Calla Editions

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-60660-000-9Hans Christian AndersenStories from Hans Christian Andersen (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-001-6Louise SaundersThe Knave of Hearts (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-003-0Kay NielsenEast of the Sun and West of the Moon: Old Tales from the North (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-004-7Edgar Allan PoeTales of Mystery and Imagination (Calla Editions)
2010978-1-60660-005-4William ShakespeareHamlet, Prince of Denmark (Calla Editions)
2009978-1-60660-006-1Stanley AppelbaumSpectacle in the White City: The Chicago 1893 World's Fair (Calla Editions)
2010978-1-60660-008-5Rene BullThe Arabian Nights (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-010-8Jacob and Wilhelm GrimmGrimm's Fairy Tales (Calla Editions)
2010978-1-60660-011-5Brian Wallis Chief CuratorMarilyn, August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-012-2Mark HelprinA Kingdom Far and Clear: The Complete Swan Lake Trilogy (Calla Editions)
2011978-1-60660-015-3William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night's Dream (Calla Editions)
2013978-1-60660-016-0Edgar Allan PoeThe Bells and Other Poems (Calla Editions)
2011978-1-60660-017-7William TimlinThe Ship That Sailed to Mars (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-018-4Flora Annie Steel · Arthur RackhamEnglish Fairy Tales (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-019-1Arthur Quiller-Couch · Edmund DulacThe Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-020-7David WalserThe Thousand Nights and One Night (Calla Editions)
2011978-1-60660-021-4Oscar WildeA House of Pomegranates (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-022-1James GurneyDinotopia, A Land Apart from Time: 20th Anniversary Edition (Calla Editions)
2012978-1-60660-025-2Arthur Quiller-CouchThe Twelve Dancing Princesses and Other Fairy Tales (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-033-7James GurneyDinotopia, The World Beneath: 20th Anniversary Edition (Calla Editions)
2013978-1-60660-042-9Charles Lamb · Mary LambTales from Shakespeare (Calla Editions)
  ''978-1-60660-047-4Alice StarmoreTudor Roses
  ''978-1-60660-049-8Clifford A. PickoverThe Book of Black: Black Holes, Black Death, Black Forest Cake and Other Dark Sides of Life
2013978-1-60660-050-4Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFaust (Calla Editions)
2014978-1-60660-057-3James GurneyDinotopia, First Flight: 20th Anniversary Edition (Calla Editions)
2018978-1-60660-083-2Alice StarmoreAlice Starmore's Glamourie (Calla Editions)
2017978-1-60660-096-2F. Funck-BrentanoJoan of Arc (Calla Editions)