year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60743-026-1Robert J. HingAnnals of Flight: 100 Books Briefly Noted
  ''978-1-60743-033-9Jewel Diamond TaylorShift Happens - Keep the main thing the main thing
  ''978-1-60743-040-7Lawrence William NewmanThe Apostle Islands--America's Wilderness In The Water
  ''978-1-60743-109-1Grant CardoneThe Closer's Survival Guide
  ''978-1-60743-136-7Damien Young CHT CPT SPNTrain Your Brain for Weight Loss - 2 Self Hypnosis CD's for Weight Loss Empowerment and Exercise Motivation (Train Your Brain for Weight Loss, 1)
2009978-1-60743-169-5Dave HlavacHow To Run A Successful Garage Sale - Includes Software!
  ''978-1-60743-171-8Hans RueffertEat Like There's No Tomorrow
  ''978-1-60743-197-8Johnny Wimbrey,Matt Morris,Ellie Drake,Nik Halik,Paul Clarke,Elaine Powell,Jose De La Torre Jr.,Bobby Minor,Diana McKenzie,Dion Johnson Daniel ListerMultiple Streams of Inspiration Volume 2: Enlightening, Empowering, Encouraging, Inspiring
2008978-1-60743-199-2Gerhard B. NaesethNorwegian Immigrants to the United States (Volume One 1825-1843)
  ''978-1-60743-200-5Blaine Hedberg · Gerhard B. NaesethNorwegian Immigrants to the United States (Volume Five 1850)
2009978-1-60743-238-8Ray LongThe Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I
  ''978-1-60743-239-5Ray LongThe Key Poses of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume II
2010978-1-60743-359-0Clara Margaret CzegenyHelens Hungarian Heritage Recipes (LARGE PRINT EDITION)
2008978-1-60743-369-9Karina PallagstCities Growing Smaller (Urban Infill, Volume 1)
2009978-1-60743-370-5Terry Schwarz · Philipp Oswalt · Klaus Overmeyer · Philipp Misselwitz · Jennifer Malloy · Tore Dobberstein · Andreas Haase · Elke KnoessPop Up City (Urban Infill, Volume 2)
2010978-1-60743-371-2Terry Schwarz Gauri Torgalkarwater|craft (Urban Infill, Volume 3)
2010978-1-60743-381-1R.P. WhittingtonSecond Strike
2008978-1-60743-411-5Jarrod Jones13 Ways to Ruin Your Life
2009978-1-60743-413-9Srikanth Jadcherla · Janick Bergeron · Yoshio Inoue · David FlynnVerification Methodology Manual for Low Power
2008978-1-60743-414-6Joanne ScaglioneLiving The Secret Everyday: My Secret Meditation
2012978-1-60743-461-0Robert HaasPeace Corps Letters from the Ivory Coast (1964-1966)
2009978-1-60743-522-8Barry Allen LanmanBaltimore County: Celebrating a Legacy 1659-2009
2011978-1-60743-533-4Stu SilversteinLaughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards: The Seriously Funny Study Guide (Silverstein, Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boar)
1900978-1-60743-534-1Stu SilversteinSurfing Your Way to Pediatric Recertification
2013978-1-60743-535-8Amy McGregor · David Z. RoseLaughing Your Way to Passing the Neurology Boards
2009978-1-60743-571-6Lee UptonThe Guide To The Flying Island
  ''978-1-60743-690-4Langston HughesAsk Your Mama: 12 Moods For Jazz
2011978-1-60743-725-3Richard RiceSimple Choral Gradual
  ''978-1-60743-726-0Adam Bartlett · Jeffrey A. TuckerSimple English Propers: For the Ordinary Form of Mass Sundays and Feasts
2009978-1-60743-732-1Larken RoseThe Iron Web
2014978-1-60743-791-8Claire P. NortonFeeding Your Anorexic Adolescent
1999978-1-60743-799-4Thomas Keith BurnetteNatures Secret Agents
2009978-1-60743-897-7Bill PettyHieroglyphic Sign List
2008978-1-60743-926-4Andrew ScholbergGerman Cancer Breakthrough
2009978-1-60743-932-5Clarissa SlighWrongly Bodied: Documenting Transition From Female to Male
2010978-1-60743-942-4Ray LongYoga Mat Companion 2: Anatomy for Hip Openers and Forward Bends
  ''978-1-60743-943-1   ''Yoga Mat Companion 1: Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow and Standing Poses
  ''978-1-60743-944-8   ''Yoga Mat Companion 3: Anatomy for Backbends and Twists
2010978-1-60743-945-5Ray LongYoga Mat Companion 4: Anatomy for Arm Balances and Inversions

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