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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60239-731-6L. Fletcher ProutyJFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
2010978-1-60239-732-3Henry Pu YiLast Manchu: The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China
  ''978-1-60239-734-7J. W. SchultzMy Life as an Indian: The Story of a Red Woman and a White Man in the Lodges of the Blackfeet
2011978-1-60239-735-4Eric Olsen · Glenn SchaefferWe Wanted to Be Writers: Life, Love, and Literature at the Iowa Writers' Workshop
2010978-1-60239-736-1Peter Ford · Michael HowellThe True History of the Elephant Man: The Definitive Account of the Tragic and Extraordinary Life of Joseph Carey Merrick
2014978-1-60239-737-8A.D. LivingstonForager's Guide to Wild Foods: A Fool-Proof Guide to Identifying, Gathering, and Cooking the Bounty
2010978-1-60239-738-5Jeffrey Moussaieff MassonAltruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras: Understanding the World's Most Intriguing Animals
2009978-1-60239-739-2Johnny Robb · Jan WestmarkThe Big Book of Small Equines: A Celebration of Miniature Horses and Shetland Ponies
  ''978-1-60239-740-8Steven D. PriceWhat to Do When a Loved One Dies: Taking Charge at a Difficult Time
  ''978-1-60239-741-5Dawn Rae DowntonThe Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use: Dawn Rae Downton
2011978-1-60239-742-2Ann TreistmanWho Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs?: A Food Lover's Guide to America's Favorite Dishes
2010978-1-60239-743-9Jay KopelmanFrom Baghdad to America: Life after War for a Marine and His Rescued Dog
2009978-1-60239-744-6Jean Carnahan SenatorThe Tide Always Comes Back: And Other Irrefutable Truths and Assurances
2010978-1-60239-745-3Laura ChildsThe Joy of Keeping Farm Animals: Raising Chickens, Goats, Pigs, Sheep and Cows (The Joy of Series)
2009978-1-60239-746-0Luc Richard Ballion · Scott BowenVampire Seduction Handbook: Have the Most Thrilling Love of Your Life (Zen of Zombie Series)
  ''978-1-60239-747-7Abigail GehringHomesteading: A Backyard Guide to Growing Your Own Food, Canning, Keeping Chickens, Generating Your Own Energy, Crafting, Herbal Medicine, and More (Back to Basics Guides)
2010978-1-60239-749-1John WithingtonDisaster!: A History of Earthquakes, Floods, Plagues, and Other Catastrophes
2010978-1-60239-752-1William F. CodyBuffalo Bill's Life Story: An Autobiography
2011978-1-60239-753-8S. M. BarrettGeronimo: The True Story of America's Most Ferocious Warrior
2009978-1-60239-754-5Phil VillarrealSecrets of a Stingy Scoundrel: 100 Dirty Little Money-Grubbing Secrets
  ''978-1-60239-755-2Anders NeumullerGod Jul: A Swedish Christmas
2010978-1-60239-756-9Andrew StanwayThe Art of Sensual Loving: A New Approach to Sexual Relationships
2009978-1-60239-757-6Jonathan GreenChristmas Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Christmas (Books of Miscellany)
  ''978-1-60239-758-3Bruce WexlerClassic Country Toys
2010978-1-60239-759-0Tristram Riley-SmithThe Cracked Bell: America and the Afflictions of Liberty
2009978-1-60239-760-6Lawrence DorfmanThe Snark Handbook: A Reference Guide to Verbal Sparring (Snark Series)
  ''978-1-60239-761-3Candida CollinsTreehouse Book
  ''978-1-60239-762-0Michael PeppiattFrancis Bacon: Anatomy of an Enigma
2010978-1-60239-763-7Bill GutmanYankees by the Numbers: A Complete Team History of the Bronx Bombers by Uniform Number
2009978-1-60239-764-4Phil MasonNapoleon's Hemorrhoids: And Other Small Events That Changed History
2010978-1-60239-765-1W. Ben HuntNative American Survival Skills
2010978-1-60239-766-8Herb ReichDon't You Believe It!: Exposing the Myths Behind Commonly Believed Fallacies
2009978-1-60239-767-5Paul PrestonWe Saw Spain Die: Foreign Correspondents in the Spanish Civil War
  ''978-1-60239-768-2Richard LeMieuxBreakfast at Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey
  ''978-1-60239-769-9Tom JonesRisky Living: Interviews with the Brave Men and Women who Work the World's Most Dangerous Jobs
2014978-1-60239-770-5Allan A. SwensonThe Ships, Sagas, and Explorations of the Vikings
2009978-1-60239-771-2Brian BoyleIron Heart: The True Story of How I Came Back from the Dead
  ''978-1-60239-772-9Elise LufkinTo the Rescue: Found Dogs with a Mission
  ''978-1-60239-773-6Phil HanrahanLife After Favre: A Season of Change with the Green Bay Packers and their Fans
2009978-1-60239-774-3Bert Randolph Sugar · C. N. RichardsonThe Ultimate Book of New York Lists: Everything You Need to Know About the Greatest City on Earth
  ''978-1-60239-775-0Vicki CobbWe Dare You: Hundreds of Fun Science Bets, Challenges, and Experiments You Can Do at Home
2010978-1-60239-776-7Robert DeMott · Dave Smith · Richard FordAfield: American Writers on Bird Dogs
2009978-1-60239-777-4Federal Aviation AdministrationAviation Instructor's Handbook
2010978-1-60239-778-1Chuck Giancana · Sam GiancanaDouble Cross: The Explosive, Inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America
2009978-1-60239-779-8Gene HillA Hunter's Fireside Book: Tales of Dogs, Ducks, Birds, & Guns
  ''978-1-60239-780-4Federal Aviation AdministrationPilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  ''978-1-60239-781-1Department of the ArmyU.S. Army First Aid Manual (US Army Survival)
  ''978-1-60239-782-8Department of the ArmyU.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combat (US Army Survival)
2009978-1-60239-783-5William G. TapplyUpland Autumn: Birds, Dogs, and Shotgun Shells
2010978-1-60239-784-2Sharon CamarilloBarrel Racing for Fun and Fast Times: Winning Tips for Horse and Rider
  ''978-1-60239-785-9Readers of USA WEEKENDExtraordinary Fruit and Vegetables and How to Grow Them!
  ''978-1-60239-786-6H. H. WindsorMission Furniture: How to Make It
2009978-1-60239-787-3John ParkesHome Brewing: Self-Sufficiency (The Self-Sufficiency Series)
  ''978-1-60239-788-0Rachelle StraussHousehold Cleaning: Self-Sufficiency (Self-Sufficiency Series)
  ''978-1-60239-789-7Carol WilsonPreserving: Self-Sufficiency (The Self-Sufficiency Series)
2009978-1-60239-790-3Sarah AdeSoap Making (The Self-Sufficiency Series)
  ''978-1-60239-791-0Jamie MaslinIranian Rappers and Persian Porn: A Hitchhiker's Adventures in the New Iran
2010978-1-60239-792-7John RitschelThe Mixed Martial Arts Handbook: The Insider's Guide to Fighting Techniques
  ''978-1-60239-793-4Wayne StewartYou're the Umpire: 139 Scenarios to Test Your Baseball Knowledge
2009978-1-60239-794-1Melissa KatsoulisLiterary Hoaxes: An Eye-Opening History of Famous Frauds
2010978-1-60239-795-8Thor HeyerdahlKon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft
2009978-1-60239-796-5Ted LeesonInventing Montana: Dispatches from the Madison Valley
  ''978-1-60239-797-2Arthur Conan DoyleVampire Stories
  ''978-1-60239-798-9Leila LindholmSweet and Savory Swedish Baking
2010978-1-60239-799-6David Monaghan · Nigel CawthorneJack the Ripper's Secret Confession: The Hidden Testimony of Britain's First Serial Killer
2010978-1-60239-800-9Mark PilkingtonMirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs
2009978-1-60239-801-6Jay CassellShooter's Bible: The World's Bestselling Firearms Reference
2010978-1-60239-802-3Jesse Ventura · Dick RussellAmerican Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us
2009978-1-60239-803-0Joanna PruessGriswold and Wagner Cast Iron Cookbook: Delicious and Simple Comfort Food
2014978-1-60239-804-7Heinz LingeWith Hitler to the End: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler's Valet
2009978-1-60239-928-0John LyonsLyons on Horses: John Lyons' Proven Conditioned-Response Training Program
  ''978-1-60239-930-3John C. ConyersReining in the Imperial Presidency: Lessons and Recommendations Relating to the Presidency of George W. Bush
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2009978-1-60239-938-9Department of the ArmyU.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combat
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2010978-1-60239-942-6Elizabeth Paulson98 Ways to Find a Great Guy
  ''978-1-60239-943-3Emily LiebertFacebook Fairytales: Modern-Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit
  ''978-1-60239-944-0Federal Aviation Administration · National Weather ServiceAviation Weather Services Handbook
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  ''978-1-60239-946-4S. Payne BestThe Venlo Incident: A True Story of Double-Dealing, Captivity, and a Murderous Nazi Plot
2010978-1-60239-947-1Tony LyonsThe Quotable Lawyer
  ''978-1-60239-948-8Erica Palmcrantz Aziz · Irmela LiljaRaw Food: A Complete Guide for Every Meal of the Day
2009978-1-60239-949-5Who's Better, Who's Best in Football?: Setting the Record Straight on the Top 60 NFL Players of the Past 60 Years)
2010978-1-60239-950-1Federal Aviation AdministrationAircraft Inspection and Repair
  ''978-1-60239-951-8Tim NewarkHighlander: The History of the Legendary Highland Soldier
  ''978-1-60239-952-5Ed Morrow · Sheree Bykofsky · Rita Rosenkranz10,001 Ways to Declutter Your Home on a Small Budget
  ''978-1-60239-953-2Karen Hoffman · Shera DalinThe Art of Barter: How to Trade for Almost Anything
2010978-1-60239-954-9Bob Boyles · Paul GuidoThe USA TODAY College Football Encyclopedia 2010-2011: A Comprehensive Modern Reference to America's Most Colorful Sport, 1953-Present
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  ''978-1-60239-957-0Bert Randolph SugarThe Baseball Maniac's Almanac: The Absolutely, Positively, and Without Question Greatest Book of Facts, Figures, and Astonishing Lists Ever Compiled ... Almanac: Absolutely, Positively & Without)
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2010978-1-60239-959-4Emily EstersonThe Ultimate Book of Horse Bits: What They Are, What They Do, and How They Work
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2010978-1-60239-963-1J. Wayne FearsThe Complete Book of Dutch Oven Cooking Cookbook
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2010978-1-60239-966-2Michael Milligan · Tom LynchDad Rules: Notes on Fatherhood, the World's Best Job
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  ''978-1-60239-970-9Ian LandauThe Hypochondriac's Handbook: Syndromes, Diseases, and Ailments that Probably Should Have Killed You By Now
2010978-1-60239-971-6Herbert LevyHenry Morgenthau, Jr.: The Remarkable Life of FDR's Secretary of the Treasury
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2011978-1-60239-973-0Jay Heinrichs · Dorothy Behlen HeinrichsHome Remedies from a Country Doctor: Oatmeal, Cucumbers, Ammonia, Lemon, Gin-Soaked Raisins: Timeless Solutions to More Than 200 Common Aches, Pains, and Illnesses
2010978-1-60239-974-7John Hollway · Ronald M. GauthierKilling Time: An 18-Year Odyssey from Death Row to Freedom
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2010978-1-60239-978-5Craig GlazerThe King of Sting: The Amazing True Story of a Modern American Outlaw
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2010978-1-60239-985-3Robert A. WilsonModern Book Collecting: A Basic Guide to All Aspects of Book Collecting: What to Collect, Who to Buy from, Auctions, Bibliographies, Care, Fakes and ... Investments, Donations, Definitions, and More
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