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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60459-541-3George G. M. JamesSTOLEN LEGACY
  ''978-1-60459-552-9John DeakinsBarrow IV: THE MAD KING'S WAR
2008978-1-60459-553-6John DeakinsBarrow IV: The Mad King's War
2009978-1-60459-554-3Maria MontessoriDr. Montessori's Own Handbook
  ''978-1-60459-556-7Howard PyleOtto of the Silver Hand
  ''978-1-60459-557-4Charlotte M. YongeThe Little Duke
  ''978-1-60459-564-2Wilkie CollinsThe Woman in White
2009978-1-60459-565-9William Somerset MaughamThe Moon and Sixpence
  ''978-1-60459-567-3Arthur SchopenhaurCounsels and Maxims From The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer
  ''978-1-60459-572-7Arthur SchopenhauerThe Art of Literature
  ''978-1-60459-573-4Arthur SchopenhauerThe Wisdom of Life
  ''978-1-60459-574-1   ''Collected Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer
2009978-1-60459-575-8Edith NesbitBeautiful Stories From Shakespeare
  ''978-1-60459-576-5Hilaire BellocCautionary Tales for Children
  ''978-1-60459-578-9Maria MontessoriThe Montessori Method
  ''978-1-60459-580-2Charles FortLo!
  ''978-1-60459-581-9Charles FortWild Talents
2009978-1-60459-586-4Rolfe CobleighHandy Farm Devices and How to Make Them
  ''978-1-60459-587-1Andrew MurrayAbsolute Surrender
  ''978-1-60459-589-5Andrew MurrayThe Prayer Life
  ''978-1-60459-591-8Adam SmithThe Wealth of Nations
  ''978-1-60459-594-9James AllenEight Pillars of Prosperity
2009978-1-60459-595-6James AllenFoundation Stones to Happiness and Success
  ''978-1-60459-598-7   ''James Allen's Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year
  ''978-1-60459-599-4   ''The Selected Teachings of James Allen Vol. II: Eight Pillars of Prosperity, Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success, The Shining Gateway, James ... of Meditations, for Every Day in the Year
  ''978-1-60459-601-4   ''As a Man Does: Morning and Evening Thoughts
2009978-1-60459-602-1James Allen"Man: King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance"
  ''978-1-60459-604-5   ''Men and Systems
  ''978-1-60459-605-2   ''The Selected Teachings of James Allen Vol. III: The Mastery of Destiny, As a Man Does: Morning and Evening Thoughts, Man: King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance, Out from the Heart, Men and Systems
  ''978-1-60459-609-0   ''Light on Life's Difficulties
  ''978-1-60459-610-6   ''From Passion to Peace
2009978-1-60459-611-3James AllenThe Life Triumphant: Mastering the Heart and Mind
2009978-1-60459-612-0James AllenAll These Things Added
  ''978-1-60459-616-8D. H. LawrenceLady Chatterley's Lover
  ''978-1-60459-618-2Theodore RooseveltThrough the Brazilian Wilderness Or My Voyage Along the River of Doubt
  ''978-1-60459-620-5Eva March TappanIn the Days of Queen Victoria
  ''978-1-60459-624-3Selma LagerlofThe Wonderful Adventures of Nils
2009978-1-60459-635-9Theodore RooseveltAutobiography of Theodore Roosevelt
  ''978-1-60459-643-4Kakuzo OkakuraThe Book of Tea
  ''978-1-60459-645-8Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Door Through Space
  ''978-1-60459-651-9Keith LaumerGreylorn
  ''978-1-60459-652-6Keith LaumerRetief: The Yillian Way
2009978-1-60459-653-3Keith LaumerGambler's World
  ''978-1-60459-668-7Clifford D. SimakHellhounds of the Cosmos
  ''978-1-60459-669-4Clifford D. SimakProject Mastodon
  ''978-1-60459-670-0Robert SheckleyThe Status Civilization
  ''978-1-60459-672-4Arthur W. PinkThe Attributes of God
2009978-1-60459-673-1Arthur W. PinkThe Sovereignty of God
  ''978-1-60459-674-8   ''The Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-60459-675-5   ''The Wisdom of Arthur W. Pink Vol. I: The Holy Spirit, The Attributes of God, The Sovereignty of God
  ''978-1-60459-676-2C. H. SpurgeonMorning and Evening: Daily Readings
  ''978-1-60459-680-9Edgar Pangborn · Carl Jacobi · R. A. Lafferty · Clifford D. Simak · Stanley G. WeinbaumMore Fantastic Stories
2009978-1-60459-681-6Arthur W. PinkAn Exposition of Hebrews
  ''978-1-60459-682-3   ''The Antichrist
  ''978-1-60459-683-0Rafael SabatiniThe Sea-Hawk
2010978-1-60459-685-4George Bernard ShawMajor Barbara
2009978-1-60459-687-8Belloc HilaireThe Great Heresies
  ''978-1-60459-691-5Edward OrmondroydDavid and the Phoenix
2010978-1-60459-692-2Edith NesbitFive Children and It
2012978-1-60459-695-3   ''The Story of the Treasure Seekers
2010978-1-60459-703-5Jerome K JeromeIdle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
2009978-1-60459-709-7Edith WhartonEthan Frome
  ''978-1-60459-716-5John FoxeFox's Book of Martyrs
2009978-1-60459-717-2G. R. S. MeadPISTIS SOPHIA
2014978-1-60459-730-1Joseph MurphyBelieve in Yourself
2009978-1-60459-736-3Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Gambler
  ''978-1-60459-739-4Rene DescartesMeditations on First Philosophy
  ''978-1-60459-741-7Theodor StormThe Rider on the White Horse
  ''978-1-60459-744-8Emile ZolaGerminal
  ''978-1-60459-745-5John Henry PattersonThe Man-eaters of Tsavo
2009978-1-60459-747-9Lytton StracheyEminent Victorians
  ''978-1-60459-760-8Hannah Whitall SmithThe Christian's Secret to a Happy Life
  ''978-1-60459-766-0Raymond HolliwellWORKING WITH THE LAW
  ''978-1-60459-774-5A. W. TozerMan: The Dwelling Place of God
2009978-1-60459-780-6Thomas JeffersonAutobiography of Thomas Jefferson
  ''978-1-60459-782-0William Jr. Strunk · E. B. WhiteElements of Style
  ''978-1-60459-783-7P.G. WodehouseA Man of Means
  ''978-1-60459-784-4P.G. WodehouseMike and Psmith
2009978-1-60459-785-1P.G. WodehouseLove Among the Chickens
2014978-1-60459-786-8P. G. WodehouseJill the Reckless
  ''978-1-60459-787-5   ''A Prefect?s Uncle
  ''978-1-60459-789-9   ''Psmith in the City
  ''978-1-60459-791-2P. G. WashingtonNot George Washington
2009978-1-60459-799-8Thornton W. BurgessMother West Wind's Children
  ''978-1-60459-812-4Venice J. BloodworthGolden Keys to a Lifetime of Living
2009978-1-60459-814-8Claude M. Bristol · Joseph MurphyThe Power of Believing
  ''978-1-60459-815-5Charles F. HaanelThe New Psychology
  ''978-1-60459-816-2Carter Godwin WoodsonThe Mis-Education of the Negro
  ''978-1-60459-817-9Charles F. HaanelThe Amazing Secrets of the Yogi
2014978-1-60459-823-0P. G. WodehouseThe Coming of Bill
  ''978-1-60459-827-8   ''Indiscretions of Archie
2009978-1-60459-835-3   ''The Prince and Betty
2014978-1-60459-836-0P. G. WodehouseThe Pothunters
  ''978-1-60459-839-1   ''My Man Jeeves
  ''978-1-60459-840-7   ''Right Ho, Jeeves
  ''978-1-60459-842-1   ''The Man Upstairs And Others
  ''978-1-60459-843-8   ''The Man With Two Left Feet, and Others
2010978-1-60459-847-6H. E. MarshallThis Country of Ours
2010978-1-60459-854-4Edith WhartonThe House of Mirth
  ''978-1-60459-856-8Horatio Jr. AlgerRagged Dick -Or- Street Life in New York with Boot-Blacks
  ''978-1-60459-857-5Lucy Maud MontgomeryRilla of Ingleside
  ''978-1-60459-858-2Lucy Maud MontgomeryAnne of Avonlea
2010978-1-60459-859-9Lucy Maud MontgomeryRainbow Valley
2009978-1-60459-864-3Catherine PonderThe Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
  ''978-1-60459-865-0James JoyceULYSSES by James Joyce
  ''978-1-60459-866-7Frederick Fyvie Bruce · F. F. BruceThe New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?
  ''978-1-60459-867-4William Walker AtkinsonMind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic
  ''978-1-60459-869-8Joseph Jacobs · John D. BattenCeltic Folk and Fairy Tales
2009978-1-60459-879-7LeviThe Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
  ''978-1-60459-882-7Friedrich NietzscheThus Spoke Zarathustra (A Thrifty Book): A Book for All and None
  ''978-1-60459-884-1Trent ZelaznyThe Day the Leash Gave Way and Other Stories
  ''978-1-60459-887-2Wallace D. WattlesThe Science of Getting Rich (A Thrifty Book)
  ''978-1-60459-888-9Wallace D. WattlesThe Science of Being Great (A Thrifty Book)
2009978-1-60459-889-6Wallace D. WattlesThe Science of Being Well (A Thrifty Book)
  ''978-1-60459-891-9Adam SmithThe Wealth of Nations
  ''978-1-60459-892-6Barry GoldwaterConscience of a Conservative
  ''978-1-60459-893-3Sun Tzu · Lionel GilesThe Art of War
  ''978-1-60459-894-0A. W. TozerGod's Pursuit of Man
2009978-1-60459-899-5Thornton W. BurgessBowser the Hound
  ''978-1-60459-908-4Lord George Gordon Byron · George Gordon ByronManfred
2010978-1-60459-912-1James GunnThe Joy Makers
  ''978-1-60459-919-0Allen SteeleA King of Infinite Space
  ''978-1-60459-922-0Tanith LeeSabella
2009978-1-60459-928-2Brenda UelandIf You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit
  ''978-1-60459-931-2William Clement Stone · W. Clement StoneThe Success System That Never Fails
2010978-1-60459-942-8Tanith LeeKill the Dead
2010978-1-60459-947-3A. W. TozerThe Root of the Righteous
  ''978-1-60459-950-3W. Somerset MaughamOf Human Bondage
  ''978-1-60459-951-0D. H. LawrenceLady Chatterley's Lover (the Unexpurgated Edition)
  ''978-1-60459-954-1Walter LippmannPublic Opinion by Walter Lippmann
  ''978-1-60459-960-2Thornton W. BurgessThe Adventures of Mr. Mocker
2010978-1-60459-967-1Thornton W. BurgessThe Adventures of Buster Bear
  ''978-1-60459-974-9   ''The Adventures of Ol' Mistah Buzzard
  ''978-1-60459-980-0Laura Lee Hope · Edward Stratemeyer · Lilian C. GarisThe Bobbsey Twins Collection, Volume 1: Merry Days Indoors and Out; in the Country; at the Seashore
  ''978-1-60459-983-1Laura Lee Hope · Edward StratemeyerThe Six Little Bunkers Collection, Volume 1: ...at Grandma Bell's; ...at Aunt Jo's
  ''978-1-60459-984-8   ''The Six Little Bunkers Collection, Volume 2: ...at Cousin Tom's; ... at Grandpa Ford's
2010978-1-60459-992-3Nella LarsenQuicksand and Passing
  ''978-1-60459-993-0Nella LarsenQuicksand
  ''978-1-60459-994-7   ''Passing
  ''978-1-60459-997-8Lewis CarrollThe Illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  ''978-1-60459-998-5Lewis CarrollThe Illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland