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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-60162-459-8Clifford Spud JohnsonGangsta Twist 2
  ''978-1-60162-460-4Ashley AntoinetteThe Prada Plan
  ''978-1-60162-461-1Tony LindsayOne Dead Preacher (David Price Mysteries)
  ''978-1-60162-463-5T. Styles · J.M. Benjamin · Boston George · Danielle Santiago · Caroline McGillSoft
2012978-1-60162-467-3Carl Weber · Eric PeteThe Family Business
2011978-1-60162-469-7Anna J.My Little Secret
2012978-1-60162-479-6Ashley AntoinetteMoth to a Flame (Urban Books)
2011978-1-60162-480-2Boston GeorgeRedrum
2012978-1-60162-481-9Ashley AntoinetteGuilty Gucci (Urban Books)
  ''978-1-60162-491-8Ashley & JaQuavisKiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Urban Books)
2012978-1-60162-493-2T. StylesRedbone
  ''978-1-60162-499-4Miss KPThe Dirty Divorce (Urban Books)
2011978-1-60162-500-7Ashley & JaQuavisMurder Mamas
  ''978-1-60162-501-4Anna J.Hell's Diva II
  ''978-1-60162-502-1Brittani WilliamsCover Girl
  ''978-1-60162-503-8ChunichiCalifornia Connection
2011978-1-60162-504-5ChunichiCalifornia Connection 3
2012978-1-60162-520-5Keisha ErvinReckless
  ''978-1-60162-521-2Ashley & JaQuavisThe Cartel
  ''978-1-60162-523-6Ashley and JaQuavisThe Cartel 4
2013978-1-60162-537-3Ashley AntoinetteThe Prada Plan 3: Green-Eyed Monster
2014978-1-60162-539-7JaQuavis ColemanThe Day the Streets Stood Still (Urban Books)
2013978-1-60162-556-4Ashley & JaQuavisSupreme Clientele (Dirty Money)
  ''978-1-60162-559-5Carl Weber · Treasure HernandezThe Family Business 2
  ''978-1-60162-566-3Ashley JaquavisMurder Mamas (Urban Books)
2013978-1-60162-576-2K'wanGangsta (Urban Books)
2014978-1-60162-585-4K'wanThe Fix
  ''978-1-60162-593-9Ashley & JaQuavisThe Trophy Wife (Urban Books)
  ''978-1-60162-611-0Ashley AntoinetteThe Prada Plan 2
2015978-1-60162-617-2Treasure HernandezObsession
2014978-1-60162-620-2Ashley & JaQuavisThe Cartel 2: Tale of the Murda Mamas
  ''978-1-60162-665-3Keshia DawnKeeper of My Soul (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-666-0Ashea S. GoldsonWhen Kingdom Comes (Urban Books)
2014978-1-60162-667-7Michelle Lindo-RiceMy Steps Are Ordered (Right Path)
  ''978-1-60162-668-4Wanda B. CampbellSilver Lining (Urban Books)
  ''978-1-60162-669-1E.N. JoyMore Than I Can Bear: Always Divas Series Book Two
  ''978-1-60162-671-4Tracie Loveless-HillPreying Time (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-714-8Patricia HaleyHumbled (Mitchell Family Dramas)
2014978-1-60162-715-5Tyora MoodyWhen Perfection Fails: Victory Gospel Series
  ''978-1-60162-716-2Michelle LarksCouples' Therapy (Urban Books)
  ''978-1-60162-717-9Nikita Lynnette NicholsDamsels in Distress (Urban Books)
2049978-1-60162-718-6Michelle LarksA Work in Progress (Urban Books)
2014978-1-60162-719-3E.N. JoyLove, Honor or Stray: (New Day Divas)
  ''978-1-60162-721-6Leslie J. SherrodSacrifices of Joy (Sienna St. James)
  ''978-1-60162-722-3Kendra Norman-BellamyUpon This Rock (Shelton Heights)
2012978-1-60162-724-7Wanda B. CampbellUnresolved Issues (Urban Books)
2012978-1-60162-740-7E.N. JoyThe Sunday Only Christian (Urban Books)
2014978-1-60162-744-5Dwan AbramsFor the Sake of Love (Urban Books)
  ''978-1-60162-779-7Charlay MarieUnder the Peach Tree (Urban Books)
  ''978-1-60162-780-3Zaria GarrisonFaking Reality (Urban Books)
2035978-1-60162-781-0   ''Family Reunion (Urban Books)
2014978-1-60162-782-7Colette R. HarrellThe Devil Made Me Do It (Heaven over Hell)
2011978-1-60162-783-4E.N. JoyTrying to Stay Saved (New Day Divas)
  ''978-1-60162-787-2Shelia E. LipseyMy Son's Next Wife
  ''978-1-60162-790-2MikasenojaConfessions of a Preachers Wife (Urban Christian)
2011978-1-60162-792-6Monique MillerQuiet as It's Kept
  ''978-1-60162-795-7Sherryle Kiser JacksonTaylor Made (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-796-4Wanda B. CampbellSilver Lining (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-797-1Vanessa MillerAbundant Rain (Rain Series)
  ''978-1-60162-804-6Pat SimmonsNot Guilty of Love
2011978-1-60162-806-0E.N. JoyI Can Do Better All By Myself (New Day Divas)
  ''978-1-60162-811-4Michelle LarksLetting Misery Go (Urban Christian)
2012978-1-60162-814-5Shelia M. GossRuthless (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-816-9Rhonda McKnightAn Inconvenient Friend
  ''978-1-60162-817-6Kendra Norman-BellamyWhen Solomon Sings
  ''978-1-60162-818-3Rhonda McKnightWhat Kind of Fool (Urban Books)
2012978-1-60162-819-0Vanessa MillerLatter Rain (Rain Series)
  ''978-1-60162-821-3E.N. JoyAnd You Call Yourself a Christian (Still Divas Series)
  ''978-1-60162-833-6Nikita Lynnette NicholsLady Elect
  ''978-1-60162-834-3Monique MillerThe Marrying Kind (Urban Books)
  ''978-1-60162-837-4E.N. JoyThe Perfect Christian (Still Divas Series)
2012978-1-60162-840-4Wanda B. CampbellRight Package, Wrong Baggage (Urban Books)
2009978-1-60162-842-8Valerie LoveGod is in Love With You
2010978-1-60162-844-2E.N. JoyMe, Myself and Him (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-846-6Marilyn M. AndersonDesperate Decisions
  ''978-1-60162-847-3Sherri LewisDance Into Destiny (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-848-0   ''Selling My Soul (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-849-7Dwan AbramsMy Mother's Child (Urban Christian)
2010978-1-60162-850-3Pat SimmonsGuilty Of Love (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-851-0   ''Still Guilty
  ''978-1-60162-852-7Shana BurtonFlaws and All
  ''978-1-60162-856-5Vanessa MillerFormer Rain (Rain Series)
  ''978-1-60162-857-2   ''Forgiven (Forsaken)
2010978-1-60162-860-2Ashea S. GoldsonJoy Comes In The Morning
  ''978-1-60162-861-9Wanda B. CampbellRight Package, Wrong Baggage (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-862-6Shana BurtonSuddenly Single
  ''978-1-60162-864-0Rhonda McKnightAn Inconvenient Friend (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-866-4E.N. JoyLove, Honor, or Stray (New Day Divas)
2010978-1-60162-868-8T.N. WilliamsSomething On The Inside (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-870-1Zaria GarrisonLosing It (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-874-9Nikita Lynnette NicholsA Woman's Worth
  ''978-1-60162-875-6E.N. JoyShe Who Finds A Husband (New Day Divas)
  ''978-1-60162-876-3Janice JonesFrom Sinner to Saint (Urban Christian)
2010978-1-60162-877-0Michelle LarksKeeping Misery Company (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-879-4Kendra Norman-BellamySong of Solomon
  ''978-1-60162-880-0Nicole S. RouseBe Careful What You Pray For
  ''978-1-60162-881-7T.N. WilliamsPeace of Me (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-882-4E.N. JoyBeen There Prayed That (New Day Divas)
2010978-1-60162-884-8Dwan AbramsDivorcing the Devil
2011978-1-60162-885-5Shelia M. GossDelilah
  ''978-1-60162-886-2Keshia DawnKeeper of My Soul
  ''978-1-60162-887-9Nikita Lynnette NicholsA Man's Worth (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-888-6Rhonda McKnightSecrets and Lies (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-889-3Nikita Lynnette NicholsCrossroads (Urban Christian)
2012978-1-60162-890-9Janice JonesLindsay's Legacy (Urban Books)
2011978-1-60162-892-3Sherri LewisThe List (Urban Christian)
2011978-1-60162-893-0Kendra Norman-BellamyUpon This Rock (Shelton Heights Series, Book 4)
  ''978-1-60162-895-4Pat SimmonsTalk To Me
  ''978-1-60162-896-1Dwan AbramsMarried Strangers
  ''978-1-60162-897-8Pat SimmonsCrowning Glory
  ''978-1-60162-898-5Dwan AbramsWhen the Fairytale Ends (Urban Christian)
2019978-1-60162-902-9Genesis Woods · Johnni Sherri · Sherene Holly Cain · ShantaeBeard Gang Chronicles
2009978-1-60162-930-2Kendra Norman-BellamyIn Greene Pastures (Shelton Heights Series, Book 1)
2009978-1-60162-932-6Keshia DawnHis Grace, His Mercy
  ''978-1-60162-933-3Montre BibleHeaven Bound (Heaven Sent)
  ''978-1-60162-934-0Vanessa MillerForsaken
  ''978-1-60162-936-4Nicole S. RouseHappily Ever Now (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-937-1Zaria GarrisonProdigal (Urban Christian)
2009978-1-60162-939-5Shelia E. LipseySinsatiable (Urban Christian)
2010978-1-60162-941-8Kendra Norman-Bellamy · Hank StewartThe Morning After (God's Timing Series, Book 2)
2019978-1-60162-944-9Carl WeberGrand Opening 2: A Family Business Novel
2007978-1-60162-946-3Montre BibleHeaven Bound (Heaven Sent)
  ''978-1-60162-948-7Michelle LarksKeeping Misery Company (Urban Christian)
2008978-1-60162-950-0Sherri LewisDance Into Destiny (Urban Christian)
2007978-1-60162-951-7Valerie LoveGod Speaks to Me: Stories of Triumph Over Tragedy from Women Who Listened to God
  ''978-1-60162-952-4T.N. WilliamsSomething on the Inside (Urban Christian)
2008978-1-60162-953-1Shana BurtonSuddenly Single (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-954-8E.N. JoyMe, Myself and Him
  ''978-1-60162-955-5Renea CollinsFrom the Extreme (Urban Christian)
2008978-1-60162-956-2Vanessa MillerThrough the Storm (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-957-9Michelle Caple TaylorTroubles Won't Last Always (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-959-3Kendra Norman-BellamyBattle of Jericho (Shelton Heights Series, Book 2)
  ''978-1-60162-960-9Dwan AbramsDivorcing the Devil (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-961-6MikasenojaConfessions of a Preachers Wife (Urban Christian)
2008978-1-60162-962-3Keshia DawnBy the Grace of God (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-964-7Vanessa MillerFormer Rain
  ''978-1-60162-965-4Sharon OliverKeep Your Enemies Closer (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-966-1Ashea GoldsonThe Lovechild (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-968-5Nikita Lynnette NicholsA Man's Worth (Urban Christian)
2008978-1-60162-969-2Titus PollardLiving Right On Wrong Street (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-970-8Dijorn MossMy Father's House (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-971-5Shelia E. LipseyMy Son's Wife
  ''978-1-60162-972-2Pat SimmonsTalk to Me (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-973-9Vanessa MillerAbundant Rain (Urban Christian)
2008978-1-60162-974-6Shana BurtonFirst Comes Love (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-975-3Dwan AbramsMarried Strangers (Urban Christian)
2009978-1-60162-976-0Monica CarterScandalous Truth (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-978-4Shelia E. LipseyInto Each Life (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-979-1Vanessa MillerLatter Rain (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-981-4Brittney HolmesLiving Consequences (Urban Christian)
2009978-1-60162-982-1Sherri LewisThe List (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-983-8Sharon OliverDeliver Me From My Enemies (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-984-5Monica CarterSacrifice the One (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-985-2Kendra Norman-BellamyThe Lyon's Den (Shelton Heights Series, Book 3)
  ''978-1-60162-986-9Nikita Lynnette NicholsAmaryllis (Urban Christian)
2009978-1-60162-987-6MiMi JeffersonThe Single Sister Experiment (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-988-3T.N. WilliamsAfter the Feeling (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-990-6Kendra Norman-Bellamy · Hank Stewart3:57 A.M. Timing Is Everything (God's Timing Series, Book 1)
  ''978-1-60162-991-3Brittney HolmesGrace and Mercy (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-993-7Vanessa MillerRain Storm (Rain Series)
2009978-1-60162-995-1Janice JonesHis Woman, His Wife, His Widow (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-996-8Sherri LewisMy Soul Cries Out (Urban Christian)
  ''978-1-60162-997-5Shelia E. LipseyBeautiful Ugly (Urban Christian)