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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-61097-008-2Eric G. TurnerThe Typology of the Early Codex:
  ''978-1-61097-011-2Lydia F. JohnsonDrinking from the Same Well: Cross-Cultural Concerns in Pastoral Care and Counseling
  ''978-1-61097-012-9Ruben AngeliciRichard of Saint Victor, On the Trinity: English Translation and Commentary
  ''978-1-61097-016-7Kenneth OakesReading Karl Barth: A Companion to Karl Barth's Epistle to the Romans
  ''978-1-61097-024-2Dorothy L. SayersThe Just Vengeance:
2011978-1-61097-033-4Christian SmithHow to Go from Being a Good Evangelical to a Committed Catholic in Ninety-Five Difficult Steps:
2010978-1-61097-059-4Ray S. AndersonSelf-Care: A Theology of Personal Empowerment & Spiritual Healing (Ray S. Anderson Collection)
2011978-1-61097-060-0Graham H. TwelftreeJesus the Exorcist: A Contribution to the Study of the Historical Jesus
  ''978-1-61097-070-9Vladimir KharlamovTheosis: Deification in Christian Theology, Volume Two (Princeton Theological Monograph)
  ''978-1-61097-082-2Ursula M. AndersonThe Psalms of Children: Their Songs and Laments: Understanding and Healing the Scars on the Souls of Children
  ''978-1-61097-084-6Simon ChanPentecostal Theology and the Christian Spiritual Tradition:
  ''978-1-61097-085-3G. Scott DavisWarcraft and the Fragility of Virtue: An Essay in Aristotelian Ethics
2011978-1-61097-102-7John A. T. RobinsonThe Priority of John:
2017978-1-61097-104-1B. J. Oropeza1 Corinthians (New Covenant Commentary)
2011978-1-61097-121-8David M. CsinosChildrens Ministry That Fits: Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Approaches to Nurturing Childrens Spirituality
  ''978-1-61097-143-0Evelyn UnderhillFragments from an Inner Life: The Notebooks of Evelyn Underhill
  ''978-1-61097-149-2Christopher Ben SimpsonThe Truth is the Way: Kierkegaard's Theologia Viatorum
  ''978-1-61097-176-8Seth D. PostellAdam as Israel: Genesis 1-3 as the Introduction to the Torah and Tanakh
  ''978-1-61097-194-2J. Ayodeji AdewuyaHoliness and Community in 2 Cor 6:147:1: Paul's View of Communal Holiness in the Corinthian Correspondence
2012978-1-61097-227-7Paul S. ChungReclaiming Mission as Constructive Theology: Missional Church and World Christianity
2011978-1-61097-240-6Dan R. DickEquipped for Every Good Work: Building a Gifts-Based Church
2011978-1-61097-264-2Thomas P. JohnstonMobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest: Voices and Views from the Southern Baptist Professors of Evangelism Fellowship
  ''978-1-61097-276-5Tim SensingQualitative Research: A Multi-Methods Approach to Projects for Doctor of Ministry Theses
  ''978-1-61097-286-4Jim Scott OrrickA Year with George Herbert: A Guide to Fifty-Two of His Best Loved Poems
  ''978-1-61097-334-2Charles Van EngenFootprints of God: A Narrative Theology of Mission
  ''978-1-61097-356-4Paul JeonIntroducing Romans:
2011978-1-61097-370-0Mark W. ForemanChristianity & Bioethics: Confronting Clinical Issues
  ''978-1-61097-386-1David R. BauerAn Annotated Guide to Biblical Resources for Ministry:
  ''978-1-61097-398-4Leander S. HardingReverence for the Heart of the Child:
2012978-1-61097-409-7Virgil ThompsonJustification Is for Preaching: Essays by Oswald Bayer, Gerhard O. Forde, and Others
2011978-1-61097-413-4Udo W. MiddelmannNeither Necessary nor Inevitable: History Neednt Have Been Like That
2012978-1-61097-431-8Jeffrey P. GreenmanUnderstanding Jacques Ellul:
2011978-1-61097-436-3R. Bruce CarltonStrategy Coordinator: Changing the Course of Southern Baptist Missions (Regnum Studies in Mission)
  ''978-1-61097-454-7Kenneth H. OlsonLens to the Natural World: Reflections on Dinosaurs, Galaxies, and God
  ''978-1-61097-475-2Murray DempsterThe Globalization of Pentecostalism: A Religion Made to Travel
2011978-1-61097-493-6Servais PinckaersThe Pursuit of HappinessGod's Way-Living the Beatitudes
2012978-1-61097-528-5K. Brad StammFaithonomics: An Application of Biblical Truth to Times of Economic Crisis
  ''978-1-61097-535-3Walter BrueggemannRemember You Are Dust:
2011978-1-61097-597-1Roland AllenThe Ministry of the Spirit: Selected Writings of Roland Allen
2012978-1-61097-598-8Bob RobinsonJesus and the Religions: Retrieving a Neglected Example for a Multi-cultural World
2011978-1-61097-626-8Robin ParryWorshipping Trinity: Coming Back to the Heart of Worship
  ''978-1-61097-630-5John the Scot John the ScotPeriphyseon on the Division of Nature:
  ''978-1-61097-658-9James E. DolezalGod without Parts: Divine Simplicity and the Metaphysics of God's Absoluteness
2012978-1-61097-698-5Meredith G. KlineTreaty of the Great King: The Covenant Structure of Deuteronomy: Studies and Commentary
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2012978-1-61097-729-6Richard A. Holland Jr.God, Time, and the Incarnation:
2011978-1-61097-829-3Robert K. JohnstonUseless Beauty: Ecclesiastes through the Lens of Contemporary Film
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2012978-1-61097-946-7Will D. Campbell · Richard C. GoodeAnd the Criminals with Him: Essays in Honor of Will D. Campbell and All the Reconciled