Phaze Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-60659-028-7Mychael Black · Shayne CarmichaelThe Cowboy and the Thief
  ''978-1-60659-036-2Eden Bradley · Eliza Gayle · Reese Gabriel · Alessia BrioSurrender: Tales of Erotic Submission
  ''978-1-60659-038-6Marie RochelleThe Men of CCD: Loving True
  ''978-1-60659-043-0Marie RochelleCloser To You: Lee
  ''978-1-60659-052-2   ''Taken By Storm
2009978-1-60659-054-6   ''Slow Seduction (Men of CCD)
2009978-1-60659-062-1Piers Anthony · Joseph InabnetRelationships, Vol. 3
2008978-1-60659-085-0Marie RochelleA Taste of Love: Richard
2009978-1-60659-094-2Alessia Brio · L.A. BanksComing Together At Last, Vol 2
  ''978-1-60659-117-8Wendy StonePick of the Litter
  ''978-1-60659-137-6Zena WynnMary and the Bear
  ''978-1-60659-149-9Marie RochelleTempting Turner (Men of CCD)
  ''978-1-60659-158-1Aliyah BurkeAdd A Little Mistletoe
2009978-1-60659-163-5Marie RochelleCrossing the Railroad
  ''978-1-60659-169-7Mychael Black · Shayne Carmichael2050
  ''978-1-60659-182-6G. A. HauserPirates
2011978-1-60659-268-7Skyla Dawn CameronHunter
2010978-1-60659-499-5G. A. HauserMan To Man
  ''978-1-60659-545-9Zena WynnTameka's Smile
  ''978-1-60659-566-4G A HauserTwo In, Two Out
2011978-1-60659-578-7Piers AnthonyRelationships 4
2011978-1-60659-583-1G A HauserTop Men
  ''978-1-60659-593-0   ''In The Dark
  ''978-1-60659-595-4Marie RochelleHelp Wanted
  ''978-1-60659-597-8G A HauserAll Man
  ''978-1-60659-613-5Yvette HinesApprehension
2011978-1-60659-616-6Marie RochelleMore Than Friends: Brad
2013978-1-60659-722-4Paige BennettAn Appetite for Seduction (and Other Stories)
2010978-1-60659-981-5Marie RochelleLucky Desire