year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-60453-046-9Helga Ph D SchierThe Cuban Missile Crisis (Essential Events)
  ''978-1-60453-055-1Ida WalkerThe Death Penalty (Essential Viewpoints Set 2)
  ''978-1-60453-059-9Harold MarcovitzPrivacy Rights and the Patriot Act (Essential Viewpoints)
  ''978-1-60453-121-3Sarah TieckVanessa Hudgens (Big Buddy Books: Buddy Bios)
  ''978-1-60453-151-0Kelly DoudnaIt's a Baby Cheetah! (Baby African Animals)
2008978-1-60453-169-5Oona Gaarder-JunttiWhat Lives in Antarctica? (Animal Habitats)
2009978-1-60453-438-2Heidi M.D. Elston · Megan M. Gunderson · Breann RumschThe United States Presidents (43 Volume Set)
  ''978-1-60453-441-2Heidi M D ElstonChester Arthur (The United States Presidents)
  ''978-1-60453-443-6Heidi M.D. ElstonGeorge H.w. Bush (The United States Presidents)
  ''978-1-60453-445-0   ''Jimmy Carter (The United States Presidents)
  ''978-1-60453-448-1Heidi M D ElstonCalvin Coolidge (The United States Presidents)
2009978-1-60453-481-8Jill C. WheelerBarack Obama (The United States Presidents)
  ''978-1-60453-483-2Esther BeckCool Biological Clues: What Hair, Bones and Bugs Tell Us.: What Hair, Bones, and Bugs Tell Us (Cool CSI)
  ''978-1-60453-484-9   ''Cool Crime Scene Basics: Securing the Scene (Cool CSI)
  ''978-1-60453-485-6   ''Cool Eyewitness Encounters: How's Your Memory? (Cool CSI)
  ''978-1-60453-486-3   ''Cool Forensic Tools: Technology at Work (Cool Csi)
2009978-1-60453-487-0Esther BeckCool Physical Evidence: What's Left Behind (Cool Csi)
2009978-1-60453-488-7Esther BeckCool Written Records: The Proof Is in the Paper (Cool Csi)
  ''978-1-60453-510-5Joseph O'Neill · Sue Vander Hook · Charles E. Pederson · Martin Gitlin · Susan E. Hamen · Kekla MagoonEssential Events (Essential Events Set 3)
  ''978-1-60453-511-2Joseph R. O'NeillThe Bolshevik Revolution (Essential Events)
  ''978-1-60453-514-3   ''The Irish Potato Famine (Essential Events)
  ''978-1-60453-536-5Kekla MagoonSex Education in Schools (Essential Viewpoints)
2009978-1-60453-556-3Julie MurrayHospital (That's Gross! A Look at Science)
2010978-1-60453-744-4Christine PetersenMighty Minerals (Checkerboard Science Library: Rock On!)
  ''978-1-60453-788-8Mary K PrattMichael Jackson: King of Pop (Lives Cut Short)
  ''978-1-60453-789-5Stephanie WatsonHeath Ledger: Talented Actor (Lives Cut Short)
  ''978-1-60453-958-5Hal MarcovitzSuicide (Essential Issues)
  ''978-1-60453-973-8Sarah TieckDaniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter Star (Big Buddy Biographies)
2010978-1-60453-974-5Sarah TieckEmma Watson: Harry Potter Star (Big Buddy Biographies)
  ''978-1-60453-987-5   ''J.k. Rowling (First Biographies)

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