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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-60796-000-3Willliam Strunk Jr.The Elements of Style
2008978-1-60796-002-7Carter G. WoodsonThe Mis-Education of the Negro
  ''978-1-60796-004-1Theodore AnnemannPractical Mental Magic
  ''978-1-60796-009-6Walt WhitmanSong of Myself
  ''978-1-60796-010-2Catherine PonderPray and Grow Rich
  ''978-1-60796-011-9Earl NightingaleOn Success
2008978-1-60796-012-6William L. RiordonPlunkitt of Tammany Hall
  ''978-1-60796-015-7Primo LeviSobreviviendo en Auschwitz - Si esto es el Hombre / Survival In Auschwitz - If This Is a Man
  ''978-1-60796-016-4Rabbi Meir Kahane · Meir KahaneThe Story of the Jewish Defense League by Rabbi Meir Kahane
2009978-1-60796-018-8Hermann HesseDemian
2008978-1-60796-019-5Stephen PotterThe Theory and Practice of Gamesmanship or The Art of Winning Games Without Actually Cheating
  ''978-1-60796-021-8Stella GibbonsCold Comfort Farm (Abridged Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-022-5Jose MeliNavegando en la Tormenta de los Mercados Forex - Metodo: Trading by Surfing (Spanish Edition)
2009978-1-60796-026-3Rainer Maria RilkeLetters to a Young Poet
2008978-1-60796-028-7W. J. KingThe Unwritten Laws of Business
2009978-1-60796-031-7Gail GrantTechnical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet
2008978-1-60796-033-1Sigmund FreudFive Lectures on Psycho-Analysis
2008978-1-60796-034-8American Psychiatric AssociationDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Dsm-I Original Edition
2009978-1-60796-050-8J.R. Clark-HallA Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
  ''978-1-60796-051-5Lillian HellmanThe Children's Hour
  ''978-1-60796-054-6Richard D. Wyckoff · aka Rollo TapeStudies in Tape Reading
2008978-1-60796-055-3Warren BuffettBack to School: Question & Answer Session with Business Students
  ''978-1-60796-056-0John DeweyThe School and Society & The Child and the Curriculum
2009978-1-60796-061-4T E LawrenceSeven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
  ''978-1-60796-062-1T. E. Lawrence · Thomas Edward LawrenceSeven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph
2009978-1-60796-064-5John Maynard KeynesThe General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
  ''978-1-60796-065-2Murray N. RothbardAmerica's Great Depression
2008978-1-60796-066-9George S. ClasonThe Richest Man in Babylon
2009978-1-60796-068-3Department ArmyThe Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants
2008978-1-60796-069-0Russell KirkThe Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot
2009978-1-60796-071-3F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  ''978-1-60796-072-0Ayn RandAnthem
  ''978-1-60796-076-8Bartolome De Las CasasA Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies
  ''978-1-60796-077-5Bartolome De Las CasasA Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies
2009978-1-60796-079-9Robert D. EdwardsAnalisis Tecnico de las Tendencias de Acciones / Technical Analysis of Stock Trends (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-081-2John Maynard KeynesA Tract on Monetary Reform
  ''978-1-60796-083-6F. Scott FitzgeraldEl Curioso Caso de Benjamin Button / The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-084-3B. H. Liddell HartStrategy
  ''978-1-60796-086-7John Maynard KeynesThe End of Laissez-Faire: The Economic Consequences of the Peace
2009978-1-60796-087-4Vladimir LeninEssential Works of Lenin: "What Is to Be Done?" and Other Writings
  ''978-1-60796-091-1John Maynard KeynesEssays In Persuasion
  ''978-1-60796-093-5Maria MontessoriThe Absorbent Mind
  ''978-1-60796-109-3W. D. Gann · Richard D. WyckoffW.D. Gann Interview by Richard D. Wyckoff: The Law of Vibration Governs Stocks, Forex and Commodities Movements
  ''978-1-60796-110-9Murray N. RothbardAmerica's Great Depression
2009978-1-60796-114-7Meir KahaneNever Again !: A Program for Survival
  ''978-1-60796-119-2Musashi MiyamotoBook of Five Rings
  ''978-1-60796-127-7Lao TseTao Te Ching
  ''978-1-60796-130-7Lajos EgriThe Art Of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis In The Creative Interpretation Of Human Motives
  ''978-1-60796-131-4Theodore RooseveltThe Strenuous Life
2009978-1-60796-141-3Ayn RandAnthem
  ''978-1-60796-142-0Joseph MurphyThe Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  ''978-1-60796-145-1Bruce LeeThe Lost Interview
  ''978-1-60796-148-2George GamowGravity
  ''978-1-60796-151-2Milton FriedmanPrice Theory
2009978-1-60796-152-9Chinua AchebeNo Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe (the author of Things Fall Apart)
  ''978-1-60796-154-3Eric BerneTransactional Analysis in Psychotherapy
  ''978-1-60796-155-0Meir Kahane · Rabbi Meir KahaneWhy Be Jewish ? Intermarriage, Assimilation, and Alienation
  ''978-1-60796-161-1Lillian HellmanThe Children's Hour
  ''978-1-60796-162-8Napoleon HillThe Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
2009978-1-60796-163-5robert-d-edwardsTechnical Analysis of Stock Trends
  ''978-1-60796-164-2Nikola TeslaThe True Wireless
  ''978-1-60796-169-7Maria MontessoriThe Montessori Method
2010978-1-60796-174-1Charles F. HaanelThe Complete Master Key System (Now Including 28 Chapters)
2009978-1-60796-178-9W. D. GannThe W. D. Gann Master Commodity Course: Original Commodity Market Trading Course
  ''978-1-60796-180-2Diaz Del Casti Bernal Diaz Del Castillo · Bernal Diaz Del CastilloThe Conquest of New Spain
  ''978-1-60796-183-3Irving FisherThe Money Illusion
2009978-1-60796-185-7Richard D. WyckoffHow I Trade and Invest in Stocks and Bonds
  ''978-1-60796-189-5Ernst JungerStorm of Steel
  ''978-1-60796-191-8Kahlil GibranEl Loco (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-192-5W. D. GannStock Market Forecasting Courses
  ''978-1-60796-200-7Nicolas DarvasAn Interview with Nicolas Darvas
2009978-1-60796-202-1Kahlil GibranEl Profeta / The Prophet (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-205-2Dale CarnegieComo hablar bien en publico e influir en los hombres de negocios por Dale Carnegie autor de Como Ganar Amigos (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-60796-209-0Rubén DaríoAzul (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-210-6Joseph MurphyComo Atraer Dinero Por Dr.Joseph Murphy Autor de El Poder de La Mente Subconsciente (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-212-0Robert Edwards · John MageeTechnical Analysis of Stock Trends by Robert D. Edwards and John Magee
  ''978-1-60796-213-7Charles F. HaanelThe Complete Master Key System (Now Including 28 Chapters)
2012978-1-60796-217-5Dale CarnegieHow To Win Friends And Influence People: A Condensation From The Book
2010978-1-60796-223-6Robert Edwards · John MageeTechnical Analysis of Stock Trends by Robert D. Edwards and John Magee
2010978-1-60796-228-1Eric S. RaymondCathedral and the Bazaar
  ''978-1-60796-233-5John Singer SargentSargent Portrait Drawings
  ''978-1-60796-236-6Claude C. HopkinsScientific Advertising
  ''978-1-60796-238-0Enrico FermiThermodynamics
  ''978-1-60796-239-7Hermann WeylThe Concept of a Riemann Surface
2010978-1-60796-240-3Isaac NewtonThe Principia: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
  ''978-1-60796-246-5Frederic ChopinComplete Preludes, Nocturnes and Waltzes: 26 Preludes, 21 Nocturnes, 19 Waltzes for Piano
  ''978-1-60796-248-9C. L. HanonVirtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises: Complete
2012978-1-60796-250-2Antoine de Saint-ExuperyEl Principito (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-60796-251-9Invisible Committee · Invisible CommitteeThe Coming Insurrection
  ''978-1-60796-255-7Warren BuffettWarren Buffett Talks to MBA Students
2012978-1-60796-264-9NatoEmergency War Surgery
2010978-1-60796-265-6Dickson G. WattsSpeculation As a Fine Art and Thoughts on Life
  ''978-1-60796-266-3Thomas MertonPraying the Psalms
2010978-1-60796-270-0Earl NightingaleLe Plus Etrange Des Secrets / The Strangest Secret (French Edition)
2010978-1-60796-272-4William Cooper NellThe Colored Patriots of the American Revolution
  ''978-1-60796-275-5William H. DanforthI Dare You!
  ''978-1-60796-281-6U. S. Dept of AgricultureComplete Guide to Home Canning and Preserving (2009 Revision)
2011978-1-60796-285-4Albert EinsteinInvestigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement
  ''978-1-60796-287-8Robert CollierThe Secret of the Ages
2010978-1-60796-295-3Steve BurnsHow I Made Money Using the Nicolas Darvas System, Which Made Him $2,000,000 in the Stock Market
2011978-1-60796-300-4Rabbi M. SilberPentateuch with Targum Onkelos and Rashi's Commentary: Torah the Book of Devarim, Volume V (Hebrew / English)
2010978-1-60796-302-8Antoine de Saint-ExupéryThe Little Prince
  ''978-1-60796-304-2H. Von DachTotal Resistance
2010978-1-60796-311-0Jose MeliComo Alcanzar U$ 1 Millon de Dolares Transando Online: Cfds Contratos Por Diferencia, Lo Mejor de La Bolsa, Un Solo Instrumento Para Transar de Todo: (Spanish Edition)
2011978-1-60796-314-1Ralph Nelson ElliottNature's law: The secret of the universe (Elliott Wave)
2010978-1-60796-318-9Antoine De Saint-Exupery · Antoine de Saint-ExuperyThe Little Prince
2011978-1-60796-320-2Theodore RooseveltThe Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt
2014978-1-60796-321-9Gustave DoreDore's Illustrations for Don Quixote
  ''978-1-60796-332-5Ludwig Von MisesTheory of Money and Credit
  ''978-1-60796-335-6Marshall Erwin RommelInfantry Attacks
2011978-1-60796-345-5William NickersonHow to Make a Fortune Today-Starting from Scratch: Nickerson's New Real Estate Guide
2014978-1-60796-347-9Willie LynchThe Willie Lynch Letter And the Making of A Slave
2011978-1-60796-353-0Warren Buffett · George Soros · John PaulsonInvest like a Billionaire: If you are not watching the best investor in the world, who are you watching? (2011)
  ''978-1-60796-359-2Claude M. BristolThe Magic of Believing
2014978-1-60796-362-2Steve BelichickFootball Scouting Methods
2012978-1-60796-363-9Steve BurnsNew Trader, Rich Trader: How to Make Money in the Stock Market
2011978-1-60796-370-7Juan Torres MariVivir del Forex (Spanish Edition)
2014978-1-60796-377-6Eric SloaneA Reverence for Wood
2011978-1-60796-385-1Robert ScheinfeldThe Business School of Consciousness: How to Bust Loose from the "Old" Business Game
  ''978-1-60796-387-5Hans WehrArabic-English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic
2011978-1-60796-397-4Centers for Medicare · Medicaid Services · U. S. Department of HealthMedicare & You 2012
2012978-1-60796-403-2United States Air ForceU.S. Air Force Survival Handbook (AF Regulation)
2014978-1-60796-408-7George BickhamThe Universal Penman
2012978-1-60796-409-4Martin GardnerMathematics, Magic and Mystery
  ''978-1-60796-410-0Stella GibbonsCold Comfort Farm (Unabridged)
  ''978-1-60796-415-5Antoine De Saint-ExuperyLe Petit Prince (French Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-418-6George Lawrence StoneStick Control: For the Snare Drummer
  ''978-1-60796-425-4George Samuel ClasonL'Homme Le Plus Riche de Babylone (French Edition)
2012978-1-60796-432-2Paul A. M. DiracLectures on Quantum Mechanics
  ''978-1-60796-450-6Richard D. Wyckoff · Jesse LivermoreJesse Livermore's Methods of Trading in Stocks
  ''978-1-60796-458-2Beryl MarkhamWest with the Night
2013978-1-60796-470-4John Burr WilliamsThe Theory of Investment Value
2014978-1-60796-472-8NasaSaturn V Flight Manual
2012978-1-60796-481-0William PowellThe Anarchist Cookbook
  ''978-1-60796-483-4Central Intelligence AgencyThe CIA Document of Human Manipulation: Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual
  ''978-1-60796-490-2Central Intelligence AgencyCIA Lock Picking: Field Operative Training Manual
2012978-1-60796-506-0NasaSaturn V Flight Manual
  ''978-1-60796-533-6V. M. HillyerA Child's History of the World
  ''978-1-60796-546-6William Clement StoneThe Success System That Never Fails
  ''978-1-60796-548-0Rabino Isaac WeissLa Torah, El Pentateuco: Traduccion de La Torah Basada En El Talmud, El Midrash y Las Fuentes Judias Clasicas. (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-553-4Rabbi Nathan GoldbergPassover Haggadah: A New English Translation and Instructions for the Seder
2013978-1-60796-567-1Ernesto Che GuevaraGuerrilla Warfare
2013978-1-60796-570-1G. M. LoebThe Battle for Investment Survival
  ''978-1-60796-575-6United States Marine CorpsThe Marine Corps Martial Arts Program: The Complete Combat System
  ''978-1-60796-579-4George Lawrence StoneStick Control: For the Snare Drummer
  ''978-1-60796-580-0United States Marine CorpsThe Marine Corps Martial Arts Program: The Complete Combat System
  ''978-1-60796-586-2Len SeymourThe Secrets of Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike
2013978-1-60796-591-6Centers for Medicare · Medicaid Services · U. S. Department of HealthMedicare & You 2013
  ''978-1-60796-604-3Stanley BurroughsThe Master Cleanser
  ''978-1-60796-606-7David BronsteinZurich International Chess Tournament, 1953
  ''978-1-60796-611-1Walter J. HoweProfessional Gunsmithing: A Textbook On The Repair And Alteration Of Firearms
  ''978-1-60796-621-0Maxwell MaltzPsycho-Cybernetics and Self-Fulfillment
2013978-1-60796-622-7M. G. KaplanianAlhambra Diccionario Espanol-Arabe/Arabe-Espanol (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-628-9Robert RheaThe Dow Theory
  ''978-1-60796-641-8Emmet FoxThe Golden Key
2014978-1-60796-668-5US Naval Observatory · UK Hydrographic2014 Nautical Almanac
  ''978-1-60796-686-9U. S. Andersen · Uell S. AndersenThe Magic in Your Mind
1993978-1-60796-687-6Stanley BurroughsHealing for the Age of Enlightenment
2014978-1-60796-714-9Abraham Leib BerensteinMas dulce que la Miel: Ensenanzas de la parasha para la mesa de shabat y dias festivos (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-60796-719-4Michael FaitgnerLa Estrategia de Las Tortugas (Spanish Edition)
2014978-1-60796-750-7Mary ChaseHarvey
  ''978-1-60796-756-9George BickhamThe Universal Penman
  ''978-1-60796-762-0Lawrence ReverePlaying Blackjack as a Business
  ''978-1-60796-772-9Murray RothbardAnatomy of the State
  ''978-1-60796-773-6Murray RothbardAnatomy of the State
2014978-1-60796-779-8US Naval Observatory · UK Hydrographic2015 Nautical Almanac
  ''978-1-60796-780-4   ''2015 Nautical Almanac
2015978-1-60796-817-7U.S. NavyU.S. Navy SEAL Sniper Training Program
  ''978-1-60796-883-2Ted ReedProgressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer
  ''978-1-60796-921-1UK Hydrographic · US Naval Observatory2016 Nautical Almanac
2017978-1-60796-973-0Edward JohnsonDisciples Topical Bible