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2008978-1-60679-000-7Cliff Rovelto · Gwen Wentland101 High Jump Drills (Coaches Choice)
  ''978-1-60679-002-1Steve Axman101 Concepts for Effective Football Practice (Coaches Choice)
  ''978-1-60679-004-5Bob Bennett101 Catching Drills
  ''978-1-60679-007-6Earl Browning2008 Offensive Line Coaches Handbook
  ''978-1-60679-009-0Rod HuffCoaching Made Easier: How to Successfully Manage Your Youth Baseball Team A Step-by-Step Guide to a Rewarding Season
2008978-1-60679-011-3Linda Ross · PhDMind-Body Conditioning for Competitive Figure Skaters
  ''978-1-60679-012-0Thomas PlummerNaked Woman at My Door and Why That's a Bad Thing: Lessons Learned in the Fitness Business From a Life on the Road
  ''978-1-60679-013-7George Thole · Jerry FoleyCoaching the Veer Offense (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-60679-014-4Armand Ball · Beverly BallBasic Camp Management: An Introduction to Camp Administration (7th Edition)
2009978-1-60679-028-1Homer SmithThe Complete Handbook of Clock Management (Revised 2009)
2008978-1-60679-031-1Bill Bowerman · Bill FreemanBill Bowerman's High-Performance Training for Track and Field (Third Edition)
  ''978-1-60679-032-8Rob Lasorsa · James A. Peterson101 Shot Put Drills
2009978-1-60679-035-9Tom KelsoThe Strength Training Workout Encyclopedia
2009978-1-60679-038-0Gong Chen · Carol ChenCoaching Badminton 101
  ''978-1-60679-042-7Tom House · Doug ThornburnArm Action, Arm Path, and the Perfect Pitch: Building a Million-dollar Arm
  ''978-1-60679-043-4Tim Murphy101 Double-Wing Offense Plays
  ''978-1-60679-044-1Dan GonzalezConcept Passing: Teaching the Modern Passing Game
  ''978-1-60679-045-8Bob Christmas · Ronnie EavesDefending the Wing-T with the Split 4-4 Defense
2009978-1-60679-046-5Tom OlivadottiCoaching Pattern-Read Coverage
  ''978-1-60679-047-2Brent Eckley101 No-huddle Spread Offense Plays
  ''978-1-60679-049-6Steve Loney101 Offensive Line Drills (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-60679-054-0Nancy FergusonGrab-and-Go Activities: Teaching Younger Children (Ages 6 to 8) About God's Creation
  ''978-1-60679-058-8Linda Ebner Erceg · Myra PravdaThe Basics of Camp Nursing (Second Edition)
2009978-1-60679-062-5Earl Browning2009 Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual
  ''978-1-60679-065-6   ''2009 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes
  ''978-1-60679-066-3   ''2009 Offensive Line Coaches Handbook: Featuring Lectures From the 2009 C.O.O.L. Clinic
  ''978-1-60679-070-0Brent Eckley101 No-Huddle Spread Offense Drills
  ''978-1-60679-073-1Lew Johnston101 "Little Things" That Can Make a BIG Difference: Developing a Consistently Successful Football Program
2009978-1-60679-076-2Jerry GordonCoaching the Under Front Defense
  ''978-1-60679-077-9Tom Lewis101 Single Wing Plays
2010978-1-60679-080-9Larry Lauer · Daniel Gould · Paul Lubbers · Mark KovacsUSTA Mental Skills and Drills Handbook
  ''978-1-60679-081-6John RiceDefending the Spread Offense
  ''978-1-60679-084-7Luis OrtizThe Natural Hitter s Drill Handbook-Vol 3: 101 Drills to Improve Hitting Strength
  ''978-1-60679-085-4Earl BrowningCoaching the 4-3 Defense: By the Experts (Third Edition)
2010978-1-60679-086-1Earl BrowningCoaching Special Teams: By the Experts (Third Edition)
  ''978-1-60679-087-8   ''Coaching the Defensive Secondary: By the Experts (Third Edition)
  ''978-1-60679-088-5   ''Coaching the Spread Offense: By the Experts
  ''978-1-60679-096-0Jared Knight101 Swimming Pool Games & Activities
  ''978-1-60679-099-1Richard BellWinning Defensive Football
2010978-1-60679-101-1Thomas PlummerWhere Did That Member Go? Rediscovering the Lost Art of Member Service
  ''978-1-60679-104-2Earl Browning2010 Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual
  ''978-1-60679-106-6Pat WilliamsThe Winning Combination: 21 Keys to Coaching and Leadership Greatness
  ''978-1-60679-107-3Larry ManfullOffensive Line Technique Manual
  ''978-1-60679-109-7Earl Browning2010 Clinic Notes: Lectures by Premier High School Coaches
2010978-1-60679-116-5Jason R Karp101 Developmental Concepts & Workouts for Cross Country Runners
2011978-1-60679-138-7Joe Dinoffer101 Fun Skill Builders for Kids (Revised Edition)
2010978-1-60679-141-7Leo HandCoaching Football s Double Eagle-Double Flex Defense
2011978-1-60679-147-9Earl BrowningCoaching the Defensive Line: By the Experts (Third Edition)
2011978-1-60679-151-6Earl BrowningThe Ultimate Football Coaching Manual: By the Experts (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-60679-155-4Diane Tyrrell101 Games and Activities for Canoes and Kayaks
  ''978-1-60679-160-8Bob DitterBob Ditter s Pocket Guide For Day Camp Counselors (Second Edition)
  ''978-1-60679-165-3Bob DitterSummer Camp Rules! Thirty Years of Practical Wisdom from Bob Ditter
  ''978-1-60679-169-1Thomas PlummerLiving Your Dream: Opening a Financially Successful Fitness Business
2011978-1-60679-171-4Earl Browning · M.Ed.2011 Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual
  ''978-1-60679-172-1Earl Browning · M.Ed.2011 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes
  ''978-1-60679-179-0   ''2011 Offensive Line Coaches Handbook: Featuring Lectures From the 2011 C.O.O.L. Clinic
  ''978-1-60679-180-6Ralph Karst · Ph.D.Developing the Perfect Jump Shot
2012978-1-60679-218-6Earl Browning2012 Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual
  ''978-1-60679-219-3Stephen Paul · Scott Rand · Mark Stovak · Marc P. HilgersAMSSM Sports Medicine CAQ Study Guide
2014978-1-60679-293-3Jerry WeinsteinThe Complete Handbook of Coaching Catchers