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2008978-1-60530-000-9James DayIn Search of Father: The Thirteenth Man
1996978-1-60530-055-9Bernard AlapetiteCalifornia
2008978-1-60530-066-5Dana CandlerEntirety: Love Gives All
  ''978-1-60530-067-2Gustavo Assis-BrasilHybrid Picking Exercises: Single Note Permutations
2007978-1-60530-072-6Andrew B. Brandi · Sgt Andy BrandiThe Warrior's Guide to Insanity
2008978-1-60530-098-6Scott RaoThe Professional Barista's Handbook: An Expert Guide to Preparing Espresso, Coffee, and Tea
  ''978-1-60530-114-3Cynthea LiuWriting for Children and Teens: A Crash Course (How to Write, Revise, and Publish a Kid's or Teen Book with Children's Book Publishers)
2007978-1-60530-118-1Paul CollinsMystery of Everyman's Way
978-1-60530-154-9Brass Model Trains Price & Data Guide, Vol. 2, plus Deluxe Photo Book
2008978-1-60530-190-7Joseph SanglI Was Broke. Now I'm Not.
2007978-1-60530-215-7Jeremy BlivenThe Search for Tiggie Pants (Captain Stumpy the Pirate Cat)
  ''978-1-60530-358-1David M. KilloranThe PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Ultimate Setups Guide (Powerscore Test Preparation)
2008978-1-60530-367-3Freddy Fresh Presents the Rap Records, 2nd Edition Revised
2007978-1-60530-376-5Carol Johnson and Bert WhiteheadDeduct It! Deduct It! For Tax Year 2008
  ''978-1-60530-385-7Catherine A. ArmstrongWilliam Marshal Earl of Pembroke
2008978-1-60530-514-1Sam KannappanIntroduction to Pipe Stress Analysis
2007978-1-60530-516-5Cortnee HowardFannin Street
2007978-1-60530-544-8Natasha SmithAmerica's Favorite Recipes
  ''978-1-60530-641-4Tom O'ConnorMommy, Why is There a Server in the House?
  ''978-1-60530-680-3Jennifer ButlerReinventing Your Style: 7 Strategies for Looking Powerful, Dynamic and Inspiring
2008978-1-60530-691-9Brock FisherStart a TV Station:Learn How to Start Satellite, Cable, Analog and Digital Broadcast TV Channels and
  ''978-1-60530-954-5Alex Reichardt · Margaret ReichardtAll for the Love of God - Life with Mark Prophet, a Modern-Day Mystic
2009978-1-60530-955-2Alex M Reichardt · Margaret M Reichardt · Other DevoteesOn Fire for God - Adventures on the Mystical Path with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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