year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-60054-027-1J.J. MassaThe Agency: Engel and Gustavo
  ''978-1-60054-030-1Lady MidnightPuss In Boots
  ''978-1-60054-034-9Illian ObsidianCat Toy
  ''978-1-60054-041-7J.J. MassaThe Agency: Zeki and Aaron
2007978-1-60054-045-5Lady MidnightMiLady's School for Girls
2006978-1-60054-047-9J. J. MassaThe Agency: Marek and Tyrone
  ''978-1-60054-052-3Constance Pennington SmytheMistress Karin
2007978-1-60054-056-1Jj GilesThe Mistress and the Mouse
2007978-1-60054-090-5J.J. MassaThe Agency: Vanya and Lance
  ''978-1-60054-092-9   ''Acting Like Family (The Montgomery Family, Book 1)
  ''978-1-60054-093-6   ''Family Doctor (The Montgomery Family, Book 5)
  ''978-1-60054-096-7   ''A Family Portrait (The Montgomery Family, Book 3)
  ''978-1-60054-097-4   ''Managing A Family (The Montgomery Family, Book 4)
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2007978-1-60054-104-9JJ GilesThe Mistress and The Mouse: Season Two
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  ''978-1-60054-120-9Nix WinterThe Pet
2005978-1-60054-121-6Master PaulAvid One
2007978-1-60054-123-0J.J. MassaA Fragile Family (Montgomery Family Legacies, Book 1)
2009978-1-60054-131-5Lady MidnightEnslaved
  ''978-1-60054-150-6Carol McKenzie · S.D. Grady · Anastasia Rabiyah · Dawne DominiqueCowboys
2008978-1-60054-179-7Constance Pennington SmytheThe Breaking Cage
  ''978-1-60054-207-7Lady MidnightThe Chosen: From Masters of the
2008978-1-60054-218-3beltedoneChastity Tales of the Submissive Male
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2010978-1-60054-413-2Stephanie Rose · Allison Wonderland · Jean Roberta · Jolene Hui · Kissa Starling · Adrianne Brennan · Moondancer Drake · Ann CoryTo Love and To Cherish: an anthology of lesbian love and marriage (print)
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2010978-1-60054-465-1Bryn ColvinHeaven and Hell
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