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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60650-003-3Ph. D. Douglas RothenbergAlarm Management for Process Control: A Best-practice Guide for Design, Implementation, and Use of Industrial Alarm Systems
2012978-1-60650-062-0Ernst KozeschnikModeling Solid-state Precipitation (Computational Materials Science and Engineering)
2009978-1-60650-133-7J.C. Phillips · G. LucovskyBonds and Bands in Semiconductors, Second Edition
2011978-1-60650-136-8C.K. GuptaExtractive Metallurgy
2014978-1-60650-170-2Gregory K. McMillanTuning and Control Loop Performance, Fourth Edition
2010978-1-60650-173-3Gregory K. McMillanCentrifugal and Axial Compressor Control
  ''978-1-60650-197-9Joseph WeissProtecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats
2011978-1-60650-200-6World Batch ForumTHE WBF BOOK SERIES: Applying ISA 88 in Discrete and Continuous Manufacturing
2010978-1-60650-212-9   ''The WBF BOOK SERIES: ISA 88 Implementation Experiences
2011978-1-60650-215-0   ''THE WBF BOOK SERIES: ISA 95 Implementation Experiences (The Wbf Series)
2012978-1-60650-254-9Joe LewisSolids Level Measurement and Detection Handbook
2015978-1-60650-263-1Daniel M. Martínez · Ben W. EbenhackValuing Energy for Global Needs: A Systems Approach
2016978-1-60650-275-4Pradip SahaAerospace Manufacturing Processes
2013978-1-60650-288-4Michael H. NewmanBACnet: The Global Standard for Building Automation and Control Networks (Sustainable Energy)
2011978-1-60650-300-3Ralph LangnerRobust Control System Networks
2019978-1-60650-321-8Kenneth W. RussellHazard Communication in Polymer Compounding
2014978-1-60650-359-1Peter Martin · Walt BoyesReal-Time Control of the Industrial Enterprise
2013978-1-60650-367-6William M. HawkinsAutomating Manufacturing Operations: The Penultimate Approach
2016978-1-60650-371-3Alexander Nebylov · Joe WatsonAerospace Navigation Systems
2013978-1-60650-379-9Vytautis GiniotisMeasurement and Monitoring (Sustainable Energy)
2014978-1-60650-381-2Vytautis Giniotis · Anthony HopeMeasurement and Monitoring (Sustainable Energy)
  ''978-1-60650-383-6Pasquale ArpaiaFlexible Test Automation: A Software Framework for Easily Developing Measurement Applications (Automation and Control Collection)
2013978-1-60650-404-8Salman TaghizadeganMastering Lean Six Sigma: Advanced Black-Belt Concepts
2012978-1-60650-424-6Vijay VarandanWearable Nano-Bio Sensor Platform (Biomedical & Nanomedical Technologies-concise Monograph Series)
2013978-1-60650-439-0Stephen MilliganUnderstanding Ultrasonic Level Measurement
2014978-1-60650-463-5David A. StrobharHuman Factors in Process Plant Operation
2013978-1-60650-470-3William R. PetersonApplying Engineering Economics: A Spreadsheet Approach to Financial Evaluation of Capital Projects
2014978-1-60650-472-7La Verne Abe HarrisIdea Engineering: Creative Thinking and Innovation (Industrial, Systems, and Innovation Engineering Collection)
  ''978-1-60650-482-6Morgan E. HenrieCultural Influences in Engineering Projects
2015978-1-60650-530-4C. Ariel Pinto · Luna MagpiliOperational Risk Management
2014978-1-60650-548-9Harshad MahajanVirtual Labs for Improving Lab Accessibility
2017978-1-60650-568-7Ertunga C. Ozelkan · Ian CatoLean Six Sigma Made S.i.m.p.l.e.: An Integrated Continuous Improvement Framework for Current and Future Leaders
2013978-1-60650-633-2Ralph ClossAutomated Weighing Technology: Process Solutions
2015978-1-60650-663-9Rafael Ernesto LandaetaCreating and Deploying Successful Surveys
  ''978-1-60650-679-0Anil MitalResources Utilization and Productivity Enhancement Case Studies
2016978-1-60650-687-5Brian E ChandlerRoadway Safety: Identifying Needs and Implementing Countermeasures
2015978-1-60650-697-4Drew StevensPractice Management for Healthcare Professionals (Practice Management Collection)
2015978-1-60650-807-7Robert E. Hamm · Jr.Continuous Process Improvement in Organizations Large and Small: A Guide for Leaders
2016978-1-60650-887-9Andy BoenauEmerging Trends in Transportation Planning
2017978-1-60650-903-6Brooke A. JudeBiotechnology and Infectious Diseases: Modern Strategies for Finding, Evading, and Defeating Wicked Pathogens
  ''978-1-60650-905-0Jingshan LiSustainable Production Automation
2018978-1-60650-907-4David Reeping · Kenneth J. ReidThe Application of Mathematics in the Engineering Disciplines (General Engineering and K-12 Engineering Education Collection)
2016978-1-60650-909-8David Reeping · Kenneth ReidIntroductory Engineering Mathematics
  ''978-1-60650-939-5Drew StevensLittle Book of Healthcare Marketing: Helping Clinics and Practitioners Build Brand and a Thriving Practice (Practice Management Collection)