Amber Quill Press, LLC

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-60272-166-1Laura Gates GalvinIguanodon's Escape
  ''978-1-60272-764-9T. A. ChaseWolf's Survival
  ''978-1-60272-787-8T. A. ChaseBastet
  ''978-1-60272-793-9Kelli A. WilkinsTrust With Hearts
  ''978-1-60272-802-8Rick R. ReedThe Blue Moon Cafe
2010978-1-60272-810-3T. D. McKinney · Terry WylisSolitude & Sea Glass
2009978-1-60272-825-7P. A. BrownLynx Woods
  ''978-1-60272-836-3T. A. ChaseBitter Creek's Redemption
  ''978-1-60272-841-7P. A. BrownMemory Of Darkness
  ''978-1-60272-844-8T. A. ChaseNick Of Time
  ''978-1-60272-849-3   ''Nowhere Diner: Finding Love
2009978-1-60272-871-4Rowan McBrideLone
  ''978-1-60272-874-5M. L. RhodesPassion & Satisfaction
  ''978-1-60272-876-9Grace DravenDrago Illuminare
  ''978-1-60272-887-5T. A. ChaseAllergies
  ''978-1-60272-892-9M. L. RhodesThe Elf And Shoemaker
2009978-1-60272-896-7Terry Wylis · T. D. McKinneyThe Wolfe Proxy
2008978-1-60272-909-4M. L. RhodesThe Vertigo Chronicles, Vol. I
  ''978-1-60272-924-7   ''Under My Skin (Books I & II)
  ''978-1-60272-925-4Rowan McBrideWarm Rush, Book I: Chasing Winter
  ''978-1-60272-937-7Rick R. ReedOrientation
  ''978-1-60272-939-1Erica DeQuayaHunks Of Hockey
2008978-1-60272-945-2M. L. RhodesThe Draegan Lords
  ''978-1-60272-953-7Rick R. ReedHigh Risk
  ''978-1-60272-960-5Karma EastwickArt for Art's Sake
2007978-1-60272-963-6J. M. SnyderCrushed
  ''978-1-60272-965-0M. L. RhodesAlways
  ''978-1-60272-990-2Jamie CraigMaster Of Obsidian
2007978-1-60272-998-8Bernadette GardnerInfinite Worlds
  ''978-1-60272-999-5M. L. RhodesCouplings