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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60649-004-4Kees deKluyverA Primer on Corporate Governance (Corporate Governance Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-012-9S. Tamer Cavusgil · Gary KnightBorn Global Firms: A New International Enterprise (International Business Collection)
2010978-1-60649-072-3Cornelis De KluyverFundamentals of Global Strategy: A Business Model Approach (Strategic Management Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-080-8Alexander LaskinManaging Investor Relations: Strategies for Effective Communication (Corporate Communication Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-092-1Joel Urbany · James H. DavisGrow by Focusing on What Matters: Competitive Strategy in 3-circles (Strategic Management Collection)
2011978-1-60649-094-5Claus Ebster · Marion GarausStore Design and Visual Merchandising: Creating Store Space That Encourages Buying
2010978-1-60649-099-0Shannon Bowen · Rowlins Brad · Bowen Shannon BowenAn Overview to the Public Relations Function (Public Relations Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-101-0Don Stacks · David MichaelsonA Practitioner's Guide to Public Relations Research, Measurement and Evaluation (Public Relations Collection)
2010978-1-60649-118-8Parissa HaghirianUnderstanding Japanese Management Practices
2011978-1-60649-157-7Abe ZakhemManaging for Ethical Decision Making: Doing Right, Doing Good (Strategic Management Collection)
2010978-1-60649-175-1Alfred WarnerStrategic Analysis and Choice: A Structured Approach (Strategic Management Collection)
2011978-1-60649-191-1Katerina TsetsuraGlobal Public Relations: Preparing Managers for International Expansion
2012978-1-60649-205-5Tim RogmansThe Emerging Markets of the Middle East: Strategies for Entry and Growth (International Business Collection)
2016978-1-60649-215-4Priscilla Chaffe-stengel · Donald N. StengelWorking With Time Series Data: Analysis and Forecasting
2011978-1-60649-225-3Lydia Guadalupe CampuzanoLeading, Motivating and Measuring the Spiritually Empowered Organization
2014978-1-60649-248-2Gene FliednerLeading and Managing the Lean Management Process (Supply and Operations Management Collection)
2011978-1-60649-284-0Kevin McCormackAdvanced Benchmarking: Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-60649-286-4Kevin McCormackThe Evolution and Future of the Supply Chain
2015978-1-60649-298-7Ravi, Ph.D. BeharaProject and Portfolio Management for Professionals: Executing Organizational Strategy
2014978-1-60649-300-7Apurva JainImproving Software Development Workflow and Process Modeling: Lessons from Operations and Supply Chain Management
2016978-1-60649-322-9Lawrence D. Fredendall · Matthias ThürerAn Introduction to Lean Work Design: Fundamentals of Lean Operations, Volume I (Supply and Operations Management)
2015978-1-60649-326-7William KillingsworthDesigning and Managing the Virtual Enterprise
  ''978-1-60649-328-1William Killingsworth · Delores J. MickeyCounterfeits, Contraband and Fraud: Technologies and Strategies for Protecting Your Customers, Brand and Supply Chain
2013978-1-60649-346-5Herb ShieldsBusiness and Energy: A Managerial Perspective on Cost, Availability and Impact on Profit
  ''978-1-60649-348-9Geoff TurnerTransfer Pricing in International Business: A Management Tool for Adding Value
  ''978-1-60649-375-5Edmund PraterAn Introduction to Supply Chain Management: A Global Supply Chain Support Perspective (Supply and Operations Management Collection)
2014978-1-60649-391-5Victor SohmenCross-Cultural Project Management: Strategies for Success in a Global Environment
2012978-1-60649-401-1Francine NewthBusiness Models and Strategic Management: A New Integration (Strategic Management Collection)
2013978-1-60649-442-4Dawn DrakeA Profile of the Farm Machinery Industry: Helping Farmers Feed the World
2014978-1-60649-448-6Kenneth ShawProcess Modeling and Improvement for Business
2016978-1-60649-462-2Kaushik SenguptaThe Management and Improvement of Business Process: Approaches, Models, Techniques (Supply Chain Management)
2014978-1-60649-466-0Paulo Cesar MottaMarketing to the Low-Income Consumer
2016978-1-60649-476-9Matt DrakeManufacturing Planning and Inventory Control
2015978-1-60649-478-3Dennis Krumwiede · Chwen SheuProject Leadership: Managing Projects With Competence, Resourcefulness and Professionalism
2015978-1-60649-480-6Tom WilderProject Management for Professionals
2017978-1-60649-490-5Barry WebsterDecision Analysis for Executives and Managers: Beyond the Coin Flip
  ''978-1-60649-492-9   ''Game Theory for Managers and Executives: Getting Your Head in the Game
2015978-1-60649-506-3Tom R. Wielicki · Donald N. StengelProject Risk: Concepts, Process, and Tools (Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making)
2017978-1-60649-522-3Francois TherinManagement of Technology and Innovation: Specificities and Opportunities in South-east Asia
  ''978-1-60649-524-7William C. SharbroughCommunicating to Lead and Motivate (Corporate Communication Collection)
2013978-1-60649-526-1Bodhibrata NagBusiness Applications of Operations Research
2016978-1-60649-528-5Hal W. SnarrA Primer on Labor Economics
2013978-1-60649-546-9Mary GentileEducating for Values-Driven Leadership
2015978-1-60649-558-2Ken ShawEffective Applications of Statistical Process Control
2014978-1-60649-560-5Ken ShawEffective Applications of Supply Chain Logistics
2015978-1-60649-568-1Atanu ChaudhuriInnovation and New Product Development: Interdependent Decision Making
2014978-1-60649-578-0Harm-Jan SteenhuisInternational Operations: How Multiple International Environments Impact Productivity and Location Decisions (Supply and Operations Management Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-586-5Lia PatricioService Design: A Collaborative Approach
2015978-1-60649-588-9Charles W. L. HillStrategy in a Dynamic World
2013978-1-60649-600-8Lisa EllramSourcing to Support the Green Initiative (The Supply and Operations Management Collection)
2015978-1-60649-602-2John W. ClarryA Profile of the U.s. Film Industry: From Content to Media to the World
  ''978-1-60649-630-5Jenik RadonManaging Corporate Responsibility in Emerging Markets: Issues, Cases, and Solutions
2013978-1-60649-634-3Ronald Whitfield · Jeanne McNettA Primer on Sustainability: In the Business Environment (The Environmental and Social Sustainability for Business and Advantage Collection)
2015978-1-60649-646-6Avinash KapoorConsumer Experiences and Emotion Management (Consumer Behavior Collection)
2013978-1-60649-656-5Susan M. WalcottA Profile of the Furniture Manufacturing Industry: Global Restructuring (Industry Profiles Collection)
2017978-1-60649-668-8Nand DhamejaFinancing and Managing Projects
2015978-1-60649-692-3Richard HorneImproving Business Processes: How an Ecosystems Model Can Enhance Business Operations
2013978-1-60649-704-3Elizabeth A. Minton · Lynn R. KahleBelief Systems, Religion, and Behavioral Economics
2013978-1-60649-714-2Ross McDonaldA Practical Guide to Educating for Responsibility in Management and Business
  ''978-1-60649-718-0Sabry ShaabanProduction Line Efficiency: A Comprehensive Guide for Managers, Second Edition (Supply and Operations Management Collections)
2017978-1-60649-720-3Bill WagnerPersonality Type and Entrepreneurship: Matching Personality to Opportunity
2015978-1-60649-726-5Annabel BeerelBusiness Ethics: A Moral Reasoning Framework
2014978-1-60649-732-6James H. SchindlerFollowership: What It Takes to Lead
2015978-1-60649-738-8Vicki JamesLeveraging Business Analysis for Project Success (Portfolio and Project Management Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-744-9Zakariya BelkhamzaCreating a Culture for Information Systems Success (Information Systems Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-752-4Ulhaus SamantComputer Support for Successful Project Management
2013978-1-60649-768-5Jaideep Motwani · Rob PtacekMetric Dashboards for Operations and Supply Chain Excellence
2014978-1-60649-770-8Sherif HashemThe Power of Design-Build: A Guide to Effective Design-Build Project Delivery Using the Safedb-Methodology (Project Management Collection)
2015978-1-60649-786-9Lindsay ThompsonLeadership Ethics
  ''978-1-60649-792-0Kenneth D. Plowman · Beki WinchelThe Social Media Communication Matrix: A New Direction in Public Relations
2014978-1-60649-796-8Eric W. SteinDesigning Creative High Power Teams and Organizations: Beyond Leadership (Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior Collection)
2014978-1-60649-810-1Pippa GrangeEthical Leadership in Sport: What's Your Endgame? (Giving Voice to Values on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility)
  ''978-1-60649-838-5Andrew Rohm · Michael WeissHerding Cats: A Strategic and Timeless Perspective on Harnessing the Power of Social Media
  ''978-1-60649-846-0Victor E. SowerStatistical Process Control for Managers
  ''978-1-60649-850-7Mark Welman · Dina BurgerLittle Me, Big Me: An Experimental Guide to Values-based Leadership
2016978-1-60649-852-1Joseph W. BarnesSocial Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply with FTC Guidelines
2014978-1-60649-860-6Mujde Yuksel · Mark A. McDonald · George R. MilneDigital Consumption and Fantasy Football: Lessons for Marketers from America's "Virtual" Pass Time
2016978-1-60649-870-5Nada SandersForecasting Fundamentals
2015978-1-60649-916-0Glen SagersInformation Technology Security Fundamentals
  ''978-1-60649-926-9Alberto Aleo · Alice AlessandriSales Ethics: How To Sell Effectively While Doing the Right Thing (Giving Voice to Values on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Collection)
2014978-1-60649-928-3Cindy Gordon · Andrew Weir · John P. GirardSocial Roots: Why Social Innovations Are Creating the Influence Economy (Digital and Social Media Marketing and Advertising Collection)
2015978-1-60649-964-1Amit V. DeokarBusiness Processes and Analytics
2015978-1-60649-966-5Yoo Taek LeeDeveloping Socially Responsible Supply Chains: Concepts, Management Issues, and Practices
  ''978-1-60649-978-8Melissa MannonQuality Management in a Lean Health Care Environment (Healthcare Management Collection)
  ''978-1-60649-988-7Jessica McManus WarnellEngaging Millennials for Ethical Leadership: What Works For Young Professionals and Their Managers