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2008978-1-60433-002-1Jacqueline SachThe Wham-O Hacky Sack Handbook: The Tips & Tricks for Becoming an Expert Shredder!
  ''978-1-60433-003-8Elizabeth EncarnacionThe Girls' Guide to Campfire Activities
  ''978-1-60433-004-5Kelli DunhamThe Girl's Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU (Girlsworld)
  ''978-1-60433-007-6Greg SkomalThe Shark Handbook: The Essential Guide for Understanding the Sharks of the World
  ''978-1-60433-014-4Kate Merrow NelliganPat the Husband: A Parody
2008978-1-60433-015-1Charles M. SchulzPeanuts A Treasury of Happiness
  ''978-1-60433-016-8Cider Mill PressThe Ultimate Bumper Sticker Book: 96 Stickers for Lockers, Notebooks, & More! (v. 2)
  ''978-1-60433-017-5Brendan Emmett QuigleyThe Fighting Irish Crossword Puzzle Book: 25 All-New Football Trivia Puzzles
  ''978-1-60433-018-2Brendan QuigleyThe Dallas Cowboys Crossword Puzzle Book: 25 All-New Football Trivia Puzzles
  ''978-1-60433-019-9Brendan Emmett QuigleyGo Michigan! Crossword Puzzle Book: 25 All-New Football Trivia Puzzles (Crossword Puzzle Books (Cider Mill))
2008978-1-60433-020-5Brendan Emmett QuigleyOhio State Crossword Puzzle Book: 25 All-New Football Trivia Puzzles
2009978-1-60433-021-2Sue Bailey · Carmen FlowersGrave Expectations: Planning The End Like There's No Tomorrow
2008978-1-60433-022-9Richard ShowstackThe Crossword Puzzler's Handbook: 1000 People, Places, and Things You Need to Know to Solve Crossword Puzzles!
2009978-1-60433-023-6Jacqueline SachThe Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee Handbook: Tips and Techniques for Playing Your Best in Ultimate Frisbee
  ''978-1-60433-034-2Brendan E QuigleyChicago Cubs Crossword Puzzle Book (Crossword Puzzle Books (Cider Mill))
  ''978-1-60433-037-3Edward GoodmanThe Hudson River Valley Reader
  ''978-1-60433-039-7Ladies' Homemaker MonthlyThe Good Husband Guide: 19 Tips for Domestic Bliss
  ''978-1-60433-040-3Jeremy D'EntremontThe Lighthouse Handbook: The Hudson River and New York Harbor (The Original Lighthouse Field Guides)
2009978-1-60433-042-7Brendan E QuigleyGo Dodgers! Crossword Puzzle Book (Crossword Puzzle Books (Cider Mill))
2008978-1-60433-043-4James NapoliThe North Pole Employee Handbook: A Guide to Policies, Rules, Regulations and Daily Operations for the Worker at North Pole Industries
  ''978-1-60433-046-5Carlo De VitoMake Him an Offer He Can't Refuse: 40 Principles of Wiseguys for Business, Career, Management, and Life
  ''978-1-60433-048-9Pete O. MeterWalk the Walk: The Kid's Book of Pedometer Challenges
2009978-1-60433-050-2Brendan E QuigleySt. Louis Cardinals Crossword Puzzle Book: 25 All-New Baseball Trivia Puzzles (Crossword Puzzle Books (Cider Mill))
  ''978-1-60433-055-7Lou HarryThe Underground Manual for Office Dares
  ''978-1-60433-062-5James NapoliViolation!: The Ultimate Ticket Book
2009978-1-60433-086-1David Chase · Carlo De VitoThe Sopranos: The Classic Quotes: 100 Unforgettable Bits of Wisdom&Humor From Americas Favorite Families
2020978-1-60433-088-5Library of CongressChristmas in America: More Than 300 Images From the Library of Congress
2021978-1-60433-089-2Carlo De VitoThe Christmas Carols Kit: Everything You Need to Bring Out that Holiday Sound and Cheer!
2014978-1-60433-090-8Amy HelmesThe Art Of The Kiss
2009978-1-60433-091-5Sharon Gilchrest O'Neill Ed.S.A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage: The Essentials for Long-Lasting Togetherness
2010978-1-60433-093-9Jacqueline SachWham-O Frisbee Golf: Learn to Play Frisbee Golf Like a Pro!
2009978-1-60433-094-6Cynthia L. CopelandFamily Fun Night
2012978-1-60433-095-3Elizabeth Encarnacion3-D Doodle Book & Kit: Where Your Imagination Can Really Jump Off the Page!
2009978-1-60433-096-0Matt TeacherThe Musician's Hit Song Writer's Notebook
  ''978-1-60433-097-7Ellen BrownThe Meatball Cookbook Bible: Foods from Soups to Desserts-500 Recipes That Make the World Go Round
2010978-1-60433-100-4Cider Mill PressThe Pocket Camera Phone Book: Learn to Take Great Pictures and Videos With Your Camera Phone!
  ''978-1-60433-101-1Nancy ArmstrongThe Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Gift Set: The History and Lore of theWorld's Most Famous Evergreen
978-1-60433-104-2Double Features: The Christmas Box
2010978-1-60433-105-9Elizabeth EncarnacionCat's Cradle & Other Fantastic String Figures: Over 20 String Games. [BURST] Includes DVD and 2 Strings
2009978-1-60433-107-3Kate NelliganPat The Bride: A Parody
  ''978-1-60433-111-0Brendan Emmett QuigleyGo Penn State Nittany Lions Crossword Puzzle Book: 25 All-New Football Trivia Puzzles (Crossword Puzzle Books (Cider Mill))
2010978-1-60433-113-4Ilex PhotoCanon D-SLR Shooting Modes (Camera Bag Companions)
  ''978-1-60433-114-1   ''Nikon D-SLR Shooting Modes (Camera Bag Companions)
2010978-1-60433-115-8Ilex PhotoDigital SLR Black & White Photography (Camera Bag Companions)
  ''978-1-60433-116-5   ''Digital SLR Shooting Tips (Camera Bag Companions)
  ''978-1-60433-117-2   ''Digital SLR Exposure Tips (2) (Camera Bag Companions)
  ''978-1-60433-118-9   ''Digital SLR Color Photography (Camera Bag Companions)
  ''978-1-60433-133-2Cider Mill PressImpounded: Bumper Stickers for Other People's Cars
2010978-1-60433-134-9Lou Harry · Julia SpaldingThe Complete Excuses Handbook: The Women's Edition
2011978-1-60433-136-3Iain C. MartinWith Strong and Active Faith: The Wisdom of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
2010978-1-60433-138-7Janete Scobie500 Kisses: Inventive, tantalizing, and lust ways to kiss, lick, nibble and excite the lover in your life!
  ''978-1-60433-140-0Dominique De VitoThe Napkin Folding Kit: Elegant Yet Easy Ideas to Transform Your Table
  ''978-1-60433-180-6Kate Merrow NelliganPat the Daddy: A Parody
  ''978-1-60433-182-0Craig YoeThe Official Fart Book
  ''978-1-60433-186-8Helen A HarrisonJackson Pollock Artist Box
2010978-1-60433-188-2Cider Mill PressKiss My Tattoo: More than 150 Sexy & Provocative Temporary Tattoos
  ''978-1-60433-197-4Bubba Rose Biscuit CompanyThe Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit
  ''978-1-60433-202-5Cider Mill PressThe Zombie Night Before Christmas
2011978-1-60433-205-6Homemaker Monthly LadiesThe Good Husband Guide: A Little Seedling Book (1) (A Little Seedling Edition)
2010978-1-60433-206-3Homemaker Monthly LadiesThe Good Wife Guide: A Little Seedling Book (1) (A Little Seedling Edition)
2011978-1-60433-208-7Mike UrbanClam Shacks: The Ultimate Guide and Trip Planner to New England's Most Fantastic Seafood Eateries
  ''978-1-60433-212-4Matt TeacherThe Home Distiller's Handbook: Make Your Own Whiskey & Bourbon Blends, Infused Spirits and Cordials
  ''978-1-60433-226-1Michael PellowskiThe Biggest Joke Book Ever (No Kidding): Jokes for Everyone! Jokes for Every Occasion! Jokes for Every Situation!
  ''978-1-60433-237-7Clement MooreThe Night Before Christmas Hardcover: The Classic Edition, The New York Times Bestseller
  ''978-1-60433-240-7Cider Mill PressThe Naughty and Nice Christmas Kama Sutra: More than 50 Ways to Have a Merry xxx-mas Burst: Ho! Ho! Whoa!
2012978-1-60433-243-8Craig YoeThe Official Barf Book
2011978-1-60433-244-5Clement MooreThe Night Before Christmas, Mini Edition (A Little Seedling Edition)
2011978-1-60433-245-2Charles M. SchulzHappiness is a Warm Puppy: The Deluxe Edition
2012978-1-60433-271-1Eric Berman · Lou HarryBiggest Trivia Book Ever: And That's a Fact!
2013978-1-60433-277-3Margery WilliamsThe Velveteen Rabbit: Or How Toys Become Real (The Classic Edition)
  ''978-1-60433-281-0Paul Rodhe · Paul BeatriceKids Meet the Presidents 2nd Edition (1)
2012978-1-60433-286-5Lindsay HermanLittle Red Book of Christmas
  ''978-1-60433-289-6Charles M. SchulzSnoopy's Organic Dog Biscuit Kit: Over 25 Recipes for the Loveable Pooch on Your Doghouse
2015978-1-60433-290-2Cider Mill PressQR Code Book: Scan....and Be Amazed
2012978-1-60433-291-9Ellen BrownVery Vegan Christmas Cookies: 125 Festive and Flavorful Treats
  ''978-1-60433-302-2Charles M SchulzLove is Walking Hand in Hand
2013978-1-60433-352-7Kelli DunhamThe Boys Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU
2014978-1-60433-456-2Cindy EntinMy First Counting Book: Police
  ''978-1-60433-462-3Matt TeacherThe Spirit of Gin: A Stirring Miscellany of the New Gin Revival
2014978-1-60433-476-0Robb PearlmanFun with Kirk and Spock (1) (Star Trek)
  ''978-1-60433-490-6Michael A. SmerconishTalk: A Novel
2015978-1-60433-505-7Dominique DeVitoHealthy Detox Slow cooking: Over 120 Easy Recipes to Cleanse Your Body
  ''978-1-60433-535-4Matthew TeacherThe Home Distilling and Infusing Handbook, Second Edition: Make Your Own Whiskey & Bourbon Blends, Infused Spirits, Cordials & Liqueurs
  ''978-1-60433-552-1Brian SwitekPrehistoric Predators
  ''978-1-60433-572-9Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures Under Ground
2015978-1-60433-574-3Kelli DunhamThe Boys Body Book: Third Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU
  ''978-1-60433-578-1Charles M. SchulzHome is On Top of a Dog House (3) (Peanuts®)
  ''978-1-60433-579-8   ''Christmas Is Together-Time (4) (Peanuts®)
2016978-1-60433-610-8Robb PearlmanMovie Night Trivia
2021978-1-60433-613-9Cider Mill PressHome-Brewing Logbook
2016978-1-60433-616-0Jeremy D'EntremontThe Lighthouse Handbook: West Coast
  ''978-1-60433-620-7Matteo SperanzaThe Cuban Cigar Handbook: The Discerning Aficionado's Guide to the Best Cuban Cigars in the World
  ''978-1-60433-634-4Greg SkomalThe Shark Handbook: Second Edition: The Essential Guide for Understanding the Sharks of the World
2016978-1-60433-638-2Dominique DeVitoWit and Wisdom from the Kitchen: A Lifetime of Cooking Knowledge, Passed Down from Generations of Food Lovers
2022978-1-60433-639-9Cider Mill PressTrivia Americana: The Ultimate Collection of More than 1000 Fun and Fascinating Trivia Questions About All 50 States!
2017978-1-60433-643-6Sarah BairdNew Orleans Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of over 100 Recipes Inspired by the Big Easy
  ''978-1-60433-657-3Paul RodheKids Meet the Presidents 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-60433-697-9Stefan Van EyckenWhisky Rising: The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan
  ''978-1-60433-709-9John BurnsThe Call of Patriotism: The Words and Legacy of George H.W. Bush
  ''978-1-60433-713-6Kelli DunhamThe Boys Body Book: Fourth Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU!
2017978-1-60433-714-3Kelli DunhamThe Girls Body Book: Fourth Edition
  ''978-1-60433-716-7Emily MillsThe Wit and Wisdom from the Garden: Over 75 Gardening and Canning Tips, Plus Recipes for Enjoying Your Bountiful Harvest
  ''978-1-60433-732-7Dominique DeVitoCast-Iron Cookware: The Care and Keeping Handbook: Seasoning, Cleaning, Refurbishing, Storing, and Cooking
  ''978-1-60433-733-4Serena CosmoThe Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook
  ''978-1-60433-734-1Robb PearlmanSearch for Spock: A Star Trek Book of Exploration: A Highly Illogical Parody
2017978-1-60433-735-8Carlo DeVitoInventing Santa Claus: The Mystery of Who Really Wrote the Most Celebrated Yuletide Poem of All Time, The Night Before Christmas
2018978-1-60433-736-5Barbara Elisi CaraccioloCrusts: The Ultimate Baker's Book
2017978-1-60433-741-9Lou Harry101 Ways to Work with an Asshole: (And Succeed Anyway)
  ''978-1-60433-751-8Jake GroganOrigins of a Story: 202 true inspirations behind the world's greatest literature
2022978-1-60433-763-1Lou Harry · Sam StallHello, My Name is Winner: How to Win at Almost Everything (or at least the important stuff)
2020978-1-60433-771-6Cider Mill PressThe Great White Shark Handbook
2018978-1-60433-775-4Jake GroganOrigins of a Song: 202 true inspirations behind the world's greatest lyrics
  ''978-1-60433-776-1Carlo DeVitoBig Whiskey: Kentucky Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, the Rebirth of Rye, and the Distilleries of America's Premier Spirits Region
  ''978-1-60433-789-1Cider Mill PressBarack Obama Signature Notebook (11) (The Signature Notebook Series)
  ''978-1-60433-794-5   ''Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Improve Your Health, from Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control, to Renewed Energy and Better Mental Focus!
2018978-1-60433-809-6Derek BissonnetteSoup: The Ultimate Book of Soups and Stews
  ''978-1-60433-820-1Daniel GroganFamous Last Lines: Final Sentences from 300 Iconic Books
2019978-1-60433-832-4Kelli DunhamThe Boys Body Book: Fifth Edition
  ''978-1-60433-833-1   ''The Girls Body Book: Fifth Edition
2022978-1-60433-834-8Jake GroganOrigins of a Masterpiece
2019978-1-60433-858-4Richard ShowstackThe Crossword Puzzler's Handbook, Revised Edition: Over 1,500 Words You Need To Know (Curios)
  ''978-1-60433-905-5Sahil MakhijaKeto Life: Over 100 Healthy and Delicious Ketogenic Recipes
2020978-1-60433-965-9Cider Mill PressFuck Off, I'm Still Coloring: Relax with 50 Defiantly Fun Swear Word Coloring Pages
  ''978-1-60433-974-1Jeremy D'EntremontThe Lighthouse Handbook New England: 4th Edition: The Original Lighthouse Field Guide
2020978-1-60433-997-0Cider Mill PressTake Photographs, Not Snapshots: The Essential Elements of Photography
  ''978-1-60433-998-7Sun TzuThe Art of War: Timeless Strategies for Success