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  ''978-1-60260-969-3Susan Page Davis · Vickie McDonough · Therese Stenzel · Carrie TuranskyChristmas Mail-Order Brides: A Trusting Heart/The Prodigal Groom/Hidden Hearts/Mrs Mayberry Meets Her Match (Romancing America: Wyoming)
  ''978-1-60260-973-0Conover SwoffordJust Gingerbread (Christmas at Home)
  ''978-1-60260-975-4Linda CarlblomBible Blessings for Bedtime (Bedtime Bible Stories)
2010978-1-60260-976-1Compiled by Barbour StaffYou Know You're a Sports Fanatic When...: Humor and Inspiration for Every Day of the Year (DayMaker Desk Calendar)
  ''978-1-60260-978-5   ''You Know You're a Mom When...: Humor and Inspiration for Every Day of the Year (DayMaker Desk Calendar)
  ''978-1-60260-979-2   ''Quilting Tip a Day: A Tip for Every Day of the Year (DayMaker Desk Calendar)
  ''978-1-60260-981-5   ''Golf Tip a Day: A Tip for Every Day of the Year (DayMaker Desk Calendar)
2010978-1-60260-982-2Compiled by Barbour StaffIns-purr-ation for Cat Lovers: Inspiration for Every Day of the Year (DayMaker Desk Calendar)
  ''978-1-60260-987-7   ''Bible Word a Day: A Definition for Every Day of the Year (DayMaker Desk Calendar)
  ''978-1-60260-992-1   ''Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul: 75 Fur-Filled Inspirational Readings
978-1-60260-994-5Romance Rides the River (Heartsong Presents #923)

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