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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-60520-025-5Bertrand RussellThe Problems of Philosophy
  ''978-1-60520-027-9Thomas TrowardThe Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science
  ''978-1-60520-031-6Harry Emerson FosdickThe Meaning of Prayer
  ''978-1-60520-033-0Wallace D. WattlesHealth Through New Thought and Fasting
  ''978-1-60520-035-4Yogi Ramacharaka · RamacharakaHatha Yoga Or, the Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being
2007978-1-60520-039-2Yogi Ramacharaka · RamacharakaThe Science of Psychic Healing
  ''978-1-60520-045-3Claude C. HopkinsScientific Advertising
  ''978-1-60520-047-7John Stuart MillAutobiography of John Stuart Mill
2008978-1-60520-049-1Arthur Conan DoyleThe Sign of Four
2007978-1-60520-057-6David HumeEssays: Moral, Political and Literary
  ''978-1-60520-058-3J. H. ParryThe Book of Jasher
  ''978-1-60520-060-6Robert AndersonThe Coming Prince: The Marvelous Prophecy of Daniel's Seventy Weeks Concerning the Antichrist
2007978-1-60520-061-3James L. Weston · Jessie Laidlay WestonFrom Ritual to Romance
  ''978-1-60520-062-0Heinrich KramerThe Malleus Maleficarum
  ''978-1-60520-064-4John WilsonThe History of Switzerland
  ''978-1-60520-065-1S. Liddell MacGregor MathersThe Key of Solomon the King: (Clavicula Salomonis)
2008978-1-60520-067-5Colin BennettLooking for Orthon: The Story of George Adamski, the First Flying Saucer Contactee, and How He Changed the World
  ''978-1-60520-093-4Sojourner TruthThe Narrative of Sojourner Truth
2008978-1-60520-095-8Nikola TeslaThe Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy
  ''978-1-60520-102-3William Walker AtkinsonMemory Culture: The Science of Observing, Remembering and Recalling
  ''978-1-60520-110-8Henry B. AdamsDemocracy: An American Novel (Cosimo Classics Literature)
  ''978-1-60520-115-3William CunninghamThe Rise and Decline of the Free Trade Movement
2013978-1-60520-134-4Henry Hoyle HoworthHistory of the Mongols from the 9th to the 19th Century: Part 2 the So-Called Tartars of Russia and Central Asia
2008978-1-60520-137-5Russell Herman ConwellAcres of Diamonds
  ''978-1-60520-139-9Frances RollestonMazzaroth
2008978-1-60520-140-5Humphry Mrs Humphry · Humphry · Mrs HumphryManners for Men (Cosimo Classics Etiquette)
2013978-1-60520-144-3W. G. AstonNihongi: Volume I - Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697
  ''978-1-60520-145-0W. G. AstonNihongi: Volume I - Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697
  ''978-1-60520-146-7   ''Nihongi: Volume II - Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697
  ''978-1-60520-147-4   ''Nihongi: Volume II - Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697
2008978-1-60520-155-9Arthur Conan DoyleThe White Company
  ''978-1-60520-163-4Sarah Tyson RorerSt. Louis World S Fair Souvenir Cook Book
2008978-1-60520-257-0Gregor MendelExperiments in Plant Hybridisation (Cosimo Classics)
  ''978-1-60520-271-6Edgar Rice BurroughsJungle Tales of Tarzan
  ''978-1-60520-272-3Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Son of Tarzan
  ''978-1-60520-273-0   ''Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
  ''978-1-60520-274-7   ''Tarzan the Untamed
2008978-1-60520-275-4Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan the Terrible
  ''978-1-60520-287-7Matthew Gregory LewisJournal of a West India Proprietor
  ''978-1-60520-291-4Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan of the Apes
2008978-1-60520-293-8Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Return of Tarzan
  ''978-1-60520-315-7Danny SchechterPlunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal
  ''978-1-60520-319-5G. K. ChestertonThe Flying Inn
  ''978-1-60520-321-8Harold T. WilkinsSecret Cities of Old South America
  ''978-1-60520-322-5Niccolo MachiavelliThe Prince
2008978-1-60520-332-4Antoon Cornelis OudemansThe Great Sea Serpent
  ''978-1-60520-346-1John DeweyReconstruction in Philosophy
  ''978-1-60520-349-2Mark A. Hall · Loren Coleman · Mark Lee RollinsThunderbirds: America's Living Legends of Giant Birds
2009978-1-60520-350-8Clarence LarkinDispensational Truth: or God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages
2009978-1-60520-357-7Benjamin N. CardozoThe Nature of the Judicial Process
  ''978-1-60520-371-3John Stuart MillAuguste Comte and Positivism
2008978-1-60520-374-4Sidney HookThe Hero in History: Study in Limitation and Possibility
2009978-1-60520-375-1John Stuart MillSystem of Logic Ratiocinative and Inductive
2008978-1-60520-379-9John Lloyd StephensIncidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vols. I and II (Cosimo Classics)
  ''978-1-60520-380-5John Lloyd StephensIncidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vols. I and II (Cosimo Classics)
2008978-1-60520-385-0Sidney HookJohn Dewey: An Intellectual Portrait
  ''978-1-60520-397-3Jean Jacques RousseauThe Social Contract
  ''978-1-60520-398-0Jean Jacques RousseauThe Social Contract
  ''978-1-60520-412-3Charles John FfoulkesThe Armourer and His Craft
  ''978-1-60520-415-4Frederick DouglassMy Bondage and My Freedom
2008978-1-60520-421-5J. B. BuryHistory of the Eastern Empire from the Fall of Irene to the Accession of Basil: A.D. 802-867
  ''978-1-60520-429-1Karl MarxThe Poverty of Philosophy
  ''978-1-60520-432-1Aristotlede Anima
  ''978-1-60520-441-3Edith Wharton · Ogden Codman Jr.The Decoration of Houses
  ''978-1-60520-443-7Ludwig FeuerbachThe Essence of Christianity
2008978-1-60520-446-8John Lloyd StephensIncidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, Vols. I and II
  ''978-1-60520-459-8Gottfried Wilhelm LeibnizDiscourse on Metaphysics and the Monadology
2009978-1-60520-470-3Garrett MattinglyRenaissance Diplomacy
2013978-1-60520-484-0John G. R. ForlongEncyclopedia of Religions - In Three Volumes, Vol. I: A-D
  ''978-1-60520-485-7   ''Encyclopedia of Religions - In Three Volumes, Vol. I: A-D
  ''978-1-60520-486-4   ''Encyclopedia of Religions - In Three Volumes, Vol. II: E-M
  ''978-1-60520-487-1   ''Encyclopedia of Religions - In Three Volumes, Vol. II: E-M
2013978-1-60520-488-8John G. R. ForlongEncyclopedia of Religions - In Three Volumes, Vol. III: N-Z
  ''978-1-60520-489-5   ''Encyclopedia of Religions - In Three Volumes, Vol. III: N-Z
2008978-1-60520-506-9William JamesEssays in Radical Empiricism
  ''978-1-60520-533-5Gottfried Wilhelm LeibnizThe Early Mathematical Manuscripts of Leibniz
  ''978-1-60520-536-6Rene DescartesMeditations (Cosimo Classics)
  ''978-1-60520-539-7David HumeAn Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
2008978-1-60520-547-2Charles MacKayExtraordinary Popular Delusions, the Money Mania: The Mississippi Scheme, the South-Sea Bubble, & the Tulipomania
  ''978-1-60520-560-1Elizabeth Cleghorn GaskellRuth
  ''978-1-60520-570-0Henri Louis BergsonTime and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness (Cosimo Classics Philosophy)
  ''978-1-60520-584-7Richard F. BurtonArabian Nights, in 16 Volumes: Vol. IV
2009978-1-60520-619-6Howard PyleThe Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur (Cosimo Classics)
2008978-1-60520-620-2Franz Valery Marie CumontMysteries of Mithra
2009978-1-60520-623-3H. L. MenckenThe American Language: A Preliminary Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States
  ''978-1-60520-643-1ConfuciusThe Confucian Analects, the Great Learning & the Doctrine of the Mean (English and Chinese Edition)
2009978-1-60520-646-2Sigmund FreudOn Dreams
  ''978-1-60520-654-7Joel T. HeadleyThe Great Riots of New York 1712-1873
  ''978-1-60520-724-7Penny C. SansevieriRed Hot Internet Publicity: An Insider's Guide to Promoting Your Book on the Internet
  ''978-1-60520-731-5Henry David ThoreauWalden (Cosimo Classics)
  ''978-1-60520-732-2Henry David ThoreauWalden
2009978-1-60520-799-5Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsManifesto of the Communist Party
  ''978-1-60520-801-5Alfred MarshallPrinciples of Economics: Unabridged Eighth Edition
  ''978-1-60520-810-7Alexander HislopThe Two Babylons (Cosimo Classics, Religion + Spirituality)
  ''978-1-60520-898-5Robert Green IngersollThe Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. XII (in 12 Volumes)
  ''978-1-60520-906-7Upton SinclairThe Moneychangers
2010978-1-60520-919-7Harry VardonThe Complete Golfer
2009978-1-60520-930-2Elizabeth KeckleyBehind the Scenes: Or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House
2009978-1-60520-937-1G. K. ChestertonThe Man Who Was Thursday