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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-60109-000-3April Higashi · Jerry GarciaThe Collected Artwork of Jerry Garcia 2008 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-60109-002-7Indra Sharma · B.G. SharmaGods and Goddesses 2008 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-60109-003-4Romio ShresthaGoddesses of the Celestial Gallery 2008 Wall Calendar
  ''978-1-60109-004-1Vernon MahabalThe Secret Code on Your Hands: An Illustrated Guide to Palmistry
  ''978-1-60109-005-8Ravi ShankarMy Music, My Life
2007978-1-60109-006-5Romio ShresthaCelestial Gallery
  ''978-1-60109-008-9Jagatjoti Singh KhalsaAltar Your Space: A Guide to the Restorative Home
  ''978-1-60109-009-6Jennifer Leigh SauerThe Way to Tea: Your Adventure Guide to San Francisco Tea Culture
2008978-1-60109-012-6Horst M. RechelbacherMinding Your Business: Profits that Restore the Planet
  ''978-1-60109-013-3Wade Davis · Chris RainierGrand Canyon: A River at Risk
  ''978-1-60109-014-0Wilford H. WelchThe Tactics of Hope: Your Guide to Becoming a Social Entrepreneur
2008978-1-60109-016-4David FrawleyYoga: The Greater Tradition
2007978-1-60109-017-1Rick Smolan · Jennifer Erwitt · Robert RedfordBlue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World
2008978-1-60109-019-5Tom ButlerWildlands Philanthropy: The Great American Tradition
  ''978-1-60109-020-1Tom ButlerWildlands Philanthropy: The Great American Tradition
  ''978-1-60109-021-8Sharon GannonYoga and Vegetarianism: The Diet of Enlightenment
  ''978-1-60109-027-0Sebastian CopelandAntarctica: A Call to Action
2009978-1-60109-029-4James H BaeGanesh: Removing the Obstacles (Minibook)
  ''978-1-60109-030-0Joshua GreeneHanuman: The Heroic Monkey God (Minibook)
2009978-1-60109-033-1B.J. GallagerThe World's Best Advice from the World's Wisest Women
  ''978-1-60109-036-2Joshua M. GreeneGita Wisdom: An Introduction to India's Essential Yoga Text
2010978-1-60109-044-7Radhanath SwamiThe Journey Home
2009978-1-60109-045-4Ian Shive · Tom KiernanThe National Parks: Our American Landscape
2008978-1-60109-046-1John Lasseter · Daisuke Tsutsumi · Yukino Pang · Enrico Casarosa · Ronnie Del Carmen · Karen PaikTotoro Forest Project
2010978-1-60109-048-5Romio Shrestha Deepak ChopraBuddhas of the Celestial Gallery
2009978-1-60109-049-2Kamla K KapurRumi's Tales from the Silk Road: A Pilgrimage to Paradise
  ''978-1-60109-050-8Tom Butler · Doug TompkinsPlundering Appalachia: The Tragedy of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
  ''978-1-60109-051-5Romio ShresthaCelestial Gallery
  ''978-1-60109-054-6Tom ButlerPlundering Appalachia: The Tragedy of Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining
2010978-1-60109-055-3Michael Hamilton MorganArabia: In Search of the Golden Ages
2010978-1-60109-056-0Radhanath SwamiThe Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami
  ''978-1-60109-057-7Alanna Kaivalya · Arjuna van der KooijMyths of the Asanas: The Stories at the Heart of the Yoga Tradition
  ''978-1-60109-058-4Daniel ImhoffCAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories
2012978-1-60109-060-7Romio ShresthaBuddhas of the Celestial Gallery
  ''978-1-60109-061-4Bhagavan AntleFierce Beauty: Preserving the World of Wild Cats
2007978-1-60109-101-7Jean Paul BourdierBodyscapes
  ''978-1-60109-102-4Kamla K KapurGanesha Goes to Lunch: Classics From Mystic India (Mandala Classics)
2008978-1-60109-105-5Lynn BlodgettFinding Grace: The Face of America's Homeless
2007978-1-60109-106-2Jeffrey ArmstrongKarma: The Ancient Science of Cause and Effect