Cherry Lake Pub.

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-60279-062-9Fredrik LiljebladVoting (Citizens & Their Governments)
2008978-1-60279-112-1Susan H GrayEmerald Ash Borer (Animal Invaders)
  ''978-1-60279-121-3Kevin CunninghamGasoline (Global Products)
  ''978-1-60279-126-8Robert GreenPoverty (Global Perspectives (Cherry Lake))
2007978-1-60279-154-1Jim FitzpatrickSurfing Surfing (Healthy for Life)
  ''978-1-60279-155-8John McKinneyHiking Hiking (Healthy for Life)
  ''978-1-60279-192-3Tamra OrrCrime Scene Investigator Crime Scene Investigator (Cool Science Careers Cool Science Careers)
2007978-1-60279-200-5Patricia HynesRights and Values Rights and Values (Citizens and Their Governments)
2008978-1-60279-301-9Barbara A SomervillVeterinarian (Cool Careers)
  ''978-1-60279-304-0G S PrentzasFBI Special Agent (Cool Careers)
2009978-1-60279-307-1Ann HeinrichsNanotechnologist (Cool Science Careers)
  ''978-1-60279-310-1Ann HeinrichsFire Investigator (Cool Science Careers)
  ''978-1-60279-318-7Susan H GrayCalifornia Condor (Road to Recovery (Library))
2008978-1-60279-348-4Susan H. GrayAmerican Mink American Mink (Animal Invaders)
  ''978-1-60279-365-1Michael TeitelbaumSports Broadcasting (Innovation in Entertainment)
2008978-1-60279-391-0Susan H. GrayWalking Catfish Walking Catfish (Animal Invaders)
  ''978-1-60279-426-9Pam RosenbergPlants We Wear (21st Century Junior Library: Plants)
  ''978-1-60279-429-0Lydia BjonlundAlcohol Alcohol (Health at Risk)
2009978-1-60279-510-5Katie MarsicoWorking at the Airport (21st Century Junior Library: Careers)
  ''978-1-60279-525-9Charnan Simon · Ariel KazunasSuper Cool Science Experiments: Erosion (Science Explorer)
  ''978-1-60279-568-6Susan H. GrayBullfrog (Animal Invaders)
2010978-1-60279-635-5Lucia RaatmaBlogs (Innovation in Entertainment)
2010978-1-60279-638-6Ann TruesdellSuper Smart Information Strategies: Find the Right Site
  ''978-1-60279-641-6Suzy RabbatHit the Books: Super Smart Information Strategies (Information Explorer)
2009978-1-60279-674-4Pam RosenbergHow Did That Get to My Table? Ice Cream (Community Connections: How Did That Get to My Table?)
  ''978-1-60279-678-2Emily DolbearHow Did That Get to My Table? Ketchup (Community Connections: How Did That Get to My Table?)
  ''978-1-60279-679-9   ''How Did That Get to My Table? Pumpkin Pie (Community Connections: How Did That Get to My Table?)
  ''978-1-60279-680-5   ''How Did That Get to My Table? Salad (Community Connections: How Did That Get to My Table?)
2009978-1-60279-714-7Tamra OrrSuper Cool Science Experiments: Respiration (Science Explorer)
  ''978-1-60279-720-8Vicky FranchinoSuper Cool Science Experiments: Soil (Science Explorer)
  ''978-1-60279-747-5Cecilia MindenFarm Animals: Sheep (21st Century Junior Library: Farm Animals)
2010978-1-60279-753-6Barbara A. SomervillMonitor Lizard (Animal Invaders)
  ''978-1-60279-887-8Dana Meachen RauIt's Cool to Learn about Countries: Nigeria (Social Studies Explorer)
  ''978-1-60279-954-7Suzy RabbatUsing Digital Images: Super Smart Information Strategies (Information Explorer)
2010978-1-60279-955-4Julie GreenSuper Smart Information Strategies: Shooting Video to Make Learning Fun (Information Explorer)
2011978-1-60279-991-2Cecilia Roth MindenHow to Write a Letter (Language Arts Explorer Junior)
  ''978-1-60279-992-9Cecilia Minden · Kate RothHow to Write a Book Report (Language Arts Explorer Junior)