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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-60514-002-5Clay McLeod ChapmanRest Area
  ''978-1-60514-009-4Jessica LangemeierSpanish For Dummies
  ''978-1-60514-023-0Debra R. HopkinsWiley CPA Examination Review Impact Audios: Auditing & Attestation
  ''978-1-60514-039-1Joe VitaleThe Attractor Factor
  ''978-1-60514-063-6Myka Del BarrioFrommer's Best of Paris Audio Tour & Paris's Montmartre Audio Walking Tour
2008978-1-60514-067-4William ShakespeareHamlet - Prince of Denmark
  ''978-1-60514-071-1Robert StanekIn the Service of Dragons
  ''978-1-60514-074-2Twin Sisters ProductionsKids' Classic Stories
  ''978-1-60514-079-7Lawrence WrightThe Looming Tower: Al-qaeda and the Road to 9/11
  ''978-1-60514-092-6Rory Freedman · Kim BarnouinSkinny Bitch
2008978-1-60514-104-6Debra R. HopkinsWiley CPA Examination Review Impact Audios, Business Environment and Concepts
  ''978-1-60514-122-0Paul WilmottFrequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance
  ''978-1-60514-124-4Roberto SavianoGomorrah: A Personal Journey into the Violent International Empire of Naples Organized Crime System
  ''978-1-60514-130-5Tom SchwartzHow Mother Nature Flowered the Fields
  ''978-1-60514-161-9Yaroslav TrofimovThe Siege of Mecca
2008978-1-60514-173-2Amanda Goldberg · Ruthanna Khalighi HopperCelebutantes
  ''978-1-60514-174-9Paul LevinsonThe Consciousness Plague
  ''978-1-60514-209-8Jasper Britton · Oliver Ford DaviesThe Great Poets, Wordsworth
  ''978-1-60514-211-1HerodotusThe Histories
  ''978-1-60514-214-2Philip CarloThe Ice Man
2008978-1-60514-234-0Matthew BrzezinskiRed Moon Rising
  ''978-1-60514-333-0Robert B. ParkerSudden Mischief - on Playaway
  ''978-1-60514-336-1Charles NichollLodger Shakespeare, The - on Playaway
  ''978-1-60514-364-4Charles DickensCharles Dickens' Three Short Stories
  ''978-1-60514-367-5Arthur MillerThe Crucible
2008978-1-60514-368-2George EliotDaniel Deronda
  ''978-1-60514-376-7Kate McMullan · Jim McMullan · Dav Pilkey · Andrea Zimmerman · David ClemeshaI Stink!: And Other Stories About Our Town
  ''978-1-60514-381-1Lela Nargi · Elanor Lynn · Betty Christiansen · Clara Parkes · Eiko BerkowitzKnitting Memories
  ''978-1-60514-382-8Jeremy SiepmannThe Life and Works of Beethoven
  ''978-1-60514-392-7Joe McGinnissNever Enough
2008978-1-60514-434-4Dana MilbankHomo Politicus: The Strange and Scary Tribes That Run Our Government: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-435-1Daniel McGinnHouse Lust: America's Obsession with Our Homes
  ''978-1-60514-466-5Tom Leopold · Peter Matz · Harry ShearerJ. Edgar - On Playaway
  ''978-1-60514-472-6Joshua Piven · Jennifer Worick · David BorgenichtWorst-case Senario Survival Handbook
978-1-60514-501-3Rest Area: Library Edition
2008978-1-60514-508-2Jessica LangemeierSpanish For Dummies: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-522-8Debra R Hopkins CPA CIAAuditing and Attestation (Wiley CPA Exam Review Impact Audios (Playaway))
2008978-1-60514-523-5Debra R Hopkins CPA CIAFinancial Accounting & Reporting (Wiley CPA Exam Review Impact Audios (Playaway))
  ''978-1-60514-525-9Diane AckermanThe Zookeeper's Wife: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-582-2William ShakespeareHamlet - Prince of Denmark: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-594-5Lawrence WrightThe Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and The Road to 9/11, Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-607-2Rory Freedman · Kim BarnouinSkinny Bitch: Library Edition
2008978-1-60514-619-5Debra R Hopkins CPA CIABusiness Environment and Concepts (Wiley CPA Exam Review Impact Audios (Playaway))
  ''978-1-60514-620-1Philip L YaegerRegulation (Wiley CPA Exam Review Impact Audios (Playaway))
  ''978-1-60514-631-7Janet DaileyCalder Storm: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-632-4Newt Gingrich · Terry L. MapleA Contract with Earth: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-639-3Roberto SavianoGomorrah: A Personal Journey Into the Violent International Empire of Naples' Organized Crime System
2008978-1-60514-642-3Charles DickensGreat Expectations: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-647-8Robert StanekIn the Service of Dragons II: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-648-5Twin Sisters ProductionsKids Classic Stories 2
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  ''978-1-60514-776-5Tim WeinerLegacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA (Playaway Adult Nonfiction)
  ''978-1-60514-783-3Amy TanThe Joy Luck Club
2008978-1-60514-826-7Sara GruenRiding Lessons
  ''978-1-60514-827-4George LucasStar Wars
  ''978-1-60514-828-1George LucasReturn of the Jedi (Star Wars)
  ''978-1-60514-829-8   ''The Complete Star Wars Trilogy: The Original Radio Dramas
  ''978-1-60514-830-4   ''Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
2008978-1-60514-831-1Ori Brafman · Rom BrafmanSway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior
  ''978-1-60514-832-8Grimm BrothersRapunzel and Other Tales: Rapunzel; the Ugly Duckling; the Boy Pirate - Voyage to Lilliput: Library Edition
  ''978-1-60514-860-1Pope BrockCharlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam
978-1-60514-869-4An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love
2008978-1-60514-889-2Stephen BerryHouse of Abraham
  ''978-1-60514-895-3Lela Nargi · Elanor Lynn · Betty Christiansen · Clara Parkes · Eiko BerkowitzKnitting Memories
  ''978-1-60514-906-6Joe McGinniss Jr.Never Enough
2008978-1-60514-944-8Reeve Lindbergh · Doreen Rappaport · Shana Corey · Zooey DeschanelJohnny Appleseed and Other Stories about America
  ''978-1-60514-949-3Hans Christian AndersenThe Ugly Duckling and Other Favorite Fairy Tales: The Ugly Duckling/The Elves and the Shoemaker/Princess Furball/The Most Wonderful Egg in the World
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