Ramble House

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-60543-054-6Muddled Mind
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  ''978-1-60543-260-1Ed GormanThe Day the Music Died
2010978-1-60543-275-5Sean M'GuireBeast or Man?
2009978-1-60543-282-3Richard A. LupoffMarblehead: A Novel of H. P. Lovecraft
  ''978-1-60543-306-6Ernest Vincent WrightGadsby: A Lipogram Novel
  ''978-1-60543-312-7Harry Stephen KeelerThe Case of the 16 Beans
2010978-1-60543-349-3Miles BurtonDeath Leaves No Card
2009978-1-60543-358-5Hake TalbotThe Hangman's Handyman
  ''978-1-60543-359-2Hake TalbotRim of the Pit
2010978-1-60543-361-5Wade WrightShadows' Edge: Shadows Don't Bleed & The Sharp Edge
2009978-1-60543-397-4Harry Stephen KeelerThieves' Nights
2010978-1-60543-405-6Mark HansomThe Wizard of Berner's Abbey
2011978-1-60543-542-8Gary LovisiMore Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
2012978-1-60543-635-7Otis Adelbert Kline · E. Hoffmann Price · Gavin L. O'KeefeSatans of Saturn
2014978-1-60543-708-8Wayne RogersDeath Rocks the Cradle and Other Stories
2016978-1-60543-848-1Francis M. NevinsThey Called the Shots
2016978-1-60543-906-8Robert M. PriceThe Sword of Thongor