminal Justice
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