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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-60571-005-1Frank Barnes · Audie SmithWe Believe This: essays inspired by NPR's ""This I Believe
  ''978-1-60571-009-9Tiffany GervaisAlterations of Perceptions for the Better
  ''978-1-60571-016-7Joan Patterson GardnerRemember Me; Stories, Hyperbole & True Facts
  ''978-1-60571-021-1James L. FitzgeraldReflections from the Eye Sage; An Ophthalmologist Becomes an Award-Winning Columnist
2009978-1-60571-022-8Peter B. BoodyConsequences of Longing
2008978-1-60571-023-5Samuel MessiterWindow in My Kitchen...a Book of Poetry
2009978-1-60571-026-6Arthur Eri StewartReflections of Time
  ''978-1-60571-044-0Karen Carman-ReidPenn's Stocking
2009978-1-60571-045-7Laird KlinglerQuartet Parts III and IV
  ''978-1-60571-053-2Emilio M. Mozo13 Cuentos de Emilio: Manual Praatico de Comprensiaon de Lectura: Notas, Vocabulario y Ejercicios
  ''978-1-60571-054-9Trevor BarnardNeglected Areas of Piano Teaching
978-1-60571-056-3Consolations on Seeing the Robin Go
2010978-1-60571-070-9Rob DinermanChasing the Lion: An Unresolved Journey Through the Phillips Exeter Academy
  ''978-1-60571-073-0James CottrellGeneral
  ''978-1-60571-076-1Florence GrossmanSurveying
2010978-1-60571-081-5Kendra HavenJean
  ''978-1-60571-083-9Rota-PoulinCooking Gluten Free with Amy
  ''978-1-60571-086-0Page HudsonNot Expecting Pardon Poems
  ''978-1-60571-090-7Timothy McGillicuddyTomorrow Never Comes
  ''978-1-60571-091-4Laird KlinglerMatts Son
2010978-1-60571-092-1Joseph ParksPownal a Towns Two Hundred Years and More 250th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-60571-095-2Evelyn M. NickersonMusings of the Mind
978-1-60571-096-9Tale of Ji Jon
2011978-1-60571-104-1Justin LourasJupiter's System: The Demotiva...
  ''978-1-60571-112-6Anthony L. HarveyWitching Hour
2014978-1-60571-115-7Craig A LeisyBlasphemy Trial of Charles B. Reynolds Morristown, New Jersey May 19-20, 1887
2011978-1-60571-127-0Michele JacobsonJust Because You're an American Doesn't Mean You Have to Eat Like One!
  ''978-1-60571-133-1Karen Carman-ReidTights on a Spider
2012978-1-60571-136-2Thomas C. HeatleySmall Victories a Tuskegee Airman Story
  ''978-1-60571-147-8J. Peter DembinskiTree River
2012978-1-60571-149-2Ivor S. MD SmithOuch!
  ''978-1-60571-151-5Tom SmithFrom the Raft
  ''978-1-60571-163-8David HallA Shepherds Story
  ''978-1-60571-166-9Cunninghams Vermont Coloring Book
  ''978-1-60571-167-6Helen J. EmeryBirds I Have Known
2012978-1-60571-169-0James StapletonMy Pennsylvania Hermitage
  ''978-1-60571-171-3Carol SokolowskiSwan Song
2015978-1-60571-259-8Christine WoodcockEvolution of Us: Portraits of mothers and their changing roles