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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60820-004-7Clare LondonFreeman
  ''978-1-60820-006-1Josh LanyonJosh Lanyon Collected Novellas #1
  ''978-1-60820-007-8Richard StevensonStrachey's Folly (A Donald Strachey Mystery)
  ''978-1-60820-009-2Richard StevensonTongue-Tied: A Donald Strachey Mystery
  ''978-1-60820-013-9   ''The 38 Million Dollar Smile (A Donald Strachey Mystery)
2009978-1-60820-016-0James BuchananInland Empire (Taking the Odds)
  ''978-1-60820-017-7P.A. BrownLA Boneyard
  ''978-1-60820-019-1Ally BlueEight Arms to Hold You
  ''978-1-60820-020-7Amber Green · LB GreggSmart Ass: Close Quarters
2010978-1-60820-024-5J. L. Langley · Jet Mykles · Ally BlueShifting Sands
2009978-1-60820-026-9Kirby CrowAngels of the Deep
  ''978-1-60820-028-3Rick R. ReedBashed
2009978-1-60820-034-4Z. A. MaxfieldNotturno
  ''978-1-60820-038-2Victor J. BanisDEADLY DREAMS (Deadly Mystery #3)
2010978-1-60820-040-5P.A. BrownL. A. Bytes
  ''978-1-60820-044-3Kimberly GardnerBound to Please
2009978-1-60820-048-1Drewey Wayne GunnThe Golden Age of Gay Fiction
  ''978-1-60820-052-8Josh LanyonJosh Lanyon Collected Novellas #2
2009978-1-60820-054-2P.A. BrownGeography of Murder
  ''978-1-60820-056-6J. P. BowieTime After Time
  ''978-1-60820-062-7James BuchananPersonal Demons
2010978-1-60820-069-6P.A. BrownBetween Darkness and Light
2009978-1-60820-074-0   ''Man's Best Friend
  ''978-1-60820-086-3M. Jules AedinEvery Good Thing
  ''978-1-60820-088-7S. J. FrostConquest
2009978-1-60820-090-0Victor J. BanisDeadly Slumber (Deadly Mystery #4)
2010978-1-60820-096-2Richard StevensonCockeyed (A Donald Strachey Mystery)
  ''978-1-60820-098-6Laura Baumbach · Josh Lanyon · Alex BeecroftThe Mysterious
2009978-1-60820-103-7Jardonn Smith · Charlie Cochrane · Stevie WoodsPast Shadows
2010978-1-60820-105-1Victor J. BanisDeadly Silence
  ''978-1-60820-107-5Laura Baumbach · Za Maxfield · Josh LanyonBecause of the Brave
2009978-1-60820-114-3J. S. Cook · Josh LanyonCommitted to Memory Partners in Crime: 5
  ''978-1-60820-119-8J. P. BowieMurder Above Fourth
2010978-1-60820-123-5Josh LanyonThe Dark Tide
  ''978-1-60820-136-5S. J. FrostNo Fear
2010978-1-60820-138-9Neil S. PlakcyMahu Men
  ''978-1-60820-142-6J. P. BowieA Deadly Game
  ''978-1-60820-147-1James BuchananAll or Nothing (Taking the Odds)
  ''978-1-60820-153-2Amber Green · LB GreggSmartAss: Pressure Point
  ''978-1-60820-156-3Jamie CraigWord on a Wing
2010978-1-60820-158-7S. J. FrostKeys to Love
2011978-1-60820-160-0P.A. BrownBermuda Heat
2010978-1-60820-163-1   ''A Forest of Corpses
  ''978-1-60820-165-5Rick R. ReedA Demon Inside
  ''978-1-60820-172-3Z.A. MaxfieldVigil
2011978-1-60820-184-6Ally BlueThese Haunted Heights
2010978-1-60820-208-9V. J. BanisMother of the Moon
  ''978-1-60820-212-6William NealeHome
  ''978-1-60820-214-0Rick R. ReedTricks
2010978-1-60820-221-8D. H. StarrWrestling with Desire
  ''978-1-60820-234-8Haley WalshFoxe Tail (A Skyler Foxe Mystery, #1)
  ''978-1-60820-252-2Maura Anderson · George Seaton · Lex ValentineHonorable Silence
2011978-1-60820-269-0Victor J. BanisDead of Night
  ''978-1-60820-299-7Kimberly GardnerToo Soon for Love
  ''978-1-60820-306-2Neil PlakcyMahu Blood
2011978-1-60820-327-7S. J. FrostBlack Heart Down
  ''978-1-60820-336-9Akm MilesSoldier
  ''978-1-60820-352-9William NealeA New Normal
  ''978-1-60820-360-4Kaje HarperLife Lessons (Life Lessons, #1)
  ''978-1-60820-362-8Richard StevensonRed White Black and Blue (Donald Strachey Mystery)
2011978-1-60820-364-2Aliyah BurkeWhat The Earl Desires
  ''978-1-60820-366-6James BuchananSpin Out (Deputy Joe)
  ''978-1-60820-378-9Neil PlakcyMahu Vice
  ''978-1-60820-391-8William NealeSon of a Ditch
  ''978-1-60820-405-2Ethan DayAs You Are
2011978-1-60820-409-0Kaje HarperBreaking Cover (Life Lessons, #2)
  ''978-1-60820-423-6Haley WalshFoxe Hunt (A Skyler Foxe Mystery, No. 2)
2016978-1-60820-432-8Laura BaumbachRoughhousing (Rough Series)
2011978-1-60820-435-9Rob RosenSouthern Fried
  ''978-1-60820-464-9Kaje HarperUnacceptable Risk (Hidden Wolves, #1)
  ''978-1-60820-467-0Mark ZubroBlack and Blue and Pretty Dead Too (Paul Turner Mystery)
  ''978-1-60820-540-0J. P. BowieHe Ain't Heavy
2012978-1-60820-588-2Kaje HarperUnexpected Demands (Hidden Wolves)
2012978-1-60820-591-2Neil PlakcyZero Break
  ''978-1-60820-650-6Ethan DayA Token of Time
  ''978-1-60820-666-7   ''At Piper's Point
  ''978-1-60820-706-0Richard StevensonThe Last Thing I Saw (Donald Strachey Mystery)
  ''978-1-60820-731-2Mark Richard ZubroAnother Dead Republican
2012978-1-60820-776-3Kaje HarperHome Work (Life Lessons)
  ''978-1-60820-810-4Haley WalshOut-Foxed (Skyler Foxe Mysteries)
2014978-1-60820-875-3Kendall McKennaThe Final Line (The Recon Diaries) (Volume 1)
2013978-1-60820-899-9Lizzie T. Leaf · Helen HardtThe Cougar Club #1
  ''978-1-60820-903-3Mark ZubroPawn of Satan