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2009978-1-60781-000-1Curtis SchaafsmaThe Casas Grandes World
2010978-1-60781-001-8Takeshi Inomata · Daniela TriadanBurned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca: Excavations and Ceramics (Monographs of the Aguateca Archaeological Project First Phase)
2011978-1-60781-004-9Robert FillmoreGeological Evolution of the Colorado Plateau of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado
2010978-1-60781-005-6Doug Jones · Bojka MilicicKinship, Language, and Prehistory: Per Hage and the Renaissance in Kinship Studies
  ''978-1-60781-008-7Jeff Berglund · Jan RoushSherman Alexie: A Collection of Critical Essays
  ''978-1-60781-011-7Steven R SimmsTraces of Fremont: Society and Rock Art in Ancient Utah
  ''978-1-60781-013-1Justin McCarthyThe Turk in America: The Creation of an Enduring Prejudice (Utah Series in Turkish and Islamic Stud)
  ''978-1-60781-017-9KUEDThe Alta Experience
2010978-1-60781-023-0George B HandleyHome Waters: A Year of Recompenses on the Provo River
  ''978-1-60781-024-7Michael E SmithThe Postclassic Mesoamerican World
  ''978-1-60781-027-8Kelly E Graf · Dave N. SchmittPaleoindian or Paleoarchaic?: Great Basin Human Ecology at the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition
2011978-1-60781-028-5Gwendolyn L WaringA Natural History of the Intermountain West: Its Ecological and Evolutionary Story
2010978-1-60781-124-4Florence Caplow · Susan A Cohen · H. Emerson BlakeWildbranch: An Anthology of Nature, Environmental, and Place-based Writing
2011978-1-60781-129-9Robert SilbernagelTroubled Trails: The Meeker Affair and the Expulsion of Utes from Colorado
  ''978-1-60781-134-3Don D FowlerGlen Canyon Country, The: A Personal Memoir
  ''978-1-60781-136-7Michael Brian SchifferStudying Technological Change: A Behavioral Approach (Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry)
2011978-1-60781-137-4Laurance D. LinfordTony Hillerman's Navajoland: Hideouts, Haunts, and Havens in the Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee Mysteries
  ''978-1-60781-144-2Jennifer PerrineIn the Human Zoo (Agha Shahid Ali Prize in Poetry)
2012978-1-60781-166-4Bernardino de SahagunFlorentine Codex: Book 11: Book 11: Earthly Things (Monographs of the School of American Re)
2008978-1-60781-169-5Shannon A NovakHouse of Mourning: A Biocultural History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
2012978-1-60781-184-8Albert White Hat SrLife's Journey_Zuya: Oral Teachings from Rosebud
  ''978-1-60781-192-3Arthur J. O. Anderson · Charles E. DibbleThe Florentine Codex: A General History of the Things of New Spain
  ''978-1-60781-195-4R. Gwinn Vivian · Bruce HilpertChaco Handbook: An Encyclopedia Guide (Chaco Canyon)
  ''978-1-60781-207-4Leonard EngelNew Essays on Clint Eastwood
2014978-1-60781-341-5Charles A HoflingLacandon Maya-Spanish-English Dictionary
2014978-1-60781-382-8Michael J. ShottWorks in Stone: Contemporary Perspectives on Lithic Analysis
2015978-1-60781-416-0Mark Z. Christensen · Jonathan TruittNative Wills from the Colonial Americas: Dead Giveaways in a New World
2016978-1-60781-485-6Jack M Broughton · Shawn D. MillerZooarchaeology and Field Ecology: A Photographic Atlas
  ''978-1-60781-489-4Kerry HullA Dictionary of Ch'orti' Mayan-Spanish-English
  ''978-1-60781-504-4Claudia García-Des Lauriers · Michael W. LoveArchaeology and Identity on the Pacific Coast and Southern Highlands of Mesoamerica
  ''978-1-60781-506-8Mary Ownby · Isabelle Druc · Maria MasucciIntegrative Approaches in Ceramic Petrography
2017978-1-60781-543-3Anna Marie PrentissThe Last House at Bridge River: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Household in British Columbia during the Fur Trade Period
  ''978-1-60781-559-4Barbara VoorhiesPrehistoric Games of North American Indians: Subarctic to Mesoamerica
2017978-1-60781-561-7Michael S. FosterThe Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and Environment of the Marismas Nacionales
  ''978-1-60781-564-8Mark MathesonThe Tanner Lectures on Human Values: Volume 36
  ''978-1-60781-572-3Jane Holden Kelley · David A. Phillips Jr.Not so Far from Paquimé: Essays on the Archaeology of Chihuahua, Mexico
2018978-1-60781-593-8Jamil HasanliThe Sovietization of Azerbaijan: The South Caucasus in the Triangle of Russia, Turkey, and Iran, 1920-1922 (Utah Series in Middle East Studies)
  ''978-1-60781-595-2E. Richard HartAmerican Indian History on Trial: Historical Expertise in Tribal Litigation
2019978-1-60781-620-1Deni J. Seymour · Oscar S RodriguezTo the Corner of the Province: The 1780 Ugarte-Rocha Sonoran Reconnaissance and Implications for Environmental and Cultural Change
2018978-1-60781-622-5Michael J. ShottPottery Ethnoarchaeology in the Michoacán Sierra (Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry)
2019978-1-60781-645-4Rafael Suarez · Ciprian F. ArdeleanPeople and Culture in Ice Age Americas: New Dimensions in Paleoamerican Archaeology
  ''978-1-60781-678-2Robert J. Hard · John R. RoneyEarly Farming and Warfare in Northwest Mexico
2019978-1-60781-688-1Konden Smith HansenFrontier Religion: Mormons in America, 1857-1907
  ''978-1-60781-729-1Corinne Heyning LavertyNorth America's Galapagos: The Historic Channel Islands Biological Survey
2020978-1-60781-740-6Eric A. Eliason · Lynne S McNeill · Carol EdisonThis Is the Plate: Utah Food Traditions
  ''978-1-60781-755-0Ronald O. BarneyJoseph Smith: History, Methods, and Memory
  ''978-1-60781-766-6Frederick H SwansonWonders of Sand and Stone: A History of Utah's National Parks and Monuments
  ''978-1-60781-777-2Mark MathesonThe Tanner Lectures on Human Values: Volume 38
2020978-1-60781-781-9Catherine S FowlerDutton's Dirty Diggers: Bertha P. Dutton and the Senior Girl Scout Archaeological Camps in the American Southwest, 1947-1957
  ''978-1-60781-783-3   ''Dutton's Dirty Diggers: Bertha P. Dutton and the Senior Girl Scout Archaeological Camps in the American Southwest, 1947-1957