Eloquent Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60860-071-7Ruby Jeans JacksonFlying High, Diary of a Flight Attendant
  ''978-1-60860-131-8Bruce SligerGrant Writing for Teachers and Administrators
  ''978-1-60860-150-9Brian M. WoodrowBoth Ways Work Together
  ''978-1-60860-217-9Kerry MorganThe Astral Avenger
  ''978-1-60860-256-8Nic JonesMarketing Brands to Children - Ethically
2009978-1-60860-294-0Rosemary FlemingMarathon Magic
  ''978-1-60860-301-5Sophie BoswellJourney of the Mind: Poems & Lyrics
  ''978-1-60860-380-0T. D. AustinPeople of the Bear Mother
  ''978-1-60860-409-8Nina Hansen MachotkaThe Field Stones of Umbria
  ''978-1-60860-423-4Kinsy McVayJust Line Around
2009978-1-60860-429-6J. Geiling BradySilver Step 210
  ''978-1-60860-491-3Francis W. VanderwallThe Enduring Quest, a Christian's Attempt to Explain Other Religions, Jesus, and Christian Practices: A Textbook.
  ''978-1-60860-543-9Christi LauzonWhere's Owen Goin'?
  ''978-1-60860-553-8Jennifer RobinsonIsabella's Shoes
  ''978-1-60860-620-7Bernadette ArmstrongFinding Luther
2009978-1-60860-622-1Raymond LlorcaRadical Christ: A Biblical Criticism on God, Jesus and Christian Belief
  ''978-1-60860-658-0John LoaseThe Sigfluence Generation Our Young People's Potential to Transform America
  ''978-1-60860-663-4Dennis WierThe Way of Trance
  ''978-1-60860-730-3Orit SuttonHow to Be a Happy Single Mother, an Inspirational Guide to Parenting Alone
  ''978-1-60860-731-0Jon HarmonFeeding Frenzy
2009978-1-60860-758-7Frank Mangano · Steve G. JonesYou Can Attract It
2010978-1-60860-759-4Frank Mangano · Steve G. JonesYou Can Attract It Using the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want
2009978-1-60860-824-9Sherrill S. CannonSanta's Birthday Gift
  ''978-1-60860-976-5Bob J. ZehmerBlue Opera Rock