Whitaker House

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-60374-018-0Richard IngGuerra Espiritual (Spanish Edition)
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2008978-1-60374-027-2MUNROE MYLESBecoming A Leader
  ''978-1-60374-028-9Myles MunroeBecoming A Leader Workbook
2007978-1-60374-029-6   ''Keys For Leadership
  ''978-1-60374-030-2   ''Keys For Marriage
  ''978-1-60374-031-9   ''Keys For Prayer
  ''978-1-60374-032-6   ''Keys for Living Single
2008978-1-60374-033-3BLOOMER GEORGEWitchcraft In The Pews (New And Expanded)
2008978-1-60374-034-0Paula A., Ph.D. PriceThe Prophet's Handbook: A Guide to Prophecy and Its Operation
  ''978-1-60374-035-7Paula PriceProphet's Dictionary
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2008978-1-60374-038-8John P. McTernanAs America Has Done to Israel
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2008978-1-60374-063-0Myles MunroeClaves Para El Matrimonio
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2009978-1-60374-075-3   ''Maggie Rose (Daughters of Jacob Kane, Book 2)
2010978-1-60374-076-0   ''Abbie Ann (Daughters of Jacob Kane, Book 3)
2008978-1-60374-077-7Myles MunroeEl Principio de la Paternidad: El Diseño Y El Destino de Dios Para Cada Hombre
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  ''978-1-60374-097-5Myles MunroeThe Principles And Benefits Of Change
2010978-1-60374-098-2Sharlene MacLarenTender Vow
2009978-1-60374-101-9Henry W. WrightA More Excellent Way, Be in Health: Spiritual Roots of Disease, Pathways to Wholeness (w/DVD)
  ''978-1-60374-102-6WRIGHT HENRYMore Excellent Way-HC (W/DVD)
2009978-1-60374-104-0E W Kenyon · Don GossettEL PODER DE TUS PALABRAS
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2010978-1-60374-122-4Derek PrincePrayers and Proclomations
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978-1-60374-857-5Audio CD-Times And Seasons (1 CD)
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978-1-60374-870-4Audio CD-How To Overcome Guilt Shame And Rejection
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978-1-60374-878-0DVD-Release From The Curse (2 DVD)
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978-1-60374-997-8Derek PrinceLiving as Salt and Light AUD